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  1. We disembarked from Regal on 2/2 and I am still sighing. We also booked Sky next Feb. 10 day southern Caribbean. My thanks as well for the in-depth review. Have a whole year to obsess over my next trip 😊. I see you were on Regal, which we absolutely loved and seems Sky will not disappoint.
  2. They aren’t too expensive anyway. Enjoy. So jealous!! We will be back next Feb.
  3. We rented ahead of time but it seemed there were plenty available if we hadn’t. I would rent the aqua chairs again ahead of time and play the cabana by ear. We also rented a kayak for an hour ahead of time and that I would do when we get there next time as our timing was off but luckily we were able to change it.
  4. Came off the Regal the day you boarded. Was enjoyable every minute in every way. You probably know that by now. Now looking forward to our next on the Sky... enjoy!
  5. In Princess Cays a week ago for my first time. Didn’t have water shoes and had to wear my flip flops and try not to lose them. Gave up and walked very carefully and gingerly. We rented the aqua chairs which were heavenly in my opinion. Had a big breakfast so didn’t eat at the grill but did visit the bar. There are worse things than floating around clear water on a sunny day, drink In cup holder. I’d do it again but would bring the water shoes. Also rented a cabana but found I preferred the sun.
  6. Just off the Regal and here is Crooners mixed drinks section. I took the pictures thinking I could recreate when I am home, but unlikely... they were fabulous. I tried many of them 😋
  7. We heard the unusual terminal switch was so that Crown Princess could use terminal 2 for some repairs. Enjoy your cruise. We’ve enjoyed every second on the regal. I can’t remember the last time I felt so welcome. We booked our next on Sky Feb 2021!
  8. Hiccups: we were told as reported above that due to the high number of ships there were issues with the WiFi and they could not check guests in. Then there was an issue with the gangway. While we breezed through at 10:15 am we sat in the terminal till almost noon. There were no seats. Yet everyone was patient and seemed happy to be starting their vacation. We survived. our room was ready when we got on board But the other hiccup was our safe didn’t open. It was easily rectified. No evidence of any spike seltzer on board. Crooners bartenders are Jason and Benny every person we’ve encountered have been exceptionally nice and friendly. We seem to all be happy to be here. I know I am . they are handling my husbands dietary restrictions amazingly. if you are reading these posts because you have a Regal cruise booked, you are lucky and in for a treat.
  9. We are on board now. LOVING it despite some hiccups with embarkation. I’ll get an answer about hard seltzer and Crooners bartenders. Had the blue cheese olives thanks to this thread. Stay tuned.
  10. I have been asking for this in other threads. Thank you SO much!
  11. Re: kings Lottery question, I see Kings lottery on my Ocean Casino app, which is only active on the ship (other casino games have a practice mode off ship). My guess is that the lottery drawing has to do with those playing on the app.
  12. He loves it (maybe not for $5.50!). We will try to bring a six pack of NA beer on board and take the risk. He wouldn’t have more than that anyway in a week (in case he has to drive the ship 🤣) I have PBP so I’m all set and will not be driving 😜Thank you!!
  13. Thanks again for all your posts. I’ve asked in the general forum but since you are on the ship we board Sunday, would you happen to know if non alcoholic beer is served? We may take our chances and try to bring some on for my DH (is it really “beer”?) but in case we cannot take it on, would be nice to know if he can still order some.
  14. Does anyone know if non alcoholic beer is available on Regal? I know we cannot bring any beer onboard- does that apply to non alcoholic beer as well?
  15. Agree with a big Thank You to Steelers0854. We board Regal in Sunday. I am savoring every one of your posts and love the Patters. To take time out of your vacation to do this is really generous of you. I almost feel like I am on a B2B. Will definitely see the comedian and will arrive in MDR knowing my order already 😊. My husband also has dietary restrictions and you’ve eased our concerns. Wishing you continued enjoyment of your cruise!!
  16. Also looking forward to your posts. We will be boarding Regal 1/26. This is also our return cruise after a 10 year hiatus. Glad you made it out despite the snow. We have about 5” where I am in NY. Hearing an abundance of great things about Regal and have all the Ocean apps ready. Enjoy!
  17. We sail on 1/26 In Regal and I received an email with boarding times based on your room location. (Progressive check in) We are on Baja and it gives us a 2:30 check in time 😟. We were planning to board early. I am assuming it means our room won’t be ready until then, but I don’t think we will be turned away if we show up early. We did all the pre check in on the Medallion app. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  18. 😂. Yeah. That’s why I have to try to make it some if the others ones before that!
  19. Is anyone familiar with the types and schedule of fitness classes on Regal?
  20. I just downloaded the Medallion app (I think this I relatively new compared to the 4-5 Ocean Ready apps I previously downloaded?). I am able to log in, I see my profile and all my personal data. I am not able to link my cruise. I thought it was because I am not yet 90 days out (I will be in about 2 weeks) - but then I saw your post about adding your February cruise. So now I am confused. Do I need to wait 90 days to link my cruise, or is there a problem? When I try to link, I get the message that my booking number is invalid.
  21. Thank you everyone! We do have global entry, which I agree is very helpful. Our choices for our airport were 7;30 am, 2pm and 7:30 pm, I am glad we don't have to take the evening flight. We will find something to do if we are early and it's nice to know we don't have to rush or worry. :-)
  22. Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone here has any insight or experience on the arrival timing for Regal western Caribbean return to FLL. We have club class mini suite booked on 1/26. I mention club class because I believe there is priority disembarkation? We have a 2:00 pm flight booked out of FLL so hope to arrive at the aiport by 12:30. The itinerary says we arrive back at 6:00 am.. I know it can take a while to get off the ship, customs, luggage, etc. We will use our own taxi or uber. Will we make it?
  23. My math added up as well. Have a great cruise!
  24. On the subject of fitness does anyone have any experience with the gym classes? We will be on Regal and hoping to be able to join classes to offset all the eating and drinking. Are they daily, is there an extra fee? Any and all info appreciated.
  25. @Scottygirl1 when do you cruise? I decided to go with PBP for our cruise Jan 2020. I like that I pay for it now and can cruise with peace of mind and save up the cash for other things likes massages on sea days. Would be great if you could let us know how it worked out for you. Based on all the comments, I think it would be a value for me between the Pelligrinos, coffee, wine and spirits.
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