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  1. Yes, it's all the way in the front of the ship. At the very end of the passageway (both port and starboard), there's a wooden door. Go through it into a vestibule and then through the next door and you're out on the deck. It can sometimes be locked when underway, as it's very windy out there. There are no chairs or places to sit; it's purely for the view. She used to have a nice deck aft, with loungers, but that was removed during her renovations a couple years ago. I don't think there are any aft observation decks left on her.
  2. My first-ever visit to Sabatini's aboard the Crown Princess (why did I wait so long to try it??). It was so good, I went back twice during that 13-day cruise. Those breads! The vitello tonnato!! The braised short rib pasta!!! The tiramisu!!!! Just superb.
  3. I agree with Hank. I was on her last summer for FLL-Quebec and loved the itinerary, loved the staff on the ship, and had one of the best set of dinner companions in TD ever! So there was a lot to like. Plus, she's in nice shape inside, despite her age. But I have never felt as crowded on a ship as I have on the CB: I was able to see exactly one show -- not being willing to choke down my dinner to rush to the theatre an hour ahead of time. The earliest I made it there was 30 minutes and they already had the full signs up. I would hit the lunch buffet the instant it opened at 11.30 because by the time I finished my salad at 12.15 or so, the lines were crazy long and people were circling looking for seats. The only saving grace was the relative ease of getting a poolside lounger, (can't explain that as we had perfect summer weather -- maybe the crowd was older than usual?), but the interior rooms always seemed full. If there were an itinerary she was the only choice for, I'd probably sail on her again, but I wouldn't be all that excited about it.
  4. And I even proofread twice before I hit "Submit." I think I was going for "incredible," but I do kinda like inedible -- cause those menu desserts certainly were!
  5. My first Princess cruise, aboard the original Island Princess, from Southampton to Rome. It was awesome to be on the Love Boat ship -- I felt like I was on television the whole time, and the itinerary, including an excursion to the Normandy landing beaches, was second to none. Two inedible memories come from that voyage, both derived from the great good fortune of having a ship's officer dining at our table: 1. The desserts each night were very "continental"; i.e., very little chocolate. This was long before the "always available" Love Boat Dream (and no buffet/IC). I did a little good-humored whining to my tablemates after about the fourth or fifth night in a row of no "good" dessert. The next night, the waiter took orders for coffee but didn't present the dessert menu. Instead, a few moments later, out came our waiter bearing a big, beautiful chocolate layer cake, fabulously decorated, arranged for by our officer. It was delicious, too! 2. I was invited to be on the bridge for the sailaway from Rome. That was absolutely spectacular! I felt so special and it was just amazing to watch them navigate the ship out and see the view from there. The officer was handsome and single, so there might be other memories, but I wouldn't want to get anyone in trouble.
  6. I saw one video posted by a crew member who was clearly in a guest balcony cabin, and there was a plate of food from the HC (at least I assumed it was from the HC based on the design of the "china"). If I were the chef, I'd think I'd rather be preparing food in the passenger galleys -- I'd imagine they're more spacious and why not use the "best" option available to you.
  7. How was the tea? The photos you took there literally caused me to gasp out loud -- just beautiful. Azores has now moved up to very high on my must-see-soon list.
  8. Kruisey made up the part about the rep saying to call them back when the Coronavirus "has decided to push off to another planet."
  9. A604 is way aft of the pool where MUTS is, and the MUTS screen/speakers face forward not aft, so it's very unlikely you'd hear anything. I'd be more concerned with noise from deck chairs on the deck above you. Princess delineates its cabin categories by location: a BC is in a theoretically more attractive location (higher up/closer to midships) than a BE (all the way forward).
  10. Who is nude in this scenario . . . the bears or the bagpipes? I was going to google "nude bagpipes" in the hope of finding an amusing photo but then I remembered that during Work From Home, I'm using a loaner laptop from the University Provost and I'm not sure I want him to find that on the search history . . .
  11. chengkp75, I really appreciate the detailed post. Fascinating stuff. I greatly enjoy reading the technical information you share. Thank you for taking time to educate us. "Knowledge is good." - Animal House, 1978.
  12. Agree . . . although I think it's very possible that even the Caribbean is iffy: I can see small islands who've contained the virus among their own population being very, very reluctant to allow thousands of passengers to disembark. I'm already resigned to my holiday cruise being a no-go this year. My wants have gotten smaller: At this point, I'd just be happy if I'm able to get back to my office by December!
  13. Emerald Princess, 19Dec-2Jan, Panama Canal FLL-LAX. Perfect weather, great crew (with one exception as readers of my review might recall . . ), and lovely ship. I was lucky enough to be on three ships in 2019: the tail end of the Christmas/New Year's sailing to Hawaii which ended in January, a July cruise to Canada aboard the Caribbean, and then the Emerald for this past Christmas/New Years. Clearly I got greedy, because look what's happened now. Sigh. Sorry, folks.
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