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  1. We're cruising on Constellation on 11/7, and I plan on trying to book a test for 11/5 before we fly out on the 6th. However, I do have 6 Binex tests from emed just in case we are unable to get an appointment. We also have a cruise on Holland Rotterdam on 1/2/22. I seriously doubt we'll be able to schedule a test for 12/31, as we'll be flying on 1/1. I obviously wasn't thinking about that issue when we booked it. Otherwise, I would have booked NCL ship leaving the same day.
  2. It's been many years since we've cruised on Holland. However, we are booked to cruise on the Rotterdam 1/2/22. One of the perks we received when we booked was the Signature Beverage Package. What is the difference between Signature and Elite Beverage Package? Also, can you upgrade from the Signature Beverage Package when you have it as a perk, and if so, how much would it be per person, per day?
  3. We have a cruise on Rotterdam departing 1/2/22. We have already purchased the Binex tests from Emed. I can't imagine finding somewhere to test on Dec. 31, and we fly to FLL on Jan. 1.
  4. We're 27 days out and still unable to check in for our Constellation cruise. Someone posted that we may not be able to do check-in until 14 days out. However, we can print our edocs and luggage tags. Go figure~ lol
  5. I called to upgrade. I don't know about requesting other items for the mini bar, as this will be our first experience with purchasing Drinks and More.
  6. Although I did not JUST upgrade, but upgraded about a month ago.........we had classic drink package as a perk, and I believe it cost us $120 for both of us to upgrade to Drinks and More. Ours is a 5 night cruise.
  7. I printed out my email confirmations which I received when I upgraded to "drinks and more" and I also printed out that I prepaid for $50 casino credit for my husband and an entry into the blackjack tournament to take with me. My excursion in Belize got canceled, so I now have more $ in OBCs to use. I'm thinking we won't be going to Belize, as I have friends who had a different shore excursion booked and theirs got canceled today. I'm trying to be patient so I know where we are going and when we can do check-in. I arranged private transportation to the pier today, but I put down pickup time from our hotel at 11:30 a.m., even though I don't know what time we can get check-in on the ship.
  8. Same here. Cannot put in country.
  9. My documents and luggage tags are now available on Celebrity's site; however, we still are not able to complete check-in. We are 30 days out from our Constellation 11/7 cruise. Waiting patiently.
  10. I sure hope everyone is right. Geez, we'd be screwed if we couldn't get on the ship! lol. Hotels are VERY expensive, more so than usually, for Jan. of this year in FLL Beach area.
  11. I received notification from Celebrity this morning that our excursion - Barrier Reef Snorkel and Kayab Caye - has been canceled. The itinerary is currently still going to Belize, and when I log into my Celebrity account, this excursion is currently still able to be purchased. If anybody else is on this sailing, have any of your excursions been canceled? (I also posted this on Celebrity Constellation 11/7/21 board). Thanks!
  12. Forgive me for posting this question again, but we received notification from Holland this week about obtaining a Health Visa for our cruise on the Rotterdam departing Jan. 2, 2022. If anyone on these boards has visited Half Moon Caye recently and is a US citizen, did you have to apply for a Health Visa?
  13. Although we are cruising on Holland Rotterdam in Jan, I thought I would post this question here. Has anyone cruising to Half Moon Caye (or anywhere else in the Bahamas) that is a US citizen had to get a HEALTH Visa for the Bahamas? I did call Holland, and the rep. which I spoke with did not know the answer. I was hoping that someone on these boards does know the answer.
  14. Unfortunately, I think you're right. A girl can dream though! lol
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