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  1. Yes. similar but wish they would put it on all their ships. Will be missing it this week on Symphony but Cafe Promenade will work even if the chairs are not as comfortable and no outside view.
  2. Sounds like Cafe Al Bacio on Celebrity. Free with the usually included drink pkg. Also free desserts to go with the coffees whether you purchase a drink or not. Love that place. Would love something similar on Royal.
  3. We are getting on Symphony tomorrow with the UDP. I’ve made all my show reservations online and will make all my dining reservations to compliment my showtimes as soon as I get on the ship. I have my list all made out of what I want and when. They do reserve a certain percentage of spots for on ship bookings so if you make your reservations asap on the ship you should get most of your times. Mary Ann
  4. They are becoming more well known with gin lovers here. Fever Tree tonic is getting more poplular here too. MaryAnn
  5. Oh no! I will have to start lobbying Royal to include them on US sailings. Mary Ann
  6. I really hope this is in Vintages on Symphony. I will find out when we board on Saturday. Mary Ann
  7. No you won’t be charged. Just tell them you are using one of your dining credits. You can order multiple starters, sides and desserts but only one entree each. Any extra entrees will be charged. Mary Ann
  8. Yes definitely get a porter for your bags and tip very well. They can really help you get where you need to be in the fastest time. They know all the ins and outs. At least that has been our experience. We even had one use his own car to give us a lift from one pier to the next in Southampton when we were going right from the Queen Mary over to the Eclipse docked nearby. We usually give a tip to the wheelchair pushers at the airports and from the ship, too. Mary Ann
  9. For Alaska I found layers to be my best friends as the weather can vary greatly. I wore a lot of neutral long sleeve tops over jeans. Also a pullover sweater or sweatshirt that could go over that. A few short sleeved tops in case it was really warm and also could be worn around the ship. A rain jacket with a medium weight lining and a hood was invaluable for rain and extra warmth. I got mine at L.L. Bean online. I also brought gloves for when we were viewing on deck. . All these same tops can double as evening wear with a pair of nice black pants, some cute shoes and nice jewelry or a silk scarf. I felt people did not dress up as much in the evening as other cruises I had been on. Don’t forget the binoculars. Mary Ann
  10. Oops see you just posted some of the info. Mary Ann
  11. What ship are you booked on. Large ship or smaller? On large ships it may be advantageous to book entertainment and specialty dining ahead. You can even reserve a time for my time dining. Also for excursion tips you will need to post your itinerary. Great information can be found in the port of call board for all your ports. We have cruised on many lines and we have found Royal to be very enjoyable so I am sure you will have a great cruise no matter which ship you booked. We will be on the Symphony this Saturday.😁 Mary Ann
  12. We were on the Bliss and the casino had a totally enclosed smoking room. There was just a strong stale cigarette smell right near the door to the room. There was no smoking in the rest of the casino. It really made a difference. I think Encore is going to have the same set up. Hope they install this in the casinos on the Away ships during their dry docks. Mary Ann
  13. Since we live in Florida and drive to many cruise ports I can overpack. When driving, I bring my own hairdryer, toiletries, extra hangers, feather pillow, various pop up storage bins, magnetic hooks, Yeti tumbler, small bottles of real maple syrup, and some bags of our favorite nuts. On our upcoming cruise this Saturday on the Symphony, I am adding a couple of battery pillar candles, a scent diffuser, a small framed family photo and a small travel blanket. I tend to keep our cabin very neat ( our stewards probably love us) so I like to make an effort to make the environment more individualized for us. Also DH loves gin and tonic and we have discovered Fever Tree tonic and will be bringing 12 of the small 6oz. cans, as per the RCL allowance, to bring to the bars with us for our G&Ts. Mary Ann
  14. Things to try. Ship pressing service, Downy Wrinkle Release spray or make your own with water and a little liquid fabric softener in a bottle with a fine spray, Bring a fine spray bottle and use water to mist the wrinkle and then zap it with your hairdryer on high heat, ( best for cotton type fabrics), Hang wrinkled clothes in the closed bathroom and turn on the shower on hottest setting with shower door open and let the shower steam remove the wrinkles, Some cuffs, sleeves and collars might be able to be ironed with a hair straightener. Pack clothes in dry cleaner plastic for fewer wrinkles. Pick cruise clothes that don’t wrinkle easily ex. DH brings his wrinkle free no iron khakis from Brooks Bros. Mary Ann
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