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  1. Can you get someone else to go and change the name on the reservation?
  2. Thanks I wasn't sure if I had to look up my invoice for it.
  3. I just redeemed 40,000 points on line for $400 in OBC. When and where can I expect to see this in my planner?
  4. You can also upload ship & room pictures & they will pay for them. Deposit to your account .
  5. Regarding room selection I always use cruisedeckplans dot com. For about $5 for a 3 year membership you can view very ship imaginable with pictures of rooms that members have posted. I won 't choose a room unless I can see a actual picture.
  6. Thanks for the review I am thinking about this itinerary with either Princess or NCL.
  7. I did check both out there is a difference of only a total of $13. After reading Sunny Listons reviews and watching youtube videos I think we'll go with RCCL.
  8. Does anyone know if Royal Caribbean uses safari trucks or big or mini buses for short 2hr island to Mountain Top?
  9. Can anyone tell me if Royal Caribbean uses open air safari trucks or mini buses, vans, or big buses for their 2 hour island tour to Mountain Top?
  10. When we get off the ship at Crown Bay are there safari taxi's available to take a tour to Mountain Top?
  11. I'm trying to decide if we should do the Escape the Rubicon on Symphony. We are seniors in our mid 70's, DH has a walking disability and uses a cane I have back issues which is aggravated with standing. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks everyone. Here's what it said on the reservation form: This is a 1 hour team building activity. building?? what does that mean? No food or drinks in the activity room. No wet clothes allowed.
  12. I got it on black Friday too Did some of your Oasis photo's have the decorative borders and port names etc?
  13. Do the photo's in the digital pkg have the cute borders ie boarding photo, dining room borders and the borders from photo's at the different ports at the pier?
  14. Anyone know where E1 muster station is on Symphony?
  15. The 90 day check in will begin at midnight tonight for my Symphony cruise. Is there any benefit to checking in as soon as possible? Also the Royal app says check in available December 21st.
  16. Along with all the traditional ornaments my tree is decorated with ship & port ornaments. Glad you found one.
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