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  1. We sail on Indy on Saturday Canary Cruise from Southampton, its been a long while since we have been on RCI can you help me with a few questions Is there a kettle and tea making facilities in the stateroom. How many formal nights will there be (12 night cruise). How many wear DJ's don't want to look out of place when i wear mine! What complimentary shower gel and shampoo etc is provided What sockets are provided in stateroom. Are most night in dining room casual dress code i assume chinos or smart jeans are ok, and smart polo shirts are ok with no motifs. Is it very easy to swap when on board from early dinning to any time dinning. Do you have to book climbing wall, flow rider and laser game. We have a prepaid drinks package, can you advise how the wine and port works with dinner. How does the coffee and cake work work with the drinks package. On boarding day are there any dinning rooms open for lunch or do we have to use the 'Bun Fight Area'. Do they have late buffet in the casinos like NCL Wheres the best place for a snack late at night like fish and chips or spicy chicken wings like NCL. Can you self disembark on arrival back at Southampton. Do they do a 'Mudslide Cocktail' at the bars. Thanks in advance
  2. So after 14 cruises with other lines and our last cruise with Royal Caribbean (2008) we are ready to return and looking to book Indy out of Southampton in September. So whats charged i have a few questions: How to Gratuities work because we like to pay our cabin steward and waiters direct, are there soft drink packages (for the dear wife) available and what is the cost, how does Royal Caribbean do the parking and boarding times (are they allocated in slots) in Southampton, can you do any time dining, can you bring alcohol on board as i always enjoy a G & T while getting ready for dinner. Are pre booked excursions pre paid or are the added to your onboard account. On Southampton cruises is the pricing still in dollars and what is the onboard gratuity mark up. Is continental breakfast still included to your cabin and is there a gratuity charge on this if free. Lots of questions - been else where for a long time but need a change instead of same old same old.
  3. Can anyone tell me where Explorer is in October 2019, no listing and no dry dock?
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