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  1. Question for those who have successfully shifted their cruise: If you had Celebrity excursions booked on the original cruise when did you cancel those? Did you do that before making the cruise change or was that part of the "shift" process? Has anyone been able to also move the excursions -- at they paid price? I caught a great sale on Cyber Monday and would love to maintain the savings on excursions if possible (although unlikely.) Thanks for any info.
  2. I would check with United to see if the flight as been cancelled by the airline. If so, you are legally entitled to a refund rather than a credit. Most airlines seem to be trying to get people to take credits. As noted in the prior post, there has been a lot of discussion about this, particularly some people feeling like they got the run around with Flights by Celebrity/ChoiceAir.
  3. I agree with the others, keep posting including your time in Mexico and your journey home too! The Stingray photos are lovely, along with the sunset shots from the ship. I am seriously missing time on the water, so it's good to see you pics. Sounds like you do tastings the way I do! 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Thanks for this review. It's lovely to have something positive to read. No reason to apologize about including planning/packing -- many of us find that an enjoyable part of the cruise. This gave me a great laugh. I remember that post about the ladies room hook -- I too took comfort from it. Clearly, there is a lot of obsessing happening when looking forward to a trip 😜 Sounds like a good plan. I'll have to keep that in mind for my long layover on an international flight (when vacationing starts again.)
  5. The sunset picture (with Scott) is just lovely! All your talk of the bourbon drink makes me think I need to have one tonight. I don't like peaches, but I am sure I can improvise something! 😉
  6. The DOT rule existed long before this crisis as noted on their website: https://www.transportation.gov/individuals/aviation-consumer-protection/refunds Also, on April 3rd DOT confirmed that the rules had not changed, as noted here: https://www.transportation.gov/briefing-room/us-department-transportation-issues-enforcement-notice-clarifying-air-carrier-refund
  7. If the airline cancelled your original flight you can get a refund -- the reason they cancelled is irrelevant. Do not accept the change (hopefully you haven't already). Call the airline and tell them per DOT rules they must give you the refund. Many airlines are giving credits because people aren't aware of their rights.
  8. I'm sure all of us who are following are just glad to get your posts, no matter if it takes awhile. It's a bit like a Norris/ @Bimmer09 report that gives us something good to read for weeks!
  9. True, but if you cancel before Celebrity then its FCC (minus $100 p/p). If the final payment is due before Celebrity cancels then the OP has to make a decision about giving more money to Celebrity. Personally, I wouldn't. I have a final payment due late in July; I'm hoping to things are closer to normal by then.
  10. I would think yes (unless it's only the connecting flight that was changed, in which case I am not sure). All airlines operating in/out of the US are required by Dept. of Transportation rules to give a refund if THEY cancel the flight. I have linked the DOT page HERE I think you should call American as soon as you can and let them know you want the refund per DOT rules. Once they know you KNOW what you deserve they are usually good about it.
  11. Thanks for mentioning this, as it reminded me to check the AA website. Just an FYI for anyone might prefer a refund to a credit: I notice that they fail to mention (even in the FAQs about cancelled flights) that AA MUST give a refund if they cancel the flight. It's required by law.
  12. I've read nothing but great things about Murano and was looking forward to trying it in October. I am still hoping that may happen 🤞
  13. And the same on the Crystal board (along with the speculation on companies failing). IMO It's just a matter of getting through tens of thousands of refunds and even the credit card companies may be backed up in showing the credits.
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