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  1. Princess calls theirs the Medallion. I carried it in my pocket on the Royal Princess as I am not big on wearing IDs around my neck or as a bracelet. Before the COVID, it was not available on all ships - who knows about the future. I liked it because as you got to your cabin door, it unlocked and you could turn the handle and go in. One rather perplexing situation, was once I returned to my cabin, and the steward said - you were in Sabatinis and then on deck 16. So your steward will always know where you are. Big Brother is watching etc.
  2. For those watching the Katmai bear cams, now in October, you have to note that there are either "Live" cams or "Highlight cams". I believe since many of the bears seem to have left and the salmon are no longer going upstream or jumping, that those cams marked as "Highlight" are showing video from earlier this summer. And it was 40* in Juneau this morning - 101* in Tucson this afternoon.
  3. If US ports are open, where are the ships going to go since most countries are closed to US citizens?
  4. Thanks for posting this. I really enjoyed watching the show and also found a channel I did not know as a bonus. I love watching old shows and the ME Channel definitely has a lot of them. I found it fascinating that you could hear the hum of the ship in the background something not heard on the Love Boat.
  5. Isn't the CDC rule that ships under 250 passengers are allowed to sail/port in U.S. water? That would explain the several yachts that have tied up in Juneau this summer and that ill fated ship (Wilderness Adventurer., I think) that attempted a cruise out of Juneau and returned after a few days when one cruiser tested positive for COVID. I had thought it might be nice to fly up to Juneau and spend a few weeks in a hotel, this summer and enjoy the area without the ships. But I didn't do it because of Alaska's quarantine and restrictions.
  6. I have not eaten inside a restaurant very often lately. In AZ, as I understand it, one is supposed to leave the mask on until after ordering and the first food is served. I go early ( 11 am for lunch and 3:30 pm for dinner) when there are very few people and sit at a table as far away from people as possible. I also only go to restaurants where I have often gone in the past and know the servers. And I only go with one other person, no groups. Don't know if these "rules" would work on a cruise.
  7. Is it any wonder that many Americans are confused, frustrated, and beginning not to believe anyone (science or not) about Covid? I looked at that CDC comments page and thought good grief, How can anyone, cruise lines or passengers know enough to answer these questions.
  8. Thanks for updating - I wondered how the WC luggage situation was progressing.
  9. Note that even though final payment may be 60 days from sailing; cancellation penalties are sooner as noted above.
  10. Hadn't seen salmon at the falls in a couple of days (when I visit) but did see some this morning. Also seem to be less bears at the moment. I think they go away for awhile to eat berries, etc, one of the rangers/speakers said.
  11. I would add to the Care List those in Louisiana and Texas suffering through the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.
  12. Now that MSC has had a successful cruise with ports, I was wondering if there are still ships out there with crew on them that have not been able to get the crew to their home country. Does anyone know? Copper?
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