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  1. On the Royal, several weeks ago, I noticed most people wore it on the lanyard that was provided. I took it off the lanyard in the evening, and put it my pocket as I always did with the key card.
  2. I have a hard time thinking what market HAL is trying to appeal to - complete changing of the Club HAL is driving away the younger crowd with children and those with grandchildren; elimination of production shows and hiring what some have said is very poor outside comics, singers, dancers, etc. drives away those who want entertainment at night; Club Orange seems to appeal to very few if the declining charge is any indication; and on and on and on. Who is HAL's market? I read in a recent Travel Weekly article that Mr. Ashford was very proud of his entertainment changes and is now having upper management sales folks report to him rather than a Sales VP. So he will be in charge of sales.
  3. As others have said, definitely use the word "refare" not cancel. I have done this several times on the same booking when I notice the price has decreased.
  4. Thanks you Jacqui. I am not going more than 5 miles from my house. A good time to stay at home. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  5. Both HAL and Princess and perhaps others are "suggesting" this. My last cruise on HAL in Sept we arrived at port (New York) at 10:30 am and were on board by 11:15am. My last cruise on Princess 2 weeks ago, I had the Princess transfer from LAX, arrived at San Pedro at 10::30 and was onboard at 11:30. I think the only real delayed boardings occur after a transatlantic when the ship and crew are inspected by various US government agencies and no one can board until these formalities are completed.
  6. At LAX, you now have to take a shuttle to the Uber, Lyft, and taxi waiting area lot where you get the car. I have no idea when you call the Uber driver. Depending on which airline and terminal you come in to, the shuttle can take awhile i.e. from terminal 1 -Southwest - you go around the whole airport and then to the waiting area which is next to Terminal 1.) I took the Princess transfer two weeks ago from terminal 1 (and also went around the whole airport picking up the other passengers at the other terminals). They start about 9:30AM and leave about every half hour to 45 minutes after that. Mine was an early flight so had to wait about an hour for the first shuttle and was at San Pedro about 10:45AM. The first group boarded the Royal Princess about 11:30AM. IMO, it all depends on when your flight arrives, where it arrives, and where you want to wait LAX or San Pedro. Taxis and Ubers can drop off at LAX but not pick up. My taxi driver after the cruise had some real horror stories (of course from his perspective) about this new system. Perhaps it is working more smoothly now.
  7. In the past, on a ship we were on, HAL would not prebook Christmas and there was no special meal that day. I think when holidays are involved they want to wait until passengers are on board. A PG Manager once told me that passengers doing a back to back with Christmas being on the second cruise, were not allowed to pre-book the PG for Christmas on the second cruise so that the passengers only on the second cruise had a fair chance of getting a booking.
  8. HAL normally starts boarding between 11:30 and 12. And normally the cabins are ready. Check to see if the dining room on deck 2 is open for a nice relaxed lunch. Crew will probably tell you only the Lido is open but unless there is some sort of event, the MDR should be open from noon to 1:30. Enjoy your cruise on the Oesterdam.
  9. Copper John's photo is the way it was on the Zuiderdam 6 weeks ago.
  10. No Carnival Corporation cruise line allows email for the stock benefit. The instructions specifically say Please provide by fax or mail...…..
  11. Last year on the Prinsendam, there was a special New Year's Eve Dinner in the Pinnacle Grill which had a higher fee than the normal PG fee. Don't know if this happens on all ships. Special 4 or 5 course meal.
  12. It took about a month to get my GE interview here in Tucson only to find out that I no longer have fingerprints so even though I have GE, I still have to go an agent to be properly identified.
  13. On my recent Zuiderdam cruise, they were offered on one of the gala nights - I think the second but am not sure since I do not eat escargots but my friend had them and she seemed to like them.
  14. Yes. Several companies I deal with, including HAL and Princess and a health organization, only accept faxes or snail mail for certain things.
  15. I think this Captain loves to hit the horn. When I was on the Zuiderdam three weeks ago, he had just returned from his vacation. Every port we were in, we left with several blows of the horn. It was great. Haven't heard that much horn from any other Captain.
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