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  1. I was on the Zuiderdam the first week that Club Orange was implemented on that ship. There was a huge banner at the Deck 2 Dining Room directing Club Orange folks to enter on the right side for priority seating. There is separate menu for CO people and Neptune Suite people - the only difference I was told is one additional entrée. I was in a Neptune Suite and traveling with a couple who was not. I declined the "special menu" (in a white and orange holder) because it made me uncomfortable with my friends. I was told by the Neptune Concierge that there were 6 Club Orange passengers on the sailing.
  2. The friends I traveled with on the Zuiderdam received a notice before the cruise but they didn't remember how. I, a 5 star Mariner, received no notification. An announcement was made in the Where and When, a couple of days before, encouraging passengers to go to the shops to buy the orange T-shirt (which in my opinion is the ugliest shirt I have ever seen).
  3. On the Zuiderdam cruise of Sept 27th to Oct 9th, the Orange Party was at 8:15PM in the BB Kings Lounge . Some officers and staff were lined up outside and waiters passed cookies. The BB King band was so loud , you could not talk or hear. We did not stay more than 10 minutes. Don't know if anything other than the loud band music occurred. I thought at least an officer would say something about what was being celebrated.
  4. The 10:30 to 11:30 PM time as mentioned by others was it on the Zuiderdam last week with the term "select stations available." I have no idea what they were serving as I never eat anything late at night.
  5. Juneau weather looks like Tucson Weather today. We are getting the remnants of Hurricane Lorena which thankfully did not do a direct hit on Cabo San Lucas.
  6. What are the current fixed dining times on the Zuiderdam?
  7. As far as I know, questionnaires on health no longer done.
  8. Haven't been here as much this year but had to see the Volendam's last stop in Juneau since I did sail on her back in June. Wow - the wind right now is really something to hear. Thanks Kathi for keeping these sail in threads going.
  9. Watching the world go by in the I Wish I Could Stay Here Forever bar.
  10. The fax number seems to keep changing.
  11. Happy anniversary! And what is your favorite restaurant in PEI? If you are debarking the Zuiderdam in NYC next Friday, I am boarding her then.
  12. I am on the Zuiderdam next week and was offered Club Orange for that sailing.
  13. I experienced this combining of positions in June on the Volendam Alaska cruise. It appeared to me that the port talks and were "canned" and very short and they probably were written by someone in Seattle office. Although the C and T Director lived in Alaska, the talks were still not as good as have been in the past. I have trouble believing that HAL listened to its guest on this matter when I see them not listening to any other suggestions that have been made.
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