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  1. Same day cancel as OP. Nothing yet. I think all cruise lines have severe cash flow problem. May not see cash refunds for several months IMO.
  2. Those who still have access to webcams, please post photo for those of us who don't. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the photo, John. You are truly a wonderful human being.
  4. In the midst of all this chaos, I find it quite soothing to visit the Juneau Harbor Webcam especially when it is doing the panoramic view. Today is quite lovely up there. Unfortunately, we will probably not visit Juneau this year. I have had to cancel one cruise to Alaska already and will probably cancel the other one. But, it still is a beautiful view.
  5. I too love maps. When I run out of books to read during this isolation, I may start reading the Atlas.
  6. Thanks for your blog and safe travels home. If you can, please let us know when you arrive home.
  7. When I cancelled a cruise on Tuesday, I was told 7 to 10 working days for credit back on original form of payment.
  8. I called at 5:05AM California time this morning and immediately got an agent, cancelled my Alaska cruise of May 19th out of Seattle with no problem. I used my Platinum Protection Plan and was told would receive the majority as refund to credit card and a small amount in a FCC. When added together, the cost of the cruise was entirely covered (except of course for the cost of the PPP). I was pleased I did not have to wait for an agent. If things should improve by May, I can always rebook if I want to. I always book refundable air so will hold off cancelling that and the hotel until closer to the sail date.
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