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  1. Thank you for the laughs! My coworkers have been looking at me like I'm crazy...ok, that's not exactly anything new. I miss my sweet lady, Breeze. She's all that's right in this world. We get to board her *ahem* older sister, Dream in 23 days. I'm very eager to get back out on the high seas!
  2. I agree with grandmarnnurse about the emergencies. It's much easier to evacuate with a passport. We obtained a passport for our son prior to his first cruise at age 3 for that reason. Also, I liked knowing that each port could see a legal photo ID of him to prove he was my child. On our 2nd cruise with him (in the Bahamas), the port authority officer on the way back to the ship even asked him his name as she was looking at his passport to verify we were bringing the right child back on board. I realize I have to pay to update it every 5 years but I'll take the peace of mind over convenience when it comes to my kid every time.
  3. I finally got to catch up on your review! We were on Vista last week. I'm going through the withdraws right now...and wishing I was back in the Caribbean where they're not currently calling for tornadoes...and where my allergies weren't bothering me 24/7!! We sail on Dream next Feb out of Galveston. One question, I've been through her deck plans & saw no mention in your review...does she not have a Red Frog Pub??? Her sister, Breeze, certainly does. It's my favorite hangout! Thanks for such an amazing review! We typically cruise with our kiddo & I don't have the patience to keep up with him & hubby AND keep good enough notes to write up the caliber of reviews I see on here! Ya'll are amazing!
  4. Thank you! I'd seen posts about the AARP cards before, but since we have the Carnival Mastercard, I didn't think anything of them. I finally ran the numbers & realized this was actually a much better savings than trying to accrue points through my card!
  5. Congratulations on being so close debt free! We're getting closer & closer as well, and it is the most freeing feeling in the world!! Currently sitting at 31 days to Vista & 327 to Dream. I'm an obsesser. I research the ports, the options, the excursions... I research the boat until I can navigate it in my sleep. We travel with our son (who will be 5 in May), so being able to snake through the crowd with little hesitation is a stress-reliever. I also read all the boards, watch videos, look at pictures...I've been reading reviews. I actually find the planning & imagination adds to it. I think some people see it as a build up to a short trip & then it's over...but I enjoy going through every detail & every option. Maybe it helps me know that I made the most of my time away & I don't come away with any fear of missing out on anything? I'm pretty sure everyone I know can give you a general rundown of how many days we have left. I'm that person. And yes, my husband has commented on the number of Amazon boxes that have graced our doorstep. But hey, I'm a planner. And all he has to do is get in the truck on the day we leave & drive. I predict most anything we can need before we need it...including our last trip when our son busted his chin on the first night. Sent hubby up to Lido for ice while I broke out the (compact but comprehensive) first aid kit. I did realize I would like to add some liquid bandage to that though...
  6. Obsessing makes the fun last longer! I've never had 2 booked at once, so for the next month it's actually kind of crazy separating out my thoughts for each boat & each trip. My poor husband... But we're really excited for our Dream trip, we're meeting back up with a couple we met on the Breeze last year. We live in Texas & they're in Oklahoma, so although we chat regularly, this is how we've decided to meet up again lol!
  7. Just booked Dream out of Galveston for Feb 2020! Following along...(we also will be boarding Vista in 34 days, so I may be obsessing a bit right now)
  8. My sail away favorite! T-minus 61 days & I'll be on the Vista! Watching intently as you sail... We'll be in a lido forward balcony (usually do aft-extended, but they maxed those at 2 passengers on Vista...we cruise with our urchin, judge away) so I'm excited to be down the hall from burgers & bars.
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