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  1. We are in Phoenix AZ and my husband received a letter and a phone call. We had already received the 1st dose and are scheduled for the 2nd.
  2. I can see the flip side of that, in that if you are paying 300-500 hundred more for the use of an inclusive area, it doesn't seem right for it to be available to those who did not purchase. Same thing for the Family Harbor Lounge.
  3. Thank you for sharing that I will bring pads for them.
  4. I am claustrophobic so an inside cabin won't do. We sailed on her 1st cruise, but it was in Dec so we booked an ocean view for the added space. My husband as never meant a stranger in his life, I think he would love being part of an open group.
  5. Please give me all the info I would ever want to know about the Havana Cabana Cabins. Why do I want to pay $800 more for it than a regular balcony. Pros and con please. I am looking a the Panorama. I understand that I should book portside to avoid smoke from smoking section on the starboard outdoor Plaza. I appreciate all other words of advise.
  6. I believe the change was to accommodate the other Carnival ships leaving from Long B each. Panorama leaves on Saturdays, and the 3 and 4 day cruises leave on Fridays and Mondays. Therefore we needed to leave on Sunday.
  7. That is funny. I was just telling my husband how upset I get when Costco tells me I get free shipping after I spend so much, yet each item is much cheaper in the store than it is online. How is that free. Even Sam's has started charging more for a shipped item, yet plus members get free shipping what is free about that.
  8. Have you ever cruised on any of the spirit class ships, Legend, Spirit, Pride or Miracle? They are our absolute favorite. So easy to find your way around the ship. Not as many passengers so you seem to interact with the same people more often. We've always found people just a wee bit friendlier on a spirit class ship, including staff.
  9. They used to have bottled water that was not spring water. I really do not care for spring water. I sure hope they have it on the ship.
  10. I completely understand. We had that type of experience on the Carnival Spirit. We said we'd never cruise Carnival again. Wrote a detailed letter to Carnival explaining our displeasure. After their response we decided to try one more time. Took a cruise on the Pride and we were back in love with Carnival. I know it was not the ship or the cruise line, but the management of that ship at the time. I understand for some it is their favorite ship.
  11. What was it about the ship you disliked. Have you been on the other spirit class ships? We have been on all of them and love the layout.
  12. I don't see why you could not receive a COVID test onboard the 1st cruise. It is my understanding the they may be doing them on board.
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