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  1. I am really tempted to go in August - but I keep taking a deep breath and say to myself " not so fast". If carnival would get on the ball with my refund for our cancelled cruise in March, I would probably do it. Since the prices are so good, especially for Casino - I would get get two cabins, and the difference in price I would take in OBC. Apparently it doesn't work like that.
  2. No Physician in his right mind is going to guarantee in writing that anyone is fit to sail, or fit for any activity - no matter what their age. It may even be against HIPPA laws.
  3. Since so many of the crew has been sent home - they may have to sail about half full.
  4. Carnival saw someone checking out that particular cruise, or maybe more than one and decided to get greedy. My PVP said he can always see when I'm interested in a cruise online
  5. We had two cabins - and opted for the FCC plus $600/cabin. Our TA said it took a while to process the FCC which we understood. We wanted to book the same cruise that was cancelled on June 6 out of Long Beach. They told me I need $1400 down payment. Now I want to just get the full refund for the cabins. Hope I can do this. $1400 deposit when the refund would have just about paid for the cruise. Not happy about this.
  6. I saw on another site it was about 90 days
  7. I am cruising March 28 on Panorama and haven't received any letter from Carnival. TA said she hasn't received any eitherfor me .
  8. WE are sailing Mar. 28 on the Panorama. I paid $1000 deposit for each balcony. I made the final payments in December. I finally got FTTF for both cabins March 10. If we cancel ( I am over 70), will we get FCC for the entire amount? PS - what about the OBC we got from our TA. Thanks in advance. Hope I didn't make this too complicated.
  9. we have a March booking on the Panorama and haven't received anything
  10. I didn't see anything about "certain cruises". Does this not apply to some cruises? we are going in a couple of weeks on the Panorama
  11. 3/28 on Panorama - NOT cancelling. Hoping that the decision is up to us - not the government
  12. We'll be on the Panorama in a couple of weeks - just heard that Coronavirus has been found in Sinaloa and Mexico City. The capital of Sinaloa is Mazatlan. Wonder i that will affect us.
  13. Cruise lines are not noted for giving advance notice of port changes
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