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  1. I realize that - I was wondering about the lemonade and tea
  2. WIth all the brands Pepsi makes, including the fruit and teas, will the free pepsi, lemonade and water in the Lido disappear?
  3. PS - Dr. Pepper is NOT made with prune juice. It is an urban legend.
  4. Is the Freedom to large to go through the Panama Canal? I think a 10 day out of San Francisco like Princess would be fantastic for the Freedom. Or maybe even Long Beach
  5. I think some of the after wraps are strangely shaped, and don't have sofas. At least that is what I remember from the Conquest.
  6. and its usually because someone on a social media or cruise website said " i have cruised lots of times and never had to have a ___________(fill in the blank). This happens with permission letters from non-traveling spouse, not legal birth certificates, like the ones from hospitals etc. Its all there on the Carnival website, also
  7. I would think for full charters, they cancel sales to the public. Now the half charters, or quarter charters, where a large special interest group basically takes over the ship - that would be really bad in my opinion. I can think of lots of groups that I wouldn't want to sail with. Like my church, as one example lol. Or political groups of either persuasion, or alternative life=style groups.
  8. Carnival is not really known for enforcing rules. Except for the one that everyone in the cabin over 21 must order cheers if one person wants it.
  9. NOt on Carnival that I have ever seen. They have a Veterans Appreciation gathering. They have us introduce ourselves. A couple hundred of people there and I don't think I'll be making it again. I was hoping for a free drink, or cap or something lol
  10. WE are also sailing on the March 28. We have been looking for fttf also, but it is unavailable. Someone posted the other day on an unmentionable website site that specialty dining was available now - but I sure couldn't find it on my booking. PS - We have never sailed out of Long Beach. At $109.99 wonder if FTTF is worth it.
  11. Bingo is undeniably the biggest rip-off. A close second in my book is the " port information " gathering - one long and boring jewelry sales pitch. Reminds me of a time-share pitch
  12. I am excited about the Panorama for a couple of reasons. We always sail out of Galveston or NOLA - and are kind of tired of the same Caribbean ports. We've never sailed out of Long Beach. Our favorite ships are the Breeze, Magic and Freedom so I'm hoping some of the bad things I've heard about on Vista are taken care of. PS - our west coast grandchildren are going on their first cruise with us, so I am excited about that.
  13. if by any chance you are going with Captain Marvin's - don't worry - they know how it works and you won't miss out
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