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  1. Our group of 10 reservations were linked for dining purposes so that is why I think we were able to book for 10. We made new friends on the cruise so we added 2 more and had to do that at the podium, but I think if you link your reservations by calling Carnival you will be able to book for 14
  2. We were on this cruise. I agree with all points. The sugar straws were lemon/lime flavored and did not add anything to the drinks! Actually were pretty gross. We had YTD and used the app for a table for 10 and were seated at the same table with the same dining team every night. I believe you need to be on board to buy the chat feature, but it took 3 minutes to do it on the app once on board. Also had the customs app, but thankfully just the free version. But was told "we don't use that here". whatever, it went quickly anyway.
  3. Can I make an 11:15 am flight from ft. Lauderdale from the carnival magic? We are supposed to dock at 8am
  4. I booked through VT on Monday this week at the Hyatt place for 1 nite pet cruise in Jan and have not received a confirmation yet. How long should it take? Do they tell you if your reservation isn’t accepted for some reason?
  5. I only have the option of credit or PayPal when I try to prepay the tips. Is it because I used a travel agent? I was able to add the cheers package online and pay with a gift card.
  6. We used Uber last March from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale. Getting the Uber was a nightmare! No one we asked knew where we should stand so the driver could find us. the people working at the port, policemen, etc. none of them knew where you should stand to get your Uber. We missed a couple of them, one actually picked up another couple and charged our account! I called real quick and got that straightened out. Another problem is it is very noisy on both phones and the Uber drivers I spoke to did not speak very good english so that was super frustrating! We had a late flight out of FLL, so I had booked a day room at the B Hotel in FLL. The hotel was really really nice. However, traffic was terrible getting there and we lost so much time trying to get picked up that we did not have very much time there. Just enough really to get lunch and a very quick nap. We are leaving from Pt. Canaveral this Feb. and because of the confusion last time, my husband will not do it again. We are getting a shuttle instead.
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