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  1. Not a GA pilot, more of a passenger on the private side of aviation but of the FBOs I've visited that area near cruise ports I'd say Banyan at FXE (Fort Lauderdale Executive) has to be one of the most impressive. Very swish with tons of facilities both for the passenger and those up front, my pilots said it was one of their favourites too! I've certainly visited more spartan FBOs 😀 Clearing immigration and customs was the easiest I've experienced anywhere (even as a UK citizen) to boot.
  2. The beauty of supply and demand, eh? My brother lives on the island of Jersey and so one of my regular routes is JFK-LON-JER-LON-JER. I've paid as low as $3000 return in First for that compared to more than double that for just JFK-LON-JFK on the same dates. As someone who takes an interest in such things I understand the pricing but the first time I did JFK-LON-JER-LON-JER-LON-JFK over 10 days when combining visits to my brother and family on the mainland it did need some explaining 😄 Luckily the timing works well because I can spend the weekends that bookend the trip on Jersey with my brother, and the midweek with my semi-retired parents and grandparents.
  3. JFK is good place to fly BA First from. It's my home airport and I have extensive experience flying First and Club World from here, as well as from when I lived in Washington DC for 10yrs prior to moving here. JFK has its own Concorde Room and "wing" for First passengers that funnels you through a fast security line. The Concorde Room has roving waiters (often toting champagne) and a sit down dining area. Compared to the other BA lounges at JFK it's very quiet, although when the rush of evening departures are leaving it can be quite busy. Club World is very good if you are on the upper deck of the 747 as you have large window storage bins and in certain seats (62A/K and 64A/K are the best but coveted by regular flyers) and give you direct aisle access. Crews should be serving around the back of the seat if you have the divider up between you and your seatmate. The seats are actually decent for couples because the ying-yang design means you are facing one another in a more natural position which is good for extended conversation. In First you'll be in the nose and unless you have oneworld Emerald status row 1 will be off limits. Row 2 is the best for a couple, IMO, avoid 4E/F and 5E/F as they're centre seats with limited storage space. If on the 777 I'll generally spring for First over Club World. The Club World cabin outside the 747 upper deck is not the best by a long shot with 2-4-2 seating compared to 1-2-1 in First. The cabin environment is just so much better with better bedding and more personalized service. Food and beverage on JFK flights is catered by Do&Co and is a real step up. The business class food of today is a touch better than First was a few years ago, and either cabin will be streets ahead of anything I've had on United. I've flown UA Global First (which was ahead of Polaris Business until it was withdrawn) and find BA to miles ahead of anything United offers in the First cabin. Polaris lounges are very nice business class lounges but I'm not a huge fan of the seat. I'd pick BA Club World on the upper deck ahead of Polaris, personally.
  4. Both are meh, IMO. TAP are certainly on the low end in terms of European legacy airlines and Vueling are a low cost carrier. That said you're looking at a short intra-Europe flight. As it sounds like you're looking at economy no airline is going to be particularly exciting.
  5. This is a very open ended question with lots of potential factors. Tennessee is a big state so which airports are you looking to leave from? What class of travel are you looking at?
  6. For anyone who was on the ball BA had, for a few hours earlier today, return fares in First for around $2000 between the US and London/Europe. Sadly my family were too slow to respond and the fare was yanked 😞...about 1/3 of what I've paid in the past...
  7. Virgin Atlantic don't have any 777s but BA have dozens. Aircraft itself isn't *that* important to Joe Public, it's how it's configured. Don't know about Privilege Style apart from this lengthy thread on TripAdvisor. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g1-i10702-k11526125-Norwegian_changed_flt_to_Privilege_Style_Pros_Cons-Air_Travel.html I wouldn't rely upon ACMI aircraft having good entertainment. Buy an iPad or tablet, load it with films and you're good to go.
  8. All of these actually!...and I fly business and first class, something Norwegian don't have. I don't need to have flown them to know not to recommend them. If I personally have concerns over their financial status I can't recommend them. I know several people who have flown them in the last couple of years between the UK and US and 80% of their combined flights were changed to ancient ACMI aircraft (Wamos Air etc.) and schedules were changed horribly to account for these leased aircraft with no option but to cancel last minute and rebook elsewhere or deal with it.
  9. Norwegian are still leasing aircraft to cover some of the 787 flights. Three of the last four days LGW-MIA it has been operated by a leased 777. AFAIK, you will receive notification if it but there is a 777 that us basically shuttling back and forth on this route. https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/ec-mua
  10. Same here. There's always a possibility it was towed off stand for maintenance and replaced by another aircraft to operate LAX-JFK. Flightaware only goes back to the Thursday overnight LAX-JFK but nothing shows as being operated by a 777.
  11. Whilst I personally wouldn't choose to fly them I certainly wouldn't recommend them to someone if they asked me, especially for further out travel plans. Their financial position is still rather precarious and having a longhaul fleet centred around the 737MAX and 787 hasn't been panning out too well for them the past few years.
  12. If you know where to look and what to look for you can often find longhaul internationally configured aircraft flying around the US. Makes a big difference in the premium cabins. In a couple of weeks I am flying AA between CLT and MCO, both ways it's an Airbus A330 with flat beds. I'm also travelling on AA LAX-DFW where the flight is operated by a 787-9 with fully flat beds...the price and timing for these flights was the same FC fare as shorthaul, narrowbody Airbus leaving within an hour. I'm then connecting onto a 757 DFW-JFK with paired flatbeds in F. Whilst there are non-stops LAX-JFK on that day the price was $2000pp oneway whereas I was able to score seats for the wife and I for less than that for both of us. I am rather spoiled as a primary AA flyer out of JFK. The transcon First and Business Class products are consistent and really rather good, plus there's other longhaul aircraft rotating through the system with longhaul configured aircraft running to other domestic hubs (though sadly not much to CLT where I normally connect!) on a very regular basis. Are flat beds needed on a 3hrs domestic flight? Not really, but for the sake of an hour either side timing wise and for the same price I'll take it.
  13. You've never needed an invitation to Fast Track immigration (or security) in Terminal 5, just the boarding pass. When you come up the escalator from the train and you walk to the left to Border Control keep walking away from the escalator and you'll see the Fast Track lane. The fact BA and IB are the only T5 tenants means it is much easier to keep track of. The other terminals have a myriad of other airlines and some carriers give out Fast Track passes to elites in the cheap seats.
  14. This is incorrect. There's Fast Track immigration for non-EU citizens in Club World/First. There's Fast Track security for anyone with oneworld Sapphire and above or flying Club Europe, Club World or First. oneworld Emeralds and those in First get a completely separate security channel that feeds directly into the Galleries First lounge from landside. There's one FastTrack security channel for all eligible passengers on connections.
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