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  1. Thank you for such a wonderful review. We have cruised to Bermuda several times, it is our go-to spot for relaxing. You purchased the 2-day pass, which we always bought... what was the cost and were the bus lines very crowded? It showed on the photo you posted, there are a lot more options than last time we were there, and it looked like they were discouraging visitors to get the bus/ferry pass. Also, are all the free dining venues, non-reservations, anytime dining? Do you know if they still have the free tour of St. George starting at Town Square and also, does the lady have the horse and carriage rides from the square? We are cruising 2 weeks from now, really need a relaxing vacation. Thanks for your help!
  2. Thank you for all the great replies. I have one more question which was addressed but want to confirm. While on tours, is it okay to tip the tour guides in dollars and what is an acceptable amount? I didn't think about having cash for tipping until I started reading the replies.
  3. Hello, I have been reading and reading the boards about what cash to take on the Baltic cruise and would just like some clarification. We are going to Finland, Sweden, Russia, Estonia & Denmark. I know some use Euros and others, their own currency. On the ship, can we exchange a small amount of US cash, ex. $20, for local currency? I realize there would be a fee, but isn't it worth the convenience? Do you use a ATM on ship or go to customer service e desk? Are ATM's available at the ports to get small amounts? If you are on a ship tour, do you have time to go to the ATM? Would it be better to just get all Euros, and use that instead of dollars if we don't have local currency? And their has been a lot of talk about needing money for bathrooms. While on a ship tour, does the tour guide stop for potty breaks and do you have to pay? I realize all countries CC is the best way to pay, we have chip/pin and chip/signature cards, but are their any countries you absolutely recommend having local currency for a small purchase if they don't take a CC or won't accept US dollars? Thank you kindly for answering my questions.
  4. Hi...we are preparing to do the Baltic cruise in 2 weeks on the Brilliance and have a few questions for cruisers who just completed the trip. What exactly is the dining dress code now? We have been reading conflicting reports and would like to hear from a recent cruiser. Are there 3 dress-up (formal) nights? Can you pretty much go casual other nights, nice top and pants for women or polo shirt, dress pants for men? Are women capris allowed in dining room? And what are your experiences with cash on land? Did you exchange USDs on ship or just use ATMS when in the country to get cash. I know just about every purchase a CC can be used. We have 2, both no international fees, one chip & signature and one chip and pin but we are just concerned we might find some small vender who does not take CC. We thought the easiest way would be to get about $20 in local currency or euros on the ship. Are the exchange rates really that high? We often leave extra tips for exceptional service for crew on ship. Would USDs be okay? And the adult pool...I read that sometimes it is opened to everyone? Must you get up the crack of dawn to get a chair before the chair hogs put towels on chairs and don't show up for hours later? Thank you so much for answering my questions!!! This is our first time to the Baltic and we are very excited about this trip!!
  5. Hello khank....we are doing the Baltic on Brilliance in July, first time. How was your cruise? Any tips? Did you use euros or cc for purchases?
  6. We are taking the same cruise in July. Would really like to see the the daily Cruise Compasses if you have them! We have a handicapped person with us so we like to plan ahead.
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