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  1. A bit confused about Honfluer, the ship comes into Le Havre and Honfluer is where? Sounds lovely.
  2. The thread below "What to do in Antigua for a day" gives several ideas on transportation including taxis.
  3. What he's referring to is when 2 or 3 ships tie up side by side in port. There is limited docking, especially with low water problems so one ship ties to the dock and others tie to the first ship. To get off and on you have to cross through other ships to get to yours or other folks cross through your ship, but only on 1 level. Rather inconvenient for balcony folks when we were rafting, trying to remember, like 6 of 13 days we did some rating part or all of the day. No bid deal.
  4. Are you talking about a ship excursion or an independent company? If ship excursion, which ship? quote=OCruisers;56846678]The excursion to De Palm Island is a favorite of ours. (y)
  5. OK, so it's our first time at Aruba and this Eagle Beach near Paradise Villa sounds like something we'd like. We need chairs and shade and a place for food and drink is nice. I assume we can catch a taxi there? If I ask to go to Eagle Beach next to Chalet Suisse will they know where to take us and are they likely to come back at a specific time when asked. Chalet Suisse is quite the restaurant, just looked it up, yum! Are there umbrella available? I assume this is an independent vendor settting these up? Thanks, Pat
  6. Same here I was hoping for some suggestions.
  7. Exactly, it was the logistics of motel stays, poorly handled by Viking in so many ways. Our cruise was not the only one with the issues I spoke of. It's in several reviews here on cruise critics. And, I was contacted by a cruiser who sailed the week prior to ours and they had the same issues. I kind of wished they had canceled the trip, I had insurance and I could have rescheduled it at a better time. A majority of the folks on our cruise were really unhappy by the end of our cruise because of so many poorly handled issue, all of which I won't go through. This wasn't meant to be a b---- session, again it was just information I was hoping might help or maybe confuse someone.
  8. These are a few things I wish someone would have mentioned before I choose to do a river cruise. I read many reviews and they were so very positive. I am NOT saying don't river cruise, I'm just giving folks things to think about, or maybe just confusing them. PLEASE don't fly in my face folks. I've cruised a lot, I know a cruise is in the eye of the beholder, again it's just things I didn't know. And, maybe if I had read these things I would have done the same anyway. Just an FYI. 1. If you are on the first floor of a river cruise boat it can be very noisy. Propeller noises from passing ships are passed through the hull, but not too bad. However, propellers turning off and on, the ships thrusters racket, as well as the planks bumping the lock walls, water gushing in and out of the locks is real loud and all night long for almost the whole trip. I was lucky and found earplugs in my luggage that allowed me to sleep. Now granted I am a light sleeper, but it bothered the husband too. 2. I didn't realize that it is not infrequent for high and low water to be a problem for river cruises with both possibly happening in one season. And, face it weather patterns are changing and not conducive to proper river levels. I was told by locals that low snow levels in the mountains in the spring in causing part of the issue. 3. I didn't think that I would care, but after 2 weeks I did have problems with dinner menu choices. The menu is heavy on the fish almost every night (2 out of 7 options). One offering was vegan (pretty tasteless, come on chiefs) really. Two servings were the same roasted chicken and rib eye steak very night. No pasta, almost no other chick preparations and almost no beef, now this is dinner I'm talking about. Now again I didn't think this would be an issue for us, I always thought people were being picky when they grumbled about food, but it was disappointing towards the end. 4. They can totally change the itinerary, change your mode of travel, alter where you stay, and change where and how you eat. 5. In attempting to keep you moving not floating, things keep getting in the way of your relaxing voyage such as - no help with luggage buses that don't show up on time, 1 hour or more late locked bathroom on buses 6. And, yes I did find packing and unpacking to change ships annoying We sailed 8/24/18 on the Skadi(loved the staff especially Marik). And, I knew we would probably have to change ships and I tried to bee positive, but this and other things that occurred just muddied up the trip.
  9. Can you guys expand on this a bit more. Why so much caution on reading their websites (always do)? So how do you know where to go, what to do once you get there? It's ok to wear suits in all the baths? I'd read they clothless, the inside ones. Which bath are you referring to?
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