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  1. Maximum weight is 440 lbs total per buggy, not sure about how comfy it may be though as you are very tall :cool:
  2. I recently emailed this company & here are a few responses that may help: 1. Tour lasts between 3 & 4 hours including pick up and drop off 2. I believe there is both morning & afternoon trips 3. You must send in your DL info at least 7 days prior of tour date and they get you a temporary DL. The $25 fee is if you want more than one driver per buggy ( they each hold 2 people) Hope that helps
  3. Where on My NCL would I see this to purchase?? I've been looking and do not see it out there. I'm not sailing until end of November, could that be why its not available yet? Thanks
  4. Thanks all.....we do not have a Guarantee room and no where do I have “download edocs” listed (my DD’s is right on the first page when you log on to myNCL). I have plenty of time, so I will not panic yet ;).
  5. We are paid in full & online check in is complete for our November cruise, but I’m a bit confused with the edocs. My daughter’s edocs are ready to print yet mine are not. What determines when the edocs are put out on MyNCL?? Thanks
  6. Thanks. I'm going to look 😀
  7. What a great idea....did you make those yourself??
  8. Our ship doesn’t arrive until 11 AM, yet all of these companies seem to leave around 9 AM...has anyone had the late arrival in port and was able to find a catamaran tour? Any info is much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Thanks so much, didn't think of that 😀
  10. Does anyone have menus for Le Bistro and Moderno?? I've tried searching but could not find anything...thanks
  11. Our cruise ship arrives at 11AM & departs at 7 PM...It seems all catamaran trips leave by 9:30 AM, so I'm looking for suggestions on what we could do beginning at noon time to snorkel and see turtles....TIA
  12. Hi...I'm new to NCL what actually is included in this "Thermal Spa" pass?? Thanks
  13. You should see it on your confirmation from NCL (I do), it's just missing when you log on to My NCL..😐
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