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  1. Maybe a dumb question, but where do you quarantine yourself? Can you check into a hotel? Must you get room service or how do you eat if under quarantine? I was thinking of staying at Mt. Alyeska lodge for a week. Is that even possible? Thanks.
  2. Update - Main number said that due to the extremely high call volume we are unable to answer your call. Thank you for your patience. Silence. Skymiles let me get into a queue for a call back in four hours and 39 minutes. Never happened. Refund number told me to go back to the internet. Tried International Sales, Success! Rep said that my refund hadn’t been looked at yet and further, the tickets were not canceled. She was able to cancel the tickets and process the refund herself. Got email confirmation and refund should appear in seven days. Thank you so much for that phone number. Success with international sales! Thanks so much. .
  3. OK. Thank you both. I will try again today.
  4. Can you tell me which phone number you used? Thx.
  5. I requested the refund through their web site on June 1st as directed by their main phone number. I received a confirmation and a case number from Delta immediately. In the confirmation letter they said they would process the claim within seven days, but it might take longer because of COVID. I signed on yesterday to the link they provided to “track your refund”, but the site is unable to find my case ( along with the ticket number that I had to use to start the refund.) I have used their main number, the number to track refunds, and the Delta rewards number. Maybe if I were platinum or titanium or whatever they might give me the time of day, but as soon as I enter my Delta Rewards number they know I am not. I fully understand they are busy, but if they cannot find the case number that they gave to me, how are they going to resolve anything? If I could have two minutes with a person, I just want to make sure they have my request somewhere in their system, even I have to wait additional time for processing.
  6. I also have a refund case with Delta, and my flight times In September were changed by 12 hours to London and “ you may miss your connecting flight” time on the way back. I requested a refund on June 1st, but their web site cannot find my case number. I have called every Delta phone number I can find, and none of them will let me talk to a representative. There is no offer to put me in a queue for a return call. I am so aggravated with automated responses telling me to go to the web site. At this point I would take a credit to my account, although I believe I am entitled to a refund. I just don’t want my $3k to disappear when I don’t show up for the flights. Anyone have a suggestion?
  7. For the California Coastal cruises in October, 2020. Go or no go?
  8. We used LandSea Tours several times, and they kept our luggage while we toured. https://vancouvertours.com
  9. So that ends my 9/26/2 Pacific Coastal leaving from Vancouver on the Royal. Do you think there is any hope for my r/t LA on 10/3/20 that stops at Ensenada?
  10. I finally got my refund today for the same cruise, although I did ask Chase Visa to get involved, so it might be just coincidence that you, cjcruiser, and I all got reimbursed the same day for the same cruise.
  11. I called last Wednesday about the same cruise on 3/14. Representative told me that my refund was approved and should be on my credit card within 72 hours. I called again yesterday and was told 45 days from the date the cruise was canceled. This is from the Celebrity web site this morning. “You will receive a refund for the taxes and port fees in a minimum of 45 business days. The cruise fare is processed separately and will take a minimum of 45 days. UK and Ireland guests should expect to receive a refund for taxes, port fees, and cruise fees within 30 days. Guests who have booked directly with Celebrity Cruises will need to contact our Celebrity Contact Centre at 0844 493 2043 or access a refund form at https://cancellation.celebritycruises.com/?brand=C so we can process your refund request. Guests who have booked via a third party should contact their travel provider to request a refund.”
  12. Julia, I was on the Equinox 3/7 cruise and was on board when they canceled the 3/14 cruise. My sister got her refund for the 3/14 cruise by filing a dispute with her credit card a few days ago. We were in the same cabin, and I am still waiting for my refund. Three calls to Celebrity, each with a promise of 5-7, 10-15, and now 30 additional days. I think the only way I am going to see any money is to start a dispute with Chase, even though I am past the 60 day window.
  13. Staying at the Hilton Resort on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. The beach here is deserted as far as we can see ( from the 22nd floor) in both directions. Police were here by sunrise patrolling the beach with lights flashing.
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