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  1. Suzanne123

    River cruises in Holland

    I sailed the last week of April with Avalon and had a great time. Tulips were in full bloom.
  2. Suzanne123

    Upgrade using AA FF miles

    Thanks all for your explanations and advice. Much to think about.😊
  3. Suzanne123

    Upgrade using AA FF miles

    I’ve been looking at the AA web site a couple times a day for the past several weeks. I swear that the cabin availability and the cost in miles for those seats change every time I look. Also, when they do have availability it’s on BA, and those flights have a stop in the U.S and another in London on the way to BCN. One stop is unavoidable from my little airport, but I would like to avoid an additional stop in London. Anyway, I have 150,000 AA miles to use for a round trip Harrisburg (MDT) to Barcelona (BCN) Sept. 15 or Sept. 16 to Sept. 30 or Oct. 1 next year. Just FYI, Celebrity air wants over $5,000 for a one way Business class flight MDT to BCN on United on 9/15. Ugh. I read somewhere that the airlines don’t open all their ff seats right away. I’m thinking I should not book the first flight when it becomes available on Friday but wait until I can get a one (U.S.) stop flight on AA with the 57.5k miles that they usually charge for Business class. what do you think?
  4. Suzanne123

    Upgrade using AA FF miles

    If I book Economy Anytime to Europe from US using FF miles, is there a way to upgrade to Premium Economy ( either with extra miles or $) ?
  5. Suzanne123

    Victoria Pier ATM?

  6. Suzanne123

    Victoria Pier ATM?

    Getting ready to dock in Victoria. Does anyone know for sure if there is an ATM in the terminal, or do I have to take the shuttle into town? Thanks.
  7. Suzanne123

    Ocean Raft Adventure in Sitka

    I’ve done both the ocean raft in Skagway and in Sitka. The two things I remember in comparing the two were that the ocean raft in Sitka went out into the open ocean so it was a bouncier ride than going down the Lynn Canal in Skagway, and we didn’t see much wildlife on the Sitka tour. They were both fun, but if I had to choose, I’d do Skagway.
  8. Timely discussion, as September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. The kids who undergo bone marrow and stem cell transplants have lost their childhood disease immunity and can’t get reimmunized for a year or longer. Please think of them when you choose to ignore any immunization that is available to you and your kids. https://www.chop.edu/childhood-cancer-awareness-month/facts-about-childhood-cancer-infographic
  9. Suzanne123

    Reflection Ocean View

    Friends are elderly, first time cruisers and just booked ov 3107 and 3129 on the Reflection for the Mediterranean next September. I can’t seem to find current reviews. Anyone recommend?
  10. Click on the Google Spreadsheet link in the post by Spangler ( two above yours). When you get to the spreadsheet, click on the “Cabins” tab ( in blue )
  11. Suzanne123

    Princess Doesn't offer a break for singles ?

    Might not help with this particular cruise, but sign up for the special offers e-mails from Princess. I got a notice for no single supplement cruises twice this year. ( both Caribbean ). I got the offers after I sailed solo a couple times (New England and Alaska). My guess is that Princess keeps track of your preferences, as I had never received solo cruise offers in the past.
  12. Suzanne123

    Tight Connection - Where to Sit?

    I’ve always had to run through that psychedelic tunnel from A to B coming in on long distance flights and then connecting to Harrisburg, but maybe this time I’ll get lucky. :) Is there any way to know the gates involved before the actual date of departure?
  13. Suzanne123

    Tight Connection - Where to Sit?

    Great. Thanks!
  14. Suzanne123

    Tight Connection - Where to Sit?

    I am returning from a cruise on a Delta 767 (Seattle to Detroit). I have only a 45 minute connection in DTW, and I am flying FC. There are lots of empty seats, and I am currently in 2A. I can’t determine from the Delta site where on the plane I should sit to be one of the first off. I’m only taking a purse, no carry-on. Can anyone offer advice? Thanks.
  15. Suzanne123

    San Francisco Dock

    Thanks again for all the useful information. First time to SF. I would be happy just to see the sea lions. :)