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  1. Staying at the Hilton Resort on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. The beach here is deserted as far as we can see ( from the 22nd floor) in both directions. Police were here by sunrise patrolling the beach with lights flashing.
  2. As late as 6:30 pm, the purser’s desk could not tell me whether we would sail on the Equinox tomorrow. Just before dinner, the future cruise consultant gave me a price on the March 21st sailing. I didn’t get a letter from Celebrity about tomorrow until 8:30 pm. No phone call from Purser. I went back to the purser’s desk and they finally gave me luggage tags for the morning. I have never seen such confusion and miscommunication among staff and guests. Thank you to the cc members who found and posted the correct information,. Just imagine all the people who do not frequent these boards and could have stayed at home had they known. Now we have thousands of people who made unnecessary flights and are or will be trying to get out of Fort Lauderdale.
  3. They gave it to us just now at the continuing cruisers info session. They told us they were going only to the USVI instead of Tortola.
  4. Just got the new itinerary for next week. sat. Fort Lauderdale sun. At sea mon. San juan tue. St. Croix wed. St. Thomas thu. At sea fri. Nassau sat. Fort Lauderdale
  5. The buffet was open when we boarded at 11:00 am and has been open since then.
  6. On the Equinox now. Business as usual at the buffet. They are not serving people.
  7. Yep. Had our temperature scan before we could go up the escalator to the terminal this morning. Took 3 seconds.
  8. Any idea if the screening procedures will affect disembarkation? Trying to decide whether to change flight times. Thanks.
  9. I’ve done the walk-up tours several times with Juneau Whale Watch. https://www.juneauwhalewatch.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiA7t3yBRADEiwA4GFlIyuJ_3sBCJclH-80qD3MAoj6uzFZNoXF_zNRlrtFeTgJZQymWLVGRxoCATgQAvD_BwE
  10. So, I’m thinking that you would be covered for the part of the trip that is charged to your Chase card up to their limit. I can’t imagine that, for example, if you charged $100 of your cruise cost to Chase and put the $5000 balance on Am Ex, that Chase would cover you for the amount you put on Am Ex. I could be wrong, but I’ve never known a bank to be that generous. 😄
  11. Rice and beans, beans and rice at the buffet? 😁
  12. Click on Trip Cancellation/ Trip Interruption. You could call their number on the attached, but I believe they will only reimburse what has been charged to the card. https://www.chase.com/card-benefits/sapphirepreferred/travel.
  13. I’ve seen people recommend using $0 or $1 as the cost of the cruise in order to get just the medical coverage on travel insurance. Has anyone actually been reimbursed for medical expenses using those low figures?
  14. I just booked two cruises with Princess with the BestSale Ever promotion that had Unlimited WiFi, premier beverage with tips, and gratuities.
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