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  1. According to an online booking agency that I use, 6226 on Apex is 50% obstructed view.
  2. I stayed alone for two weeks at the Riverside in a tower room during Spring Break this year. I was very happy to miss all the mayhem on the beach. The Riverwalk behind the hotel is safe and quite nice for walking to several good restaurants. The Riverside has a newer, casual restaurant next to the pool, and the food at the hotel dining room was really good. Covid rules about masks were strictly enforced in the hotel. The hotel itself is old, but in much better shape than the Embassy Suites, when I stayed there in 2020.
  3. Just thinking. Our Lindblad cruise is requiring both vaccination and negative Covid test prior to boarding: “Proof of Vaccination Card Upload We will accept any FDA-recommended vaccine: Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson (Janssen). Guests will need to allow at least two weeks between the second vaccine dose (or only vaccine dose, if receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) and the expedition departure date in order to allow the vaccine to be fully effective. For non-U.S. guests, we will accept any WHO-recommended vaccine. Blurry, incomplete, or poorly lit submissions wi
  4. Has anyone done the Alaska pre-Cruise extension at the Glacier Bay Lodge?
  5. Just booked an October, 2022 Celebrity cruise with an online TA, and under “special requests” where you usually have birthday celebration or whatever, it states “Covid vaccine and certificate is required.”
  6. I canceled our July Alaska trip with HAL on Feb. 25th. I received a few hundred dollars refund to my credit card, but not the full amount of deposit, two excursions and transfers. Does HAL teimburse the full amount over several months, or do I need to contact them to find out the status of the full amount I am due? Thanks.
  7. 84 days until Lindblad/ Nat Geo cruise Juneau to Ketchikan.
  8. I just got back from two weeks in Ft. Lauderdale at the Riverside Hotel, and I didn’t see the Sun Trolley even once, even though I was out walking several miles every day. I bought a month’s pass for the water taxi and used that to get around. The Sun Trolley used to travel regularly down Las Olas and I know I used to pick it up at the Harbor Shops and the Galleria Mall. This time, nothing. Despite what you saw on tv about the young nitwits on the beach, the hotel, the restaurants, and the Water Taxi were very strict about wearing a mask.
  9. Does anyone see these cruises available on the web site? The only departure port I see for June Caribbean is Fort Lauderdale.
  10. They may not have cruisers, but Alaska is surely getting ready for tourists. I made some refundable reservations for a land vacation on the Kenai peninsula as a plan B when things looked pretty bleak for cruising a few months ago. I just checked on line and my airfare has increased 50%, rental car doubled in price, and hotel prices went up $50/ night. Kenai Princess Lodge is the same rate they have had for years - a bargain at $179/ night. All the activities we are interested in doing are open for business.
  11. The first night they announced age 65+ on the news I was able to get a next day appointment on Jan 23rd with the rite-aid link on the Pa Dept of Health web site map. There were 2700+ people ahead of me on line, and I waited for over an hour, only to get a “ no vaccine within 50 miles” message. However, it did allow me 10 minutes to put in additional zip codes, so I just started tapping in numbers between here and Pittsburgh. I got lucky and found an appointment about two hours drive from here in the mountains where there are more deer than people.🙂 My second dose (Moderna) is next Sat
  12. I came across this list of obstructed view cabins and thought it might be helpful to others. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/EDGE_Percent_Obstructed_View.pdf
  13. I am booked on the Edge ES 6217, and my confirmation says 0% obstruction. Do you remember your friend’s cabin number? I don’t want an unpleasant surprise. thanks,
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