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  1. This question is asked at times on European cruises. I would love to be able to embark or debark on a cruise that passed through Gibraltar. It is never offered, an exception was made for people needing to get to london during the iceland volcano crisis, but not since. If it were regularly possible, our travel agents would be on it because Gibraltarians love to cruise it would make money for them. Ask your cruise line - if you don't you would surely be seen walking off with your suitcases, immigration would want to know what is going on. Leaving the ship is not something that would happen by accident - unless you clearly missed the ship - but then your luggage would still be on board. Cuise ships are not the same as ferries to take you from one place to another. The same as booking flights when pricing makes a difference as to whether you book a single or a return. YOu need to find out whaat is allowed in the small print.
  2. I have a work colleague that comes from Malaga and when she talks about home I feel guilty that I do think of the city as a transportation hub. I think that you and your DW would enjoy a weekend there in the off season. That is what me and DH keep planning to do. We have been as far as Córdoba, Granada and Sevilla and keep forgetting Malaga.
  3. I cannot advise you on the logistics, I have visited both by land. If you have already visited Bangkok and its environs I think Angkor Wat is a great place to visit. If it is your first time in Bangkok, there may well be plenty of other options for your overnight. If you really want to visit Angkor Wat, a week or so in Cambodia would be the most relaxed way(oh I am not sure if I should say that when on CC!)
  4. I have lived about 2 hours from Malaga since 1982 and still not really done a proper ‘tourist’ tour of it. Looks nice but hard to think beyond an airport and Maria Zambrano. I wish there were more cruises just going from malaga. It looks nice from your pictures.
  5. https://www.dw.com/en/cruise-ship-crisis-in-montenegro/av-49343531 Well Kotor does look beautiful. I had not realised the amount of damage being done. Damage to marine life is probably not all due to the cruise ships but..... Is there an environmentally friendly way to cruise. I am quite happy to use paper straws. That argument is well past its sell-by date. But fish... hmm In Gibraltar we would like more cruise ships. I am pretty sure that Malaga is happy too. Lots of ships going up and down the costa del sol perhaps?
  6. Really Kotor too? Maybe we should all be going on cruises to nowhere and leaving these lovely places to land trips?????
  7. I almost feel sorry for those who feel aggrieved. They set off on their cruise assuming that each port was guaranteed. They thought that the money they paid guaranteed that. They forgot that actually all they were guaranteed were a safe journey, a comfortable cabin, food and drink, entertainment and a lovely crew. The ports are a bonus.
  8. Oh my what chaos!! I went on the week of 15th September and apart from missing Kotor which was expected it went perfectly. We even got into several ports early. I don’t want to sound like I am gloating, more that it is such ‘the luck of the draw’ when it comes to bad weather and ugly passenger behaviour (why would you???). Don’t let it put you off cruising. The one thing you cannot guarantee is that the ports on your itinerary will be visited. However one thing you should be able to guarantee is that you will have a good time.
  9. To be honest, if I lived in Venice I would want the ships to leave. The place was like Oxford street the week before Christmas. It was not jolly though. Even the gondolas were stuck in traffic jams But the act of moving the port is probably more complex than it sounds. What about all the people who at present work at the very busy cruise port. What about the investors in the very busy people mover? What about all the taxi drivers? What about the many small hotels and restaurants that rely on people staying overnight before their cruise? Venice is lovely and will always have visitors, but it seems to me that moving the cruise ships away from the city to prevent any more environmental damage is going to take a lot of planning.
  10. I sympathise, I have missed ports - last year we missed Naples because of storms. We chose to sail in the autumn. Perhaps the mistake is not making it clear enough to passengers that if you sail in the autumn you might get stormy weather. The small print needs to be bigger. I am sure that this captain is dying a little every time he has to change the schedule - so passengers protesting with words like "shame on you" is ridiculous. It would make more sense to put up posters saying "weather gods, shame on you".
  11. They know that far in advance. The Venice port authorities have slowed down the rate of departure from the port to reduce the environmental damage being caused by the ships. Star is leaving last on alternate weeks and this does not give time to reach Kotor. It is a shame, you basically get a day at sea. It is not a deal breaker, the cruise is still lovely.
  12. I have seen numerous reports of one time offers of 25% of the price drop in non-refundable OBC. Worth asking.
  13. There were similarities in our experiences. We had rooms very close together. My first time 'in steerage' since my first cruise. We were right beside the Stardust - I really never heard a thing. I would confidently book an OV another time. A balcony is not a 'necessity' for me - on a cruise like this where the cost of a balcony was so much higher than OV. I know exactly how your mum felt in the prison. I fear heights but have never been claustrophobic. At around the same time the previous week I started to panic that I was stuck in that prison. I still feel anxious about it. We all escaped!! Your sailaway was a little earlier than ours so you can make out more of the buildings. It was still lovely for us. Looking forward to the remainder of the cruise.
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