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  1. It is true John Bull. The Algeciras route is really aimed at people who have their own cars and want to avoid Tangiers.
  2. I would go on and make plans for the land holiday. Austria and Italy sounds lovely. I would not encourage a first time cruiser to go next year. Imagine all of the queues for hand washing or for the theatre - and the worry about being in the sun on a day in port in case you fail a temperature test and so get confined to cabin. It happened to a colleague whose wife had taken too much sun, the couple were put into self-isolation until their COVID tests came back negative!
  3. I am so tempted by the emails my TA keeps sending, but I agree, next spring is probably a bit soon. The thoughts of frequent queues for hand washing, potential for missed ports and cabin isolation/being denied boarding in the case of a raised temperature bother me.
  4. Well in that case I would say that although there is no guarantee over weather, you would be extremely unlucky to have bad weather in July. There is always the 1% chance that there will be a storm. I would actually think that the waves that are more likely to give problems are the third and fourth waves of Covid.
  5. But it is not consistent. You cannot market the Baltic as a warm weather cruise.
  6. Oh well I am sure you will enjoy it anyway. 😁 I have to get to the north coast of Spain, there are several holidays there just waiting to be had. My husband is a life-long Athletico Bilbao supporter and the food up there is supposed to be first class. My problem is that I am the only driver in the family and I struggle to get very far in a day. I drove to Jaen a couple of years ago. It was a great trip but I could not have got any further in a day. I have to make it into a two week trip. I think that once we are able to do more travelling, since I am not willing to jump straight back into a cruise ship this should be the time. Maybe next spring.
  7. That is terrible. I wish life could be more fair.
  8. Lovely. - Bilbao. Is on my bucket list but I have to fly
  9. Now you are making me go crazy. I am supposed to be finishing up an 80,000 word thesis and you are distracting me with trying to work out what happens grammatically when you do and don’t use ‘the. I think I do use ‘the’. Contrast the sentences (sorry to use an NCL ship but this makes most sense). My favourite ship is the Epic. (True only because of the great itinerary) My favourite ship is Epic. (If I say it aloud it sounds like ‘My favourite ship is epic’) But I happily say ‘my favourite singer is Adele’ rather than ‘My favourite singer is the Adele’. I think with the RCI ships I add use ‘the’. ‘My first cruise was on the Voyager of the Seas‘. Are you OK to go on the good ship Lollipop? I am sooo confused.
  10. From the pre-programme blurb it already looks negative. Talk about an ‘infected ship’ is already negative. It was not the ship that had the infection, it was the passengers. There is a subtle difference between ‘An infected ship carrying passengers’ and ‘A ship carrying infected passengers’. Don’t get me wrong, I am not rushing to book another cruise, but i do get irritated by the way spin is put on these stories.
  11. It may be a reckless place to visit when on a cruise, but the reality is that during a normal cruise DH and I will visit the casino !! My point was that even if the base cost of the cruise was returned to me my attitude would not have been ‘oh great now I can afford another cruise’ because I know that there are other expenses involved. I forgot to add in the car park bill, the cattery fees, the travel insurance. It all adds up. A refund in the form of a FCC would not have made me think “oh let’s have three cruises instead of two this year”. The cruise companies must have been frustrated by yesterday’s announcement of lots of people rushing to book holidays.
  12. Mmm if I had had a cruise already booked I might (if DH was not so precious with his health) have said ‘ok now I have enough money to be able to afford to significantly upgrade my booking’. I certainly would not have booked another whole cruise. I would not book due to annual leave restrictions and the knowledge that the cruise fare is only part of the actual costs of a trip (add on flights, pre and post cruise stays, drinks bill, casino costs and excursions during the cruise) which is usually around £1000 and we are just a couple who don’t spend excessively. I won’t be booking another cruise in a hurry. I don’t think that the cruise industry have tempted me back just yet. Although one of the RCI ships was in port again yesterday. I think it was the Explorer, the angle she was at I could only see ‘the seas’. It was hard not to sit through my lunch just staring.
  13. I would give them the itinerary and ask them if they have any ideas. Perhaps give them some choices. I have travelled with kids of that age. They do get tired easily and they have no concept of how much a cruise costs so they have no idea about being grateful. My now 27 yr old who went to Paris with us several times, on Med cruises, on a Baltic cruise and 3 weeks on the E coast of US as a teenager now says she had no idea of the effort it took to put together the itinerary. She can’t even recall what countries we went to!! She has since lived in Switzerland for nine months, DC for 3 months and solo travelled for a total of 9 months. Now she gets the work involved in putting a trip together. Now I smile as I recall that the US trip was arranged around securing tickets to see the Redsox. That was the only thing she asked to do, I think because of some Disney TV prog she watched. We had to stay up all night in the January to get the tickets. Then we knew when we had to be in Boston and arranged the dates of the trip. Four of us went in. Eldest daughter who was 16 at the time was bored after about 30 minutes. She and DH went off to do something else!! Youngest and I loved it. She purchased one of those foam hands. That was her motivation for going apparently. At the time it has to be about having fun together and still liking each other on the journey home. Looking at your itinerary, assuming that it is in the summer, my advice for Sardinia would be to get to the beach. Barcelona advice would be to get a taxi (you might need 2 for 6 people) to Park Geull and to get back to the centre to walk along the Ramblas, and consider if they want to see the football ground. Think about doing the Ho Ho bus routes in some of the ports - they are not as restricted as guided tours. Touring in Europe like the rest of the world might be a little different post-Covid so who actually knows if you will make it off the ship!!
  14. [I know that this is a really old post, but I thought it was worth answering it for the sake of others who might be dreaming about cruising post-COVID]. Not unless you charter a private yacht. From Gibraltar you can see the North Africa coast line, you can even pick out the houses in Ceuta On clear days, but the nearest daily crossings are in Algeciras (to the big port outside of Tangiers) and Tarifa. Getting across the frontier and trekking to either port would just take you too long to make the trip worthwhile and not risk missing the ship.
  15. I have done 8 cruises in the Med. One, in the middle of July got a bit rough near to the French Riviera. One in late October was so rough we could not dock in Naples, at the same time there were storms across Europe. Rest have been fine. My thoughts are that she will not have a particularly bad time, however my advice is that she needs to do her own research about how choppy it will be. If you are the one that persuades her that all will be well - and it is not - I am not sure how that will work out in terms of friendship. My policy is to say ‘we are making a booking, these are the dates and you can book via x y or z travel agent. Let us know if you make up your mind and we can look at flights together‘. You can give your booking number to link them etc. But at the end of the day make it her decision.
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