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  1. Looking for suggestions for a pre cruise hotel in Boston - prefer an IHG, Hilton, or Marriott property property to use hotel points. Not going until next October, but want to get your thoughts on a hotel for 1/2 nights in Boston that is 1) close to the port and/or located close to some Boston sights to visit. Also, how difficult is it to catch Uber from the airport to the hotel? Is there a better/less expensive way to the hotel? And, to the port. We are booked on the 11 night Beantown to Beaches repositioning on Brilliance of the Seas. Many thanks in advance for your thoughts/suggestions/etc.
  2. Real good point! Thanks for your perspective !
  3. Thanks for the info, Cruiser Bruce - but this guy at Hawaiian said that there is no correlation with the price and the miles. His exact words were: "mileage requirements are only generated by the system according to the availability of seats. Please keep in mind that seats allocated for mileage bookings are different from seats allocated for dollar fares. That is why you might see a scenario where the dollar fares have a lower price and the mileage requirement of the same flight offers a higher point requirement". This is a chat that I had with him today on their app. This process sounds like the way most legacy airlines USED to price their FF fares. Most airlines (I think) today have a correlation - the higher the dollar fare, so does the mileage/point requirement. Seems like they are gouging you for as many miles as they think they can get, irrespective of the demand for the seats. As I missing something?
  4. Recently I received a new Hawaiian Airlines credit card with promotional 60,000 miles - has anybody flown from the West Coast (say San Diego, Los Angeles, or even Las Vegas) to Honolulu and how many miles did it take for a one way ticket? The airline tells me that it "depends" on availability, and that they cannot quote specific miles - anywhere from 20,000 up to 90,000 miles on their chart! Seems to me it is hard to save your miles for a ticket when you don't know how many miles to save! What am I missing? Anyone use miles recently? And how many miles was it to fly to Honolulu? We are cruising next May, so we only need one way since the Ovation ends up in British Columbia. Any insight or suggestions are greatly appreciated....
  5. Thanks so much - our normal cruise line is Royal, but we thought we would try something different.....thanks again...
  6. Received an email from our travel agent indicating that our boarding time is 2:30 for Caribbean Princess. It is the LAST time for boarding.....do they adhere to this or is it a suggested time only? We have always boarded on other cruise lines by noon.....this is our first cruise on Princess......Thanks in advance....
  7. Hi! Looking for suggestions for a pre cruise hotel close to Boston Downtown for some sightseeing prior to boarding the ship Prefer a Hilton property so that we can use some Hilton points. We will be flying into Logan probably the day before our cruise. Any suggestions would be appreciated - our Boston port stop on a New England cruise last year was cancelled due to the hurricane. Also, any suggestions for transportation to the hotel and to the Boston cruise port would be greatly appreciated! Uber is possible - how does this compare to taxis, shuttles, etc? Thank you in advance for your comments and suggestion!
  8. Thanks for your insight, Silver! I actually drove over to Kahuli the first time we were in Maui, but I was not interested in tackling the drive to Hana as our ship was leaving later that evening. We will probably just hang in Lahaina - but you never know we may rent a car for the day to see more of the island. We did visit Whalers Village and drove up the Kaanapali coast to Kapalua. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks, Silver Sweethearts! I tried to look for our particular 2020 cruise excursions, but they are not listed yet...this is exactly what we are looking for.....now I wonder if it is worth it since it's 9 1/2 hours long. Some of our RCL excursions have been less than satisfying even at 3-4 hours - lots of apologies from them but this is a looong time....thanks again!
  10. cruizer rick: Email me at Ramjet1997@yahoo.com and I will send you my phone number so that we can discuss.....thanks Ramjet1997
  11. We are booked for another Hawaii cruise on Ovation (May 7-19, 2020), and we will be in Maui for 18 hours (8AM-Midnight). Does anyone know if Royal offers a Road to Hana Tour since the ship is there for 18 hours? TIA
  12. I purchase chips at 70% of face + $5 for priority mailing to me (must be sent to me from you by Priority Mail with tracking #) - let me know if you interested .......I pay via Paypal...............thanks
  13. Purchase the Shaka Guide on the app store - $7.99 and it will take you from Waikiki all the way around to the North Shore and back to Waikiki. We did the entire tour with stops in about 9 hours - but make sure to avoid rush hour back into Waikiki....
  14. We have twice cruised from Honolulu to Vancouver on Royal Caribbean - once on Rhapsody and once on Radiance (May, 2018). We are also booked on Ovation for a similar itinerary in May, 2020. Although we don't go to the same places in 2020, the real question is can you deal with 6 straight days at sea? Our previous cruises were 5 days at sea, but one extra day won't affect our decision, since those days can be very relaxing. I will say that as you get closer to British Columbia it gets cooler (usually), but we love Victoria and Vancouver, and Seattle is a nice day trip. We usually go into Oahu 4-5 days early so that we can see the sights and things we have not done yet.
  15. Thanks for the compliment but I get so tired of all the comments berating people who just want to vent or point out what they have experienced. Usually the experts have a TON of posts - most are valid posts, but some think that they know it all - happy cruising!
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