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  1. Taken from the Hilton Riverside this morning so it's a little foggy. I think she looks pretty good!
  2. I've tried to get seperate cabins when we have cruised before, but have always been told that I couldn't do that without a person over 24yo in the cabin. This time there was no problem. Maybe it was because I used a PVP this time. I don't know how that worked, but I did ask the PVP about the age requirement, and she said that there was no problem. I think the answer is that we will all go to our assigned muster stations during the drill, and then I will go to guest services and see if my husband and my oldest can switch places on the muster list. That way if there really is an emergency, there will be a parent with all the children. This wouldn't affect the number of people in the muster station. It would just be a switch of names.
  3. Thanks to all who have responded. The kids ARE able to attend muster on their own. They've done it many times and know the process. Unfortunately the 16 and 17 yo are the more responsible ones, but they will make sure the 19 yo gets there. My concern is mainly for a real emergency and having my kids in a different lifeboat. I'll go ask at guest services once we are on board.
  4. One cabin in muster station G. One muster station E.
  5. This is the first time that I will be sailing with my teenagers (3 teens 19, 17, 16) in a separate but adjacent cabin. Our boarding passes indicate that we have different muster stations. Anyone have experience with this? They are responsible, and experienced cruisers (all platinums) but I would prefer that we all go together. My PVP said it would be fine for them to go with me, but.... I would like some reassurance from someone who has experienced this.
  6. Do you find casino offers under the VIFP offers tab on Carnival.com, or are they listed somewhere else?
  7. My daughter and I will be hiking in Skagway, either to Yakutania Point and Smuggler's Cove, or, less likely, to Lower Dewey Lake depending on the weather and how we feel that morning. I have downloaded and printed out the map on the Skagway site, but wondered if there is a better map available. I can't seem to find anything other than the one I have printed. Does the Park service have a better map if I stop in there? The National Park Service Visitor Center is in the opposite direction from Yakutania and I'd like to not have to backtrack. I'd love to hear from anyone who has done these hikes.
  8. When you activate the chat feature, you will receive an identifier (I think it was a number) that you can share.
  9. - Don't miss Patrick Duffy in the piano bar! - The atrium bar has a coffee machine, so you don't have to stand in the long line at the coffee bar.
  10. Just on Breeze a couple of weeks ago. Yes, there was an abbreviated selection available at Ocean Plaza. Pastries, yogurt, fruit, lunch meats and cheese, oatmeal, juice, and coffee.
  11. Just a small clarification. You're not getting charged for the day you get off the ship, you're getting charged for the day you get on the ship. Also remember each person can carry on a 12 pack of soda when you get on the ship, and you can replenish your soda stash in port. Sent from my SM-G920V using Forums mobile app
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