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  1. I think they made a statement that said Friday they will make an announcement.We are booked for 5/4 and are waiting for them to cancel so that we can get a full refund.
  2. We are only going going to see things get worse over the next month. I don’t see sailings open through 2020. It’s only my opinion. My husband is an emergency room physician so I have been privy to conference calls. This is such a catastrophe. Hoping you all are safe and have everything you need.
  3. I just saw this, too. Wondering if all cruise lines will follow.
  4. I understand that you aren’t afraid of the virus, but do you have older grandparents or parents? Please be mindful when you return to stay away from older folks.
  5. It will. Expecting to miss my doctor husband maybe for weeks. He will have to stay at the hospital during this.
  6. We all just booked cruises at the wrong time, unfortunately. Or maybe since we all can make a decision, knowing what is coming, instead of being blindsided by being quarantined on a ship. I was really looking forward to my vacation.
  7. Sorry, GBMC, in Maryland. My friend’s husband is the medical director of geriatric medicine dept. He was told that he can’t travel more than 50 miles away until further notice. Blessings of health to all cruising soon.
  8. WHO (World Health Organization) just declared Coronavirus a pandemic. Hospitals are putting up treatment tents outside to deal with the incoming patients. Our health care system cannot handle what is about to happen. Respirators will be rationed to those who have a better chance of survival. All cruise lines should just cancel cruises for the next couple of months.
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