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  1. Hi. Original poster here. This is my first "controversial" topic I started. 🤣 I never intended for that to happen. We just returned from the Regal and I feel if I asked this question onboard 10 times, I would have received 10 different answers. I will give you my first hand account of what happened. Once onboard I went to meet with the maître d. I was first met at the door to ask what I needed. I told them due to the dinner time changing from 7:15pm-7:45pm,, I would like to see if it was possible to switch to ATD and make a reservation. She said no. I asked what the options were and then I was told to come in and meet with the maitre'd. I waited but when it was my turn he left. 😩 I ended up changing to ATD and hoped for the best. We called the DINE line in the morning and were told we can make a reservation after 730pm by calling each day. This only worked once because when we called again (both in the early morning) we were told its impossible to make a reservation for ATD. 🤔 Most nights when we did not have a reservation we usually ended up getting to the dining room between 7:00pm-7:45pm. When we got to the hostess, she gave us a pager and told us to try a different dining room. This was so crazy because everyone was doing the same thing and then ended up with 2 pagers. This system did not seem efficient at all. Once we discovered coming at 8pm meant no wait at all we just did this. Of course keeping 2nd dining even at 7:45pm would have eliminated all this back and forth. Moral of the story, I should have just left it as is....who knew my kids would make great friends and never wanted to leave them for dinner 😁 Thanks everyone for all your input. We all had a great cruise and ready for the next one! Stacy
  2. We are sailing on the Regal this weekend and currently have confirmed 2nd seating for dining. After learning the time onboard for dinner is actually 7:45pm, that is too late. Is it possible to reserve a table in the anytime dining room? I like the idea of the same waiters every night, but we usually eat sometime between the 2 main seating times. I know a LONG time ago, when we last sailed on Princess this was an option as long as we went to the Maître D first thing onboard. I wasn't sure if this option still existed. Thanks,. Stacy
  3. Can the bed be pushed together or does it have to be separate? Also, is there still balcony access when the bed is down? Thanks
  4. We are on the Regal in a couple weeks. Our cabin is a cat BB triple. (not deluxe) I am wondering if anyone has pictures showing the cabin when the upper berth is lowered. I tried a search but could not find a picture. Thanks all!
  5. We heard back yesterday and accepted. The price was for pax 1 and 2 only. 🙂
  6. 1) How far in advance of sail date was the offer made? We are sailing in Jan 2020 and received the offer yesterday and accepted yesterday. 2) asked to respond by call or email ? Email 3) where there plenty of cabins available , including other categories not included in the upsell? Plenty of cabins avail, didn't ask about other categories. 4) had there been recent price drops , or did Princess just go straight to the upsell. Looks like straight to upsell. 5) direct or thru TA ? Direct 6) number of previous Princess cruises ? We are elite
  7. I am curious also. We received the offer from inside to balcony on the Regal in January. One of our cabins is a triple so I was wondering if the new cost was for pax 1 and 2 only? Have you received a reply yet?
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