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  1. normally it’s a minimum of 330 days out for flights from USA
  2. Our cabin # has also returned! Happy Holidays!
  3. Our day has finally arrived I will wave at you at sail away!! Just look for the most handsomest man....I will be standing beside them! #Volendam
  4. While we have received the Military discount for numerous past cruises, I used to attach a copy of my husbands DD214 (Blacked out serial numbers) in our boarding package "just in case" however we have never been asked to provide documentation so we just stopped bring it all together. Joseph
  5. I enjoyed the read.. Thank you for your observations! Joseph
  6. I will guess the safe's dimensions are approx.. 10" W x 9"H x 8" D. Give or take.. Joseph
  7. Dianne- I feel your frustration... but at the end of the day it's gonna be what it's gonna be.. I think it's above both of our pay grades! Joseph
  8. It would be the same as doing FLL thru the Canal and ending in Vancouver I see no issues...
  9. That is my understanding as well.
  10. I book thru the cruise line that said I just went to AMEX travel to search for our cruise in 12/23/20 out of tampa..the result showed our cruise but when I went to see availability i was given the response: REGRETTABLY, THIS HIGHLY-COVETED CRUISE HAS ALREADY BEEN SOLD OUT. I am suspect...since all the connie cruises i looked at gave me the same response. Joseph
  11. Yes we pre-purchased SBP.. Good to know it's lazered into the card. and not a sticker... Thank you.
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