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  1. I agree with your analysis, the question was not meant to be scientific, it was more for me. Joseph
  2. then if I may ask, how would you phrase the question?
  3. That would be an interesting thread... I won't post it but I hope someone does.. would love to compare results! Joseph
  4. Honestly I pack a sweater while on board to me it does get chilly
  5. Age range should be a nice mix 30-70....IMHO
  6. Hi Carol In my opinion age is somewhat based on Itinerary and length of cruise. it may be late 40's - late 70's with a nice size of the 20-40 population depending on time of year. This is just my observations. Joseph
  7. While. I do not remember the price point, our first cruise was in 2000 aboard the carnival ecstasy. while we disliked Carnival we did like the concept. Our 2nd cruise was on the Ryndam, and from that point we we’re hooked.
  8. Bob I would imagine that would be a decision best left up to you and your check book. Just like it is up to ours! Joseph
  9. the only time we wore our medallions were the day we received them. We removed them after the luncheon. Now we have them in a shadow box frame in the family room.
  10. So there may be a silver lining after all! Thanks for the information. Joseph
  11. If and when that day happens we will definitely be done.
  12. It was important enough to me to ask the question.. I got an answer, so I am satisfied... (it is not just me!)
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