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  1. They do keep all correspondence, I know this for a fact I recently was shown a copy of a letter I sent in the early 2000's
  2. I see cruise line prices dropping only for none/slow selling itineraries, I do not think if will change pricing industry wide. At least not until the recession.
  3. I believe that anytime any business fails to live up to the expectations either promised or perceived due to that businesses failure to follow through, then I would have to agree with your position.
  4. Just doubled my OBC!
  5. I have also noticed some price drops are for fare-codes that apply to non refundable deposits as well.
  6. Every time we have done a true B2B we were instructed to meet at a specific location with others doing b2b where HAL presented us with new cards we then were escorted off the ship with the old card to ZERO out pax count, and almost immediately escorted back on board using the new card.
  7. The answers I provided were for once again a TRUE CLASSIC B2B
  8. 1) Yes 2) Yes 3) Yes 4) Technically Yes 5) Yes Answers are based on a true classic B2B bookings
  9. Yes! Yes! Yes! We also believe that loyalty should be a two way street.. I hate it when a cruise-line begins to take my business for granted...
  10. When Holland America Line has no more ships in it's fleet that carry less than 1500 pax we will cease sailing with HAL. Size means everything to us!
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