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  1. We always bring our formal wear... after all when we cruise it's all about us and us likes to dress!!
  2. Thanks all for the responses... you provided the information I was seeking....👍
  3. I had a couple of questions regarding on board spending. 1)I understand that for every $300 you spend on board you get a bonus day is that correct? 2)Does HAL also count any pre-cruise purchases i.e. gifts, beverage packages etc in the total calculations. Thanks
  4. Oh wow!! I guess we got lucky.....On one of our up sells HAL did credit us with the suite bonus
  5. Personally I feel $63 per person per day is a bargain when being up sold from an inside stateroom... considering i would the have my private viewing space! Plus the fact wouldn't you double your Mariner points?
  6. Our first HAL cruise was on the Ryndam 3.. we truly loved that vessel...
  7. Don't forget about 1 vote indifferent.... after all doesn't every vote count?
  8. Indifferent.. 90% of the time I rarely finish 1 entree as is...
  9. If true... that is fabulous news!... or is this April Fools?
  10. We purchase policies that offer cancel for any reason and at least $200K worth of evacuation coverage
  11. I was wondering how do you book your cruise? Do you book online yourself? Do you use the cruise line PCC Do you use a specific TA? Do You book thru big name booking site?
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