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  1. Hello thinking of booking the 12/20 14 day cruise on CB. Was wondering if the Christmas cruises are packed with children during these sailings at this time of year. thanks
  2. Our cruise will be in St Kitts for Christmas day. Does anyone know if the Marriot will still offer their day pass for cruisers that day? Thanks
  3. Will have to disagree. LOVE CB!! Can't beat the aft pool. Food and service fantastic! Can't wait to sail on her again
  4. Will the Sky take the place of Regal doing the repo cruises out of NY in late October/early November back to Fla? The schedule doesn't show it so far.
  5. We WANTED to enjoy the upper hot tub however 2 times when we tried, a couple was in there with their 2 little babies in diapers!!! No one stopped them either. ignorant!
  6. does anyone know what sale will be after this current " up to $900,,, free dining" sale? would love the free tips, OBC, for xmas cruises this year.
  7. Where is the platinum/elite lounge in this ship? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. looking into rooms on the CB. I like the idea of being on the Riviera deck in the aft for the convenience of the pool, bar, buffet. Is it true that the door leading to the pool is a nuisance and very loud when it closes, and is bothersome to the cabins located there?
  9. It was breakaway Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Are women allowed to wear jean capris in the dining room at night? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Has anyone ever stayed here? I was wondering how far it is form the cruise port? thanks
  12. Are they roomier? Any opinions? Thanks
  13. So I booked a cruise yesterday taking advantage of the $50/person deposit. I changed my mind tonight and decided on a different NCL cruise. I called up to change the cruise, and they are closed. They aren't open until Monday. The sale will be over by then. Will NCL let me transfer the deposit to another cruise, or willI have to put down more money since that sail will be over. thanks
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