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  1. What's the best way to get 25 people sitting together for dinner just one night in the dining room to celebrate a special occasion? Is it possible for tables at least next to each other? Can it be arranged ahead of time?
  2. Docking at WICO. How would we get to St John on our own?
  3. Looking to go to the floating bar Lime VI in St John without having to kayak there. Does anyone know of any catamaran or boat tours that go there from St Thomas? Thanks
  4. Me again... Any recommendations for an inexpensive but decent hotel for one night in Montreal convenient to train station? Thanks
  5. Hello, Thinking of taking a train from NY to get to our cruise in Quebec. Amtrak shows 2 options for train stations, either Montreal Gare Central or St Lambert Quebec. does anyone know which one is more convenient to the cruise port and how far away exactly is it? Thanks
  6. I'll post it as many places as I want. if ya don't like it, then don't look. God, people are so rude!!
  7. Hello, is a passport required for a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas if you depart and return from the same US port?
  8. Hello are passports required for cruises sailing out of US back to same port, and is this true for all cruislines/ Thanks
  9. $ 22 for ONE lounger or two? So expensive either way
  10. Has anyone stayed midship in any of these obstructed ocean view cabins? I was thinking about it, but not sure if Deck 8 was ok and too busy being right near o'sheeans thanks
  11. Hello thinking of booking the 12/20 14 day cruise on CB. Was wondering if the Christmas cruises are packed with children during these sailings at this time of year. thanks
  12. Our cruise will be in St Kitts for Christmas day. Does anyone know if the Marriot will still offer their day pass for cruisers that day? Thanks
  13. Will have to disagree. LOVE CB!! Can't beat the aft pool. Food and service fantastic! Can't wait to sail on her again
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