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  1. 😪 Praying that's not the case. Of course, if it is, you can always blame me as I bought stock this year. 😲 Erika
  2. Yep, got my letter. Not surprised either. Hopefully they'll get the virus under control or better yet eradicated. SOON. Erika
  3. Just saw this post on Facebook. I searched but didn't see this listed. If it's a duplicate, please feel free to merge/delete this thread. Trying to get the link to work Healthy Sail Panel Erika
  4. Hmmm, interesting. I was told by a banker and based on some news articles is that they decreased employees at where coins are minted to the point, I think, of closing one of the locations. And supposedly they will be reopening shortly (if not already done) and the shortage should slowly disappear. At least I hope they are right. Erika
  5. My understanding is yes, but it's based on which strain they are predicting for the next year. A or B. The actual vaccine is pretty much the same year after year depending that. Erika
  6. 'Minor Side Effects' - Not necessarily. If you read the side effects of most meds and vaccines, they all seem to have some major side effects, including up to and including death. I for one have found over the years, i have developed issues with a number of medications that are now on my health charts, one of which landed me in the ER. So, with that, even if there is a vaccine, I don't plan on getting it, at least not for some time to come. I would need to see longer trials. And even then will be nervous if I were to get it. Unlike some meds, you can't 'stop taking' a vaccine if you have a reaction. I to work for a healthcare company and yes, the flu vaccine is mandatory for employment, except for religious and health exclusions. But, the flu vaccine has been out for decades and has long term validations. I thankfully have not had any issues with the flu vaccine... yet. IF a covid vaccine comes out and my company mandates it for employment, then, I would have to exclude myself for medical reasons (see above). In answer to the OP question. No I would not get the vaccine. Erika
  7. Actually, I think this is a Brittany Spaniel. Erika
  8. WOW! Talk about coincidence. Both directions. Do you think because it was around midnight they may choose to do it for cruise ships then due to lower traffic? Erika
  9. Yes. That was them. Unlike other CDs in so many ways. The really made you feel like family, as did the rest of the crew. I've always felt Royal crews were very friendly, but I think Grandeur crew was a whole new level. Just so nice. Would like to have the opportunity to sail her again. Don't see that happening though. :( Erika
  10. We got that idea because we watched each direction. There were police cars with their blue lights and cars backed up on each side. After we were at a distance, we saw the blue lights shut off and could see car headlights moving into the tunnel. I agree. I thought it was odd as I figured cars would never get to go through. But that IS what we saw and took pictures of. Erika
  11. We sailed Grandeur April 2019 and LOVED her. We had JS 8586 and it was great. Loved the aft facing balcony. And it was really neat to be able to see the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel outbound and inbound at night. I never knew they actually have traffic stopped for when the ship gov=es over it. The crew was AWESOME. And loved the CD and Activities manger. They were very visible, involved and friendly. I hope for your sake you get to sail. Erika
  12. Now that's funny. I tend towards dyslexia myself and was extra careful when I wrote the header. But you still had me double check. LOL But to be fair, some people could fall under that category. EEK Erika
  13. I just saw this today. Interestingly, the article is dated May 28th. Covid Breathalyser Would this be something you would be willing to do before you are allowed on a ship? I have to admit for a 20 second test, those 20 seconds would feel like hours. The other question is IF they did this for everyone coming back from a port, how long would that line be and what if you tested postive then? Will you be stuck in port? What about your belongings? Erika
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