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  1. Nailed it! Where's the LIKE button!!! Erika
  2. We stayed at Brookshire Suites on Lombard. It is literally only about a block from the inner harbor and we very affordable. In included free breakfast and the room was clean and very comfortable. We would definitely stay here again. Erika
  3. Hey all... Got ANOTHER email yesterday with the same offer (and code). BUT this time it listed all the ports and ships that it included. And it DID include the Bahamas sailing options. I called (and a person answerd the phone within a minute, HONESTLY surprised me). I asked about it and they said it was a mistake and they ARE honoring it. BOOKED!!! Erika
  4. Both great news. Now we just have to have RCI survive this pandemic and come back so we can all continue cruising. Thanx Erika
  5. I have two questions regarding the post above. First - It states 'If shares are held jointly, 100 shares are required for each onboard credit request on any one sailing.' Does this mean IF a couple were to purchase stock, they would need 200 shares to get the 1 OBC? Second - It states - 'Benefit is not combinable with interline rates, travel agent rates, and employee friends and family rates'. Does that mean if you pay 'regular' going cruise price, THROUGH a travel agent also. OR only if they can offer a discounted (i.e. Group Rate), then it's not eligible? Thank you Erika
  6. We were excited to get the offer. Unfortunately due to work and family obligations, we can't do a full week. SO, I asked if we could do a weekend Bahamas cruise. NOPE. That's not the Caribbean. Bummer. Erika
  7. IF we're going on a ship that has the old curtains for showers, we always bring 2 plastic laundry clips to weigh down the curtains. That way they don't 'attack' you when you shower. We also bring the magnet hooks and bungee cords. If we're in a balcony, we use bungee cords to hang dry the swimsuits and not worry about them flying away. NOTE: We never do this in port. And we try to do this overnight after our room steward has done turndown service. We never want to get them in trouble. If we're not in a balcony, we can use the magnets and hang them from the ceiling and run the bungee cords on those. Amazing how strong those magnets are. As others stated, battery operated light (we like the tealights) for the bathroom at night. This way, if you get up during the night, you don't go blind turning on the bright light. Erika
  8. This is great news. I hope they decide to do this on all their ships. On the flip side, I hope if I were in the pool and saw them heading to my chair, they would respect that I was in the pool if I say something. Granted, If I'm in the pool (or hotub) more than 30 minutes, I might need to reminder to get out as I've probably turned into a prune. 🙂 Erika
  9. Funny you should ask this. I was just talking about it with some friends the other day. Personally, I like this approach for a few reasons. First and foremost is because I'm on vacation and I am more likely to have desert. That being said, then I want to 'plan' my meal. Would I rather 2 appetizers and no desert, etc..? So if I don't see a desert that calls to me, I order my meal items as what calls to me. If I see a desert that I really want, I might not have an appetizer or might have a lighter meal. Another plus of doing the desert order this way is when the servers all get called away to sing for the guests (and this is happening more and more). This allows me to enjoy my meal at my pace instead of waiting till they are done before I get to order or receive me desert. And if makes their lives a little bit easier, then I"m good with that. They work so hard as it is. Erika
  10. Royal used to do it this way. I actually like the dessert options on the main menu for the same reason you don't. I like to 'plan' whether I would rather have appetizers/main meal or save room for dessert. 🙂 Erika
  11. We did Navigator in 2014 out of Galvaston. They had a grain hauler hit an oil rig in the mouth of the channel the day before our sailing. That shut EVERYTHING down. Long story short, Coast Guard finally let the cruise ships in after we were supposed to have sailed. They got everyone disembarked and we boarded just before midnight the night we were supposed to have sailed. The crew was amazing. We actually didn't sail til Wednesday due to the the oil spill. Yes, TX doesn't allow any liquor to be sold in their waters if the liquor was not purchased in TX. This is why so many choices are not available. Erika
  12. Funny you should ask. We've always done MDR. I like that as part of the cruise experience. Get to know other folks. Enjoy being served once in a while, etc.. But we've had a night or two where the food didn't interest us. So we tried WJ. WOW! Like everyone else has said, themes, some of the same choices, some more. Now hubby wants to do this more than MDR. Hmm. First world problems. Erika
  13. The crew was definitively one of the friendliest in the fleet and considering they usually are all pretty friendly, that says alot. The CD and Activities Manager are everywhere and interact with all the passengers. One thing that was done I had never seen before was the 'Grandeur Fair'. It was on the last day (sea day) and it was like a country fair. All sorts of activities where if you participated you won tickets and if you won, you got more tickets. Then they did drawings for swag. But the fun part was that so many people were involved. It felt like a small town get together. Erika
  14. We sailed Adventure the first week of November and we slept great. This was a thicker bed than we were used to on RCI ships. Our sailing on Grandeur in April also had the thick bed and we slept great then too. I hope this is the future of all RCI beds. Erika
  15. We did this a few years back on the Allure. At the time, it was the only ship that did it because they had the play Chicago. We (and a number of other folks) got dressed for this. There were a number of attendees that didn't. Basically, they have it set like a 1920's speakeasy. Jazz band, drinks in coffee cups, flappers and such. They only served a few types of drinks so we really didn't take advantage of that part, but we definitely enjoyed the party and music. Erika
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