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  1. We stayed at Doubletree and left our car for a 28 day cruise. They have a lot of parking and may give you several nights free and charge for the rest.
  2. I find them too bulky to store with the rest of my Princess cards. I didn't know until recently that I could request a card from the Passenger Services desk. On our next cruise I will do that and add it to my collection and probably just toss the Medallion (if I can find out how to dispose of it properly)
  3. Thank you everyone for this valuable information. We have stopped flying because of the problems my husband has getting to his seat and in and out of his seat. He uses a mobility scooter but he can walk a short distance.
  4. Thank you for posting those phone numbers. I don't know if these are specialists or what but they recognized that the system was not working properly and made a manual adjustment (at least they told me they did). I told the service rep that I had called twice during the week and was very upset that this system error had not been corrected in all that time. I will jot down these numbers for future use. I also appreciate everyone who has posted their various suggestions for other credit cards but we are no longer traveling by plane. We can still take cruises that start or end in Los Angeles and so that limits us to Princess cruise line.
  5. I also have been having problems redeeming my points this week. Same answer from the agent. "They are fixing it" I am going to be pretty upset if they don't get it fixed by the end of the day today (Friday) since my payment is due soon and I was counting on getting a statement credit on this statement. May have to request a supervisor. 5 days if just too long for a fix to be made. Wondering who they hire as their tech?
  6. Totally agree with you. The service trolley is our big problem. I know they need their supplies available, but sometimes it is difficult to find the stewards to ask them to move them.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. Actually the Tzora is only 52 lbs without the battery and that is about what the Travelscoot weighs also. We are kind of stuck right now that we have recently bought the Tzora and can't buy a new scooter right now. We actually saw a new scooter, ATTO that is lightweight and also breaks down into two pieces, but, it is very expensive, about $3000.00. We will have to think about that one when I also will need one in the near future, but then we also have the problem of getting two scooters to fit into the back of the car.
  8. Each scooter is different and only someone who has the same scooter would be able to tell you have well it will do on an incline. My husband has a Tzora and it depends on the incline, but even on the ramp to get on the ship he sometimes requires an extra push. My husband also has a light scooter, but neither of us can lift it (even together) As for three wheels, my husband had one that was a 3 wheel and decided he did not find it easy to maneuver and so got a four wheel one.
  9. Don't miss the Walt Disney Museum. No, it's not Disneyland, it's all about Walt Disney and it is a museum for people who don't usually like museums (like us). Very interactive... Price is minimal ( free to veterans) AND do pay extra for the Mickey Mouse Exhibit. That is definitely worth it also. You will have to take an Uber, Lift or Taxi from the port area. Cost about $25.00 each way. You can also get there by bus and shuttles. Be sure to tell them it is in the Persido because the same address shows up on GPS in the downtown area.
  10. In Ensenada don't forget Massage & Facial Care López Mateos 743, Zona Centro, 22800 Ensenada, I've been going there for many many years and they are the best. Owner is American, all the girls that work there were trained by him. Prices can't be beat. Just 1 block from where they drop you off (across from Mc Donalds) Look them up and make an appointment by email.
  11. My husband uses a mobility scooter and can't get around without one. That does not mean that he is "unable to walk". I, on the other hand, appear totally ambulatory but actually I have a heart condition with makes it difficult for me to do much walking. At this time, I do not use any mobility devices but at some time in the future I may need to use something to make my cruise experience better. Please don't judge me if one day I use a walker and the next day I don't. Also, because of the scooter, we always book an accessible cabin so that the scooter is parked inside according to the rules.
  12. The worst problem was on the Royal Princess (a new ship). We will be on the Star Princess in April and I don't remember having a problem in the past with the older Princes ships nor any problem on Carnival ships
  13. I absolutely couldn't agree more. It ticks me off also to see scooters, wheelchairs AND a twin (wide) baby stroller parked in the hallways.
  14. Please understand that Scooters CANNOT stop on a dime. We also have have other passengers turn abruptly or not look where they are going and my husband has almost run over them. Going slow is a no brainer, but it is still impossible to stop suddenly when someone turns or backs up without looking around. Years ago we were in New York (the capital of rude people) and my husband couldn't even get thru on the sidewalk. I decided to walk in front of him to "part the waters" and someone stepped in front of me so that I had to stop suddenly and I got hit by my husband's scooter. It was the beginning of our vacation and I had a bruise from my ankle up to my knee for the rest of the week.
  15. On my review of the New Royal Princess recently I wrote: CASINO With a mobility scooter, wheelchair or walker there were big problems. The slot machines lined up against the starboard wall were totally inaccessible due to the position of the gaming tables and the fact that there were posts in the way next to the slot machines. A few other machines were back to back under the stairway that leads up to deck 7 so they are not accessible since there is no room to maneuver a scooter or wheelchair in front of them. The few that were backed up to the wall coming from the atrium are also inaccessible, due to the fact that if a guest with a scooter parks in front of them, then the ONLY path thru the casino is being blocked for someone to walk. We found that the path thru the casino is so narrow that it is necessary for a either the guest with the scooter or the walking guest to pass. In order words, the guest with the scooter would have to wait for the guest coming in the other direction to pass before proceeding thru.
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