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  1. Yesterday I cancelled 2 gifts that I had purchased for departing guests. I was told that it would/could take 60 days. Agreed, that is a long time that they have our money. As long as they confirmed my cancellation, I don't think that it is the same as the cancellations/FCC for cruises and it shouldn't take that long.
  2. I like to keep everything also. Sometimes I go back to check on a specific tour that I took and may want to do again or if it was a private tour, it helps me get in touch with the tour guide if I am coming back to that port. It is also nice to be able to read, again, about the Captain or Cruise Director if they are going to be on my new cruise.
  3. I agree with the above but also want to add that when we find out where our dinning room and table are, we go to the Maitre'd and request a table close enough to the front of the Dinning Room so that my husband can park and lock his scooter himself. We have had the waiters offer to drive the scooter to a parking spot and ALWAYS insist that we will not let anyone drive the scooter. You must be insistant and they will eventually find you a place to park closer to your table. If something happend to my husbands scooter, he would not be able to enjoy the rest of the cruise. We did have a problem once and the engineers took the scooter away for almost two days, got the instructions off the internet and actually fixed it while we were on board. That was on Princess. We were greatly appreciative and offered a tip to the cruise employees who helped us.
  4. As far as I know you cannot email the Maitre'd. As soon as you board you will see in the Patter a time and place to go where you will be able to talk to the Maitre'd and get your concerns addressed. We always go to change our dinning room, change our table location, etc. due to mobility issues in getting to our assigned dinning venue.
  5. The price might be lower, but a good TA can answer your questions, help you with insurance questions and assist you in the event of an emergency. You usually can't call an on-line booking site while you are on a cruise and need extra help. Price isn't everything.
  6. Sad that they don't take into account that many "cruisers" are seniors and we just can't get around on the mega ships. The Royal is even too big for me. And, sometimes we just don't have a choice of which ship to cruise on, it may be the only choice for us on the itinerary we want. Please, please no more mega ships......
  7. I have had my pacemaker since 1995. . I do not go thru the metal detectors but that is my choice. After much research I was told that as long as I went thru "quickly" there was no problem. The metal detectors at most ports have a small label on them stating that you should not proceed thru if you have a pacemaker. I also have been on the Royal Princess twice within the past year and I do not put the medallion around my neck but try to put it in a pocket (which is more difficult for women since our clothing doesn't usually have pockets). In my case I carry a small "purse" which I keep it in. It works fine from an my purse.
  8. My hubby does too. I don't wear mine but I do have an elite charm that I wear around my neck on a chain. I don't see any problem with showing that I am a proud Princess guest who has attained over 550 days of cruising on Princess. My choice is my choice.
  9. My summer cruise is a big 22 night one to celebrate a special wedding anniversary. I was convinced by reading the website that I would be Elite ie having completed 15 cruises and 150 days and about to start my 16th cruise. Infact the here is a direct quote from Elite status They will not change your status 'Until" after your summer cruise. That means you must complete the cruise... Your account will/should reflect your new Elite status once you return.
  10. One of the problems that I heard is that people are taking the books "home". I am appalled that anyone would do that! I am all for having any type of coding to have an alarm go off as those passengers are leaving the ship. Good! Let them be embarrassed! Shame on them! Any one who can afford to go on a cruise, certainly doesn't need to take a book home, even thou they will say that they just wanted to finish it...If you need to finish it, go to a library, on land, and take it out and finish it at home. I also was so sad to see the lack of a decent library on the Royal last year. That was the worst library on a Princess ship that I have ever seen. As you can guess, I am a "real" book reader and enjoy holding a book in my hand and not having to worry about charging another item with limited plugs in our stateroom.
  11. We stayed at Doubletree and left our car for a 28 day cruise. They have a lot of parking and may give you several nights free and charge for the rest.
  12. I find them too bulky to store with the rest of my Princess cards. I didn't know until recently that I could request a card from the Passenger Services desk. On our next cruise I will do that and add it to my collection and probably just toss the Medallion (if I can find out how to dispose of it properly)
  13. Thank you everyone for this valuable information. We have stopped flying because of the problems my husband has getting to his seat and in and out of his seat. He uses a mobility scooter but he can walk a short distance.
  14. Thank you for posting those phone numbers. I don't know if these are specialists or what but they recognized that the system was not working properly and made a manual adjustment (at least they told me they did). I told the service rep that I had called twice during the week and was very upset that this system error had not been corrected in all that time. I will jot down these numbers for future use. I also appreciate everyone who has posted their various suggestions for other credit cards but we are no longer traveling by plane. We can still take cruises that start or end in Los Angeles and so that limits us to Princess cruise line.
  15. I also have been having problems redeeming my points this week. Same answer from the agent. "They are fixing it" I am going to be pretty upset if they don't get it fixed by the end of the day today (Friday) since my payment is due soon and I was counting on getting a statement credit on this statement. May have to request a supervisor. 5 days if just too long for a fix to be made. Wondering who they hire as their tech?
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