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  1. Question - we are booked on the inaugural 3 day cruise on the new Sky on Dec 4 and then staying on for the next 7 day cruise on the 7th. As we've never done a back to back this will be an interesting experience. The good thing is we have the same cabins for both legs. The rest we will figure out. But the question is as elite do we get a bar set up for the 3 day cruise. Have done a 5 day and get it on that. Also do we get any free internet minutes and if so, how much. Thanks for your help in this. Barb
  2. We are currently booked with a cruise ship tour but would really prefer to do something private. On most islands there are tons of locals waiting to take you on a tour of their island for very reasonable prices. We would like to just tour the island a bit with no beach stop and then back to the ship - 3-4 hours max. Does anyone remember seeing locals outside the pier offering such tours? I see them all of the time on the other islands and have actually used them - no problems and the tour was fine. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. I've just never used it since being elite because I didn't know it was offered. I looked at the tier benefits and didn't see it but zinbekieve you all and will certainly take advantage of either the z90 min or the 30% off as I have a lot of OBC. Thanks again. Barb
  4. Someone on my May roll call stated that you get free internet as an elite member. I have never found this to be the case and when I looked up the benefits for each tier, nowhere was internet mentioned. Am I missing something? I would like to know if they even give us a cost break on their very pricey packages.
  5. Have booked Sky Safari zipline in St Kitts and hoping it is not as strenuous as some of the others as it is shown as a five line zip. It operates out of some estate so how long is the ride from the dock and does it appear to be well maintained? We are booked through our Celebrity cruise for a morning tour. Thanks
  6. Thanks Marylou-see you on our November cruise!
  7. how does the onboard credit work on Celebrity if you have not used it all by end of the cruise. I've not had this happen yet but the possibility is there for our upcoming cruise. On Princess there is nonrefundable and refundable and if anything is left of refundable, they mail you a check.
  8. there was a great post on CC that gave a link to a website that has photos of cabins on all cruise lines but can't remember what it was. Anyone out there have that info.
  9. On our cruise in May on the Caribbean Princess, there was no 3pm happy hour. When I inquired at customer services I was told that has been done away with on all ships. Yes or no?
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