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  1. To touch on a few points that I saw in this thread: Travelex and Berkshire Hathaway are Primary payer, and will place a Guarantee of payment on your behalf (If they can get an invoice form the clinic) if you are disembarked, and admitted to a hospital/clinic. Ships do not accept insurance.... Period.... you have to pay on your ships card Travel Insured Intl (USAA, WTP) policies may be Primary but are pay and cliam Travelex will prepay for all insured to fly back home upfront, TII and AON do not only the Patient and a medical or non medical escort (if needed) Medical coverage offered by the cruises lines is low, so is the EVAC for anything other than the Caribbean. I cannot speak to how Allizanz works. If you have insurance, other then the cruise insurance and you see the ship Doctor or have an accident on shore, let the cruise line know so they can contact them. My Recommendations for the Caribbean: If you can pay of a day or ten of medical upfront the cruise line insurance I don't think looks at your age just cost and length, so maybe cheaper. They usually offer 25k (NCL, Princess standard, HAL, RCCL, Disney, Virgin Voyages) or 30k (Carnival) or 50k (Princess platinum) for emergency evac. The Evac benefit will get you to the closest hospital if you cannot get home medically safe. Then once are you the costs to get home come from the same benefit, including if needed a nurse. Most port hospitals are familiar with the various travel insurances. They know which ones will pay and which will not (usually) Cruise line insurance is secondary only and will only place a payment to prevent you from being held, or to secure admission. 10-25k they offer doesn't go far just like in the US for most of these hospitals Outside of the Caribbean: 50k + of medical as primary, and will pay if you are inpatient (Travelex, BHTP) without question. 100,000 -250,000 For evacuation benefits. An Air Ambulance from France to say I duno Kansas will be 75,000 to 150,00 roughly depending on the level of care you need. Viking Cruises is the only line I know of that uses a different company for their insurance, they are also secondary and excess. **The opinions here are my own and do not reflect that of my employer*** I do not sell insurance, I do not support one company over another, they all off their own services that may or may not work for you.
  2. It will get you home after you are stable enough after an evac. It does not offer hospital of choice as stated but once you are able to go home it will only pay for an economy ticket if you need Business or a nurse the difference is out of pocket.
  3. Berkshire Hathaway also owns Travelex Insurance, and BH underwrites the Travelex Polices.
  4. There is a perk of using the cruise line insurance. The Ship doctor will immediately notify the insurance's assistance company when they advise that you are being disembarked. This helps speeds the process of getting you home. That said the above advice of checking what your needs might be with each policy. Most cruise policies are good for Mexico, Carribean etc, back to the US for Medical Evac. But if you get flown from Aurba to Fort Lauderdale, you might not have enough coverage to get back home if you need a nurse when you fly commercial post recovery. IIRC the platinum from princess offers $50k which would usually suffice. Anything over the pond or the Pacific I'd personally want the policies with at least $500,000+ for Evac If you don't get ship insurance, always have on hand the number for the 24-hour emergency line and notify them right away. (Not their 800 #)
  5. Usually, policy word is Due to common carrier delay, Theft or Hijacking, and a few others like a traffic accident or medical emergency. Meaning it was no fault of your own. If you book using skiplag and have three different bookings with 7 minutes between flights not sure how that would work. But if you have the flight like OP mentioned. Then they would miss their connection in PR and need to be made whole for costs to next port. Again Policy dependant.
  6. To my understanding: You would want to look for "Missed Connection" coverage. Some policies will offer this. But I agree with the above Post your question now and wait till the 7th. Or if you want to buy before then check them out online.
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