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  1. It will get you home after you are stable enough after an evac. It does not offer hospital of choice as stated but once you are able to go home it will only pay for an economy ticket if you need Business or a nurse the difference is out of pocket.
  2. Berkshire Hathaway also owns Travelex Insurance, and BH underwrites the Travelex Polices.
  3. There is a perk of using the cruise line insurance. The Ship doctor will immediately notify the insurance's assistance company when they advise that you are being disembarked. This helps speeds the process of getting you home. That said the above advice of checking what your needs might be with each policy. Most cruise policies are good for Mexico, Carribean etc, back to the US for Medical Evac. But if you get flown from Aurba to Fort Lauderdale, you might not have enough coverage to get back home if you need a nurse when you fly commercial post recovery. IIRC the platinum from princess offers $50k which would usually suffice. Anything over the pond or the Pacific I'd personally want the policies with at least $500,000+ for Evac If you don't get ship insurance, always have on hand the number for the 24-hour emergency line and notify them right away. (Not their 800 #)
  4. Usually, policy word is Due to common carrier delay, Theft or Hijacking, and a few others like a traffic accident or medical emergency. Meaning it was no fault of your own. If you book using skiplag and have three different bookings with 7 minutes between flights not sure how that would work. But if you have the flight like OP mentioned. Then they would miss their connection in PR and need to be made whole for costs to next port. Again Policy dependant.
  5. To my understanding: You would want to look for "Missed Connection" coverage. Some policies will offer this. But I agree with the above Post your question now and wait till the 7th. Or if you want to buy before then check them out online.
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