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  1. The free picture stations are on deck 8 in the Waterfront , and deck 15 in the Observation Lounge.
  2. I too volunteered to organize the slot pull for our cruise. Would you be able to get me the spreadsheet also ? Thank you.
  3. Lol , I just saw my typo. I did mean SOOT issues as I have heard from other reviewers that they have had issues with soot on the aft balcony.
  4. Enjoying your review. We are aft balcony on Bliss 2/2. Did you experience any of the slot issues I have heard about ?
  5. Loving your review so far. I will be on Bliss 2/2 and I’m very happy to hear your restaurant reviews.
  6. We are a group of 27 traveling. We are on different decks around the ship. I was reading that depending on what deck you are on controls what terminal you go to check in. Is that correct ? Most of us are coming from a hotel with a shuttle and we are on different decks. I read something about odd and even decks. None of us are on Haven. Thank you for any help.
  7. I have bid on the upgrades for my 2/2 sailing. Never got a confirmation email. I also adjusted my bids last week and still no email. I can still see my bids as pending I’m just unsure being that I didn’t get a confirmation of bid email. Just the invite originally to upgrade.
  8. I did get off my phone and use the regular computer and my bids say pending but never received a confirmation email.
  9. Same thing here. Same categories multiple times with different amounts to bid. It’s very odd. Yet in the inventory they show sold out except the 2 bedroom Haven suite.
  10. I put in bids yesterday for upgrade but did not receive a confirmation email. Did I do something wrong ? When I go in to look at my bids they just offer the option to review. Doesn’t say pending or anything.
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