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  2. We do the same, there is no need to get nasty, they are providing a service that you can make use of or not. I will admit on our last cruise some of the on board evening photographers could of used a course in good manners.
  3. and half that if you are a 4-star mariner and 25% less for a 3-star.
  4. Our experience with the Hal tour to Ephesus, several years ago, was the entrance fees were included in price. It was wonderful inspiring tour.
  5. Thank you, had not heard of it before today.
  6. what dictionary did that come from?
  7. Today we received a beautiful planter from Holland America wishing us well. Thank you very much Holland America for thoughtfulness.
  8. We thank Holland American for the way they looked after us on our recently health problem. We had to leave the ship in New Caledonia. Hal arranged for a hotel and transportation for my wife to travel back and forth to the hospital. They assisted us in arranging flights home, after we had to cancel our hotel in Sydney and our flights home to Canada. The hospital in Noumea was very good and took care of me very well. We are very thankful for their assistance. Our faith was greatly helpful in keeping us calm and sure that all would work out and it did. Borden & Monique
  9. We were on the Noordam recently and were surprised that there were no ship computers to use to get on the internet, at least that is what I was told. You had to bring your own.
  10. You will find the information of the number of gala events on your boarding pass in the lower left hand corner.
  11. Sorry. I haven't tried that because of several horror stories of flights getting cancelled.
  12. I just checked in on our existing booking for our Oct-Nov. flights through flight ease and it came up okay. Possible simple typing error will cause a problem (just a thought), I've done it.
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