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  1. Yes - he was a great help to us when we had problems with our prebooked tours that were cancelled.
  2. On one of our Hawaii cruises several years back we were advised of the same thing, The person was a very large man.
  3. Yes we are happy with our PCC, we were also happy with our TA. I am not wanting to continue a discussion on the matter. My comments were in no way meant to say anything bad about TA's. Thank you
  4. Our PCC has always returned our calls as soon as she can. We have been with her for three years and appreciate very much the service she gives us.
  5. Our flight is for Oct 2019 and we have confirmation dates as of March 2019 from Flight ease and Delta.
  6. Thank you the regular one is what I was looking for, we use them for shopping often, no plastic bags to buy and get rid of.
  7. Do the passengers in a inside cabin get this same bag?
  8. Working fine on my booking now too.
  9. We were on a two segment TA cruise last fall on the Koningsdam and only received a tote bag on the first segment. However we did get invited to two free wine tastings and mariner lunches and got four plagues, but only one tote bag, (sob)
  10. We have stayed there twice and enjoyed it very much, but expensive. We usually ate elsewhere, like Darling Harbour mall. LOL We are booked in the Hyatt Regency this fall near Darling Harbour.
  11. We have used Hal's flight ease three times now and are booked again for the fall. No increase has ever happened to our flights. I am sure that once your flight has been ticketed the price is fixed, just like any flight your would have booked direct or through a TA. That has been our experience.
  12. How did you find out the price went up? Did Hal (or PCC) inform you?
  13. Thank you very much for comforting and helpful remarks.
  14. Is this the normal when arriving in Vancouver? We will be arriving from Detroit, but are Canadians. do you think we will incur the same delays? Maybe it would be better to fly via Canada from Toronto? Any thoughts on that? Sorry I just read further into this thread. We have health problems so it sounds like this is not a good trip for us. Thanks for the information.
  15. That is good news, we are booked on the Noordam this fall in a J1053 cabin.
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