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  1. You will find the information of the number of gala events on your boarding pass in the lower left hand corner.
  2. Sorry. I haven't tried that because of several horror stories of flights getting cancelled.
  3. I just checked in on our existing booking for our Oct-Nov. flights through flight ease and it came up okay. Possible simple typing error will cause a problem (just a thought), I've done it.
  4. We stayed at Hal's location for two days at the Savoy. The room was comfortable and we enjoyed the location. We did the transfer to the ship and the ride gave us a taste of Rome outside the tourist stuff. We would do it again if we go to Rome again.
  5. Do you know if the electronic upgrades will be included in the cabins (inside & outside) on the lower decks? Looking forward to our J1053 cabin and hoping they will be there in the fall.
  6. On our cruise Oct.-Nov. 2018 on the Koningsdam we enjoyed the pillow chocolates. Looking forward enjoying them on our upcoming Noordam cruise.
  7. The example I can give is this, last Oct-Nov. 2018 we flew in two days early to Rome. We had booked our cruise through a PCC and we booked everything through Hal. We were met at the airport by a Hal rep after going through customs and collecting our luggage. then transferred to our Hotel. There was a Hal rep at the Hotel and two days later we were transferred to the port. It all went very smoothly. I would suggest to you the same will happen for you in Amsterdam.
  8. The transfers would be an additional cost. We used flight ease to fly to Tampa, same day as the cruise departed, and we purchased the Hal airport transfer to the port and worked out really well. Do not usually fly in same day as cruise departure, but that time we did.
  9. We are sailing right after the dry dock and are interested in knowing what the renovations might consist of.
  10. No that should not happen. we have preordered and we were not charged additional taxes.
  11. We received our cabin for cruise last October 2018 on the Koningsdam 10 days before the sailing date. We were pretty anxious, but it turned out great.
  12. I doubt it be under an hour, especially if there more one or two at the table.
  13. We have made reservations for late dining a number of times. I agree you my not be able to book early dinning, but can late. We have done it.
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