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  1. Kinda a sad sight watching her leave with no passengers (or wife and I), but she sounded good. Best wishes to all the crew and staff still on board. God bless.
  2. There two none Hal ships docked. Are those ships still sailing with passengers on cruises?
  3. We boarded the Volendam in 2014 for a South Pacific crossing to Australia from that dock.
  4. Sounds like a great idea, but why would they not allow able bodied passengers to stay also if they wanted too?
  5. I have to agree with Shebag, especially now after our own medical problem while on the Noordam. DW would not be able to climb into lifeboat, that became more evident as we were travelling, changing planes, needing assistance. I am glad it never came to having leave by lifeboat, but was almost harder on her than me (I had the health problem). I have to say that our cruising days are over.
  6. I disagree 100%. My health situation back last Nov. 2019 when I was taken off the Noordam in Noumea, New Caledonia and taken to a hospital. Hal and the Port Authority were in constant contact with the whole to time we were there (8 days). We also received phone calls from Hal when we got home. The most certainly were concerned. Thank you very much Hal. BTW I do agree that my situation does not match was is happening now and I feel certain Hal does care.
  7. When I was taken off the Noordam in New Caledonia, as of Oct. 1, 2019 it was reported that you had to have medical coverage in order to be taken of a hospital in Noumea. Some time in process of my being cared for in the ship, the information of my coverage was obtained from my wife, because the next day a form was given me stating that my insurance carrier knew of my condition and had assigned a case number to me. DW doesn't recalled when it happened because of the concern over me, but it did. The good news is we were well taken care off by Hal medical staff,, the Port Authority, the hospital and Hal head office, they contacted us a number of times to enquire of how I was recovering, even when we got home.
  8. Thank you for explaining the procedures of the medical team on a Hal ship. I recently had a personal experience on the Noordam and can tell you they did exactly the care I needed as described above. I am most grateful to them and God for how they medically treated me, got me to a hospital for further treatment and also to Hal for the care and kindness they showed to my wife. Thank you to all who took part. God bless
  9. I would like to add that Hal and the Port Authority did the very same for DW and myself when I was taken off the Noordam in Noumea, New Caledonia last Nov. 2019 and hospitalized for eight days. We could have asked for greater care taken of us and helped us return home safely. Thank you Holland America and Fabian of the Port Authority in Noumea.
  10. Thank you for the update. What you did sounds wonderful. God bless and have safe journey home.
  11. Doesn't you getting your costs back and you having your health. We know from an experience recently what it is to be sick in a foreign land and then having to be home again. Thank God it all went well, but I would not wish that on anyone. Not meant to put you down, just a caution to what could be.
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