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  1. We are booked mid ship on the main deck, inside cabin and I wondering if anyone could comment on if we will be hearing the music from BB King late at night?
  2. We find anytime dining very convenient for us. We have enjoyed the most of the various of people we have sat with. We also like it because if we decide at the last minute to not dine in the MDR we do not feel bad that we have not informed them we will be in the MDR. Most often when we do dine in the MDR we are in the same area and get to know the waiters and the wine steward, so we do make some contacts with staff.
  3. I am glad for you. It is too bad you cannot pass on the name of the TA's or Big box stores (although with the 2% cash back, I believe we know who you mean) along to the rest of us who don't get those wonderful OBC and perks you all do. I am not a member of the store and since our days of cruising are at a near end, I have no plan to join. Thank you for your comments.
  4. I am happy that you are so able to find a TA that you say gives you so much more than a PCC can, but I have dwelt with a number of TA's here , small and large but none of them have offered perks like some of you are saying you got. I am happy for you. Thank you for your kind comments.
  5. Are you missing the fact of the exchange on our money (cdn) We can get the same cruise as US do here in Canada if I had US funds available, but I don't, so I pay more (in relation to numbers) in Cdn funds. But in fact it is basically the same price. or am I missing something in this discussion?
  6. No. that has never happened to us. We have done better booking with the PCC than a TA in our city.
  7. Thank you for your review. You raised our hopes up compared to the review I just read of the sister ship.
  8. Thank you for your review.
  9. I would think so. I see no problem if the plan was to book the cruise and then transfer to a TA when you get home or soon after.
  10. We totally agree. It seems unfair to the PCC to have done most of the work in preparing the cruise and transfer it. We do not know how it effects the PCC or the TA commission wise, but as we said it seems unfair no matter.
  11. Can someone comment on the mobility issue? We are interested in one of these cruises, however mobility is an issue. Which one would the less of a issue.
  12. Thank you, I guess when we have made reservations (for the open seating time) they must being just making us feel good and making it appear as if they are really taking my request. They do a good job of it, because it works when we go. Again thank you.
  13. you can book your reservations requesting a table for four. There is a location on each ship that you can go to and book your reservations, so when you get on the ship ask for where it is located. Quite often it is in the Lido. On the Koningsdam it was near the Ocean Bar on deck 2. We did not have a problem booking.
  14. We were on for 24 days last Oct. - Nov. TA Rome to Fort Lauderdale. We did open seating the whole cruise and we were very satisfied with it. We would arrive about 7:30 and were seated fairly quick. The one thing we wondered about is in the past in open seating, after your first night you often seated in the same area, but not this time, we were seated in a number different location and of course had different servers so we never really got to know them. Not a big thing but makes for nice evening. We also never had any issues with our laundry either. It was a very enjoyable cruise.
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