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  1. This article was in the "Cruise Industry News" today. Apparently, Mr. Del Rio does not intend to lower prices because of the coronavirus outbreak, but still intends to be competitive, whatever that means. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22486-nclh-won-t-use-low-pricing-to-drive-demand.html Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) President and CEO Frank Del Rio said he expects to see competitive pressure and pricing deterioration in the short term in the cruise industry due to the coronavirus outbreak having an impact on cruise bookings. One thing he won’t do, however, is to compete for cruise bookings on price alone. “I will tell you that we’re not going to allow what we believe is a temporary situation to derail us from our long-term proven go-to-market strategy of focusing on value to consumers over using low price as a lever to stimulate demand,” said Del Rio, speaking on the company’s year-end and fourth quarter earnings call. NCLH oversees the Norwegian, Oceania and Regent brands. “Having said that, given what we’re seeing in Q2 primarily, and what our competitors – how our competitors are reacting you’re going to see pricing action across the spectrum, we need to stay competitive,” Del Rio continued. “But we will not do it in a way in which we believe will hurt the long-term brand equity and our long-term desires to increase pricing year-over-year.” Del Rio said the company would respond, but will operate in a way where price is not the main driver.
  2. I'm fairly certain that they changed your flights because you booked your flights and hotel through NCL Premium Air. We are also Platinum, so I don't think that had anything to do with it, and I had a very pleasant conversation with the NCL rep. The main difference is that we obtained our flights through the NCL Free/Reduced Air, which is the title of this thread, and you obtained yours through NCL Premium Air. So perhaps we are comparing apples and oranges?
  3. Thank you for the quick response. Actually, I called that number yesterday, and was told that because I have the air promo, they can’t make any changes. I would have to cancel my promo and rebook at the current price. Perhaps they were willing to change yours because you booked your hotel through them.
  4. What number, or department, did you call?
  5. We usually have lunch at the Haven restaurant at noon, when they open, and our cabin is usually ready by the time we are done.
  6. They should be sending you an email soon with your "Dining Confirmation". Also, Go to My NCL, Click on Summary, then Itinerary and then each date tab to see your reservations for that day.
  7. I tried to order duck in Le Bistro, and the waitress actually said, "You don't want to order that, it's shredded". I ordered something else and left her a nice tip.
  8. Actually, there has been a number of threads lately that have been about the declining quality of food served on NCL, especially at Cagney’s. While I have enjoyed ninety-nine percent of my meals on NCL, my past few experiences in Cagney’s have been disappointing, to put it mildly. Now, I just don’t schedule what used to be my favorite specialty restaurant.
  9. On some ships, in the past, Margaritaville would have a small breakfast buffet. It was far less crowded than the main buffet. Is that available on the Bliss?
  10. On the Pearl, we enjoyed the Sugarcane Mojito Bar on deck 13, in the Moderno restaurant which is where they serve breakfast and lunch for the Haven guests. Since it was a bit out of the way, we could always get a seat and the service was similar to the Haven lounge on other ships.
  11. I agree. I tried booking several dinners at a time without success. Then I tried booking one at a time, and it worked.
  12. TheDougOut posted the menus from both Cagney's and Ocean Blue in his Encore - Live 11/2 review. Both restaurants have surcharges on the Filet and Lobster, the Shrimp Cocktail and the Crab Cake. It can be assumed that this will be Fleetwide.
  13. The last time that we sailed out of Miami was December 2018. They had a podium set up, with a Haven sign, at the base of the stairs to the terminal. The attendant escorted us past the lines to security to a separate security check point. Just beyond that, on the right, was the Haven check in.
  14. One of the Free at Sea promotions is a 250 minute free internet package, which is a pretty good deal. If you want to upgrade to Unlimited or Streaming on board, you get a $125 credit for having the 250 minute package. I've used the Unlimited package many times with pretty good results, but I've never tried the Streaming package.
  15. We were on the Sept. 8 sailing of the Escape to New England and Canada. The Escape was delayed getting into New York due to the hurricane. Our flight into LGA arrived at 9:30 am and we arrived at the pier at 11:20. They didn't expect the ship to arrive till 2"00 pm and wouldn't be boarding till after 5:00 pm. At the pier, they were advising people to drop off their luggage and then go see the city. We were not up for walking around New York all day, so we opted to stay in the Haven waiting area. The Haven waiting area is way back, almost to the end of the pier. Unfortunately, the chairs are hard plastic and since the ship was not there, neither were any snacks and drinks. They gave us a ticket to get a bag of chips from the vendor at the pier. We purchased a couple of sandwiches. Later, someone who appeared to be in charge said the tickets were for sandwiches, but it was too late. The also gave us boarding cards and we were in group one. The Haven waiting area was so cold that we decided to sit in the overflow area, which became very crowded as time went on. They eventually checked us in based on our boarding cards. Unfortunately, when they started boarding, they forgot about the boarding cards and it became a madhouse. Also, because the Haven waiting area was so far down the pier, by the time we walked to the entrance, they were letting everyone else board at the front of the pier. We eventually got to the Haven and had a wonderful cruise. Here's some pics of the luxurious Haven waiting area.
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