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  1. Yes this suite is awesome. I want hoping the windows would look like this, and offer this kind of view.
  2. There are many options in London. Premier Inn has a hotel near Waterloo Stsuion and Westminster on the Southbank. Please see the link below. I would not stay near Heathrow but go into the city, even from one Night. Due to traffic restrictions around Heathrow many have said it is easier to go into London than an airport hotel. I believe there is a central hotel pick up location you must first get to and wait for a hotel shuttle. The shuttles are not allowed to circle the airport terminals. And the process can take a while. Not fun after an overnight flight. Heathrow Express is a great option just about anytime due to traffic issues. Tickets purchased in advanced are much cheaper. The Piccadilly line also runs from Heathrow but it will take much longer. Just Airports or Smiths are great options for a private Car Service. We have used both. It is great to have someone meet you post customs and a long flight. There are many little local experts on the the British Isle Boards who offer excellent advice. I would ask your questions there as well. Enjoy London, a great city. https://www.premierinn.com/gb/en/hotels/england/greater-london/london/london-waterloo-westminster-bridge.html?cid=GLBC_LONWAT
  3. Thank you for the pics of the Window Suite. I had hoped the windows looked like this. It was difficult to tell while examining the phots during construction. This is similar to the same type suites on NCL, and truly spectacular. Have a fabulous time.
  4. Any pics of one of the 2 window suites? S 107 or S108 deck 17? Thanks! Wind rig if there is a separate bedroom area, and if so if there is a door or curtain. I am thinking it does not have a door. But curious of any pics, just the same, thanks!
  5. Both Toby Neal and Chip Hughes write mystery novels set on the Islands. Google some of their books.
  6. We frequently book flats as well. We are planning a trip next summer year and Ii was looking at the same one we had in 2016, which we loved. But that was December, 2016. I read the recent reviews over the past three months about the heat and also street noise after opening the windows to gain fresh air. I think We will be looking for a hotel with AC. We have stayed at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, but it is expensive. Have been on the London Eye, very expensive. Book in advancement if you do it. We have done the following: Got Oyster cards in advance. Got some funds in advance Visited to the state rooms Buckingham Palace, this is usually open late July -September Went to Tower of London- very fun Also got tics to the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London one night. Look I their website Did Thames River Cruise have used justairports and the Tube from/to airport. We used Justairports for a mid morning arrival. Tube in rush hour. Might check to make sure there is an elevator or escalator at your tube station. HOHO very slow, skip that The areas mentioned are good places to lodge, with only 2 days location is critical. Agree waiting until the day you went to visit an attraction- may be sold out. Good of luck with your decisions. You may have to return to see more.
  7. We stayed in same cabin on the Star opal Suite Also AFT 9212 on the Spirit. SC I would be be careful about assuming all cabins in all categories are the same. I posted a question about the Escape this week (aft H6 suites) and discover the locations of the master bedrooms and bathrooms are flipped on different decks. Decks 11 and 14 bathrooms face water. Other decks, Bedrooms face water. Narrow down your choices then come back and confirm. Before booking. .
  8. What was the source of the sepsis? Lungs? An Urinary Track Infection, or a Gastrointestinal ailment? Hope your friend is doing better. I agree with other posters, that significant illness onboard are reported here very quickly. And these are 2 very large ships. It would be prudent of your fiend’s physician to contact the cruise line or the ship’s physician as part of the diagnostic process. The physician would also need to report any significant findings. Any information there? We were in Alaska last week on the Royal Princess, following/ leading both ships throughout the week. We did not notice any air pollution from the fires, Until we docked in Whittier. Definitely the fires are an issue right now, but located inland. Wishing your friend a speedy recovery.
  9. Thank you for your response. Looks like 11 is a good option for quietness. We were recently on another line and the curtain did not cut it for us. Noise, lights, disruptions as some are early risers while others sleep. Back to NCL.
  10. Old thread alert! Hi I know this is an old thread. We are looking at this ship next year. As I understand it on 11 and 14 the master bath faces the balcony? Also is there an actual pocket door between the living area and the bedroom? I am not talking about a curtain or accordion door. I have look at videos and I think there is a pocket door, just wanted to confirm. Thank you.
  11. Yes, that was my question, if could be the poster was able to enjoy club class. But the larger, noisier portion of the Concerto Dinning room (in the case of the Regal) is not actually Club Class. I can see passengers being directed there at Peak times. As caribill states the CC area is on the Right side, As you enter the dining room, near the windows. It has more wait staff, service is fast and offers usually 2 specials not on the menu. It is small and does fill up, while the rest of the dinning room is much larger.
  12. If you are looking at the November cruise, it already has a large roll call. So many folks have already booked, some well in advance. Yes CC is a small number of total cruisers, but sometimes a TA draws a large crowd of repeat cruisers. As others have said Princess can ask for their prices and see if they get them. I have have been on the STAR recently and the Royal Princess(sister ship to the Sky). The Princess Royal class ships are fabulous. Goid Luck with your decision.
  13. I guess sometimes folks may think a few posters may have incorrect information. However, these responses are from some of the most seasoned Princess Cruisers. ( not me , I am new to Princess) but did see this request recently. The Medallion clears everything up quickly. Not sure OP is on a Medallion cruise. Also saw a group wanting to bring many, many people in the Sanctuary. Or so they said. Not sure what happen, but later noticed those who were there left, and the spot remained empty. Yes memoak, you are correct. I was referring to booking this cabin classes and the extra costs.
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