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  1. Thank you . This is good to know. My concern is that in the US, (California) we are far behind other countries and the chip and pin is not widely available. We still use chip and sign.
  2. Hi Tom, yes I agree the US is far behind other countries with regard to the chip and pin security. I’ll check with BofA as well. So the answers for the American Tourist may be different. And the other small item is the public restrooms. So, here are my question Do we need cash for public restrooms? Thanks all
  3. Thanks for this information. Will stay away from the street vendors.
  4. It looks about the same size of the other suite fold outs.
  5. I have tried it once about 10 months ago, and was told it did to apply to suites. But it does not hurt to ask. I was able to book a suite recently with just $200.00.
  6. The cabanas in the Sanctuary are larger, I do not know what the official capacity is. I would say 4 maybe 5 would fit comfortably. But not sure what the limit is. We did see one of the other cabana with 3-4 people at a time with people coming and going. That party left after being told there were too many people and would not let others come in. Not sure that was the real reason, but according to one of the occupants, it was. Guess it it is best to ask. There are many staff there to help.
  7. Hi debsjc, I am not sure. I think if the weather is bad you can cancel. It’s best to ask before you commit.
  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=39kooV3o1y0&feature=youtu.be Hi Bob, this is a S4 from the Royal. I think all the S4s are the same on the Royal Class Ships. I have seen several videos of the Sky, but most are very long. Perhaps someone who has stayed In one of these suites in the SKY will answer with more details. This is not my video but I cruised in a suite just a few doors down from this one that was identical.
  9. Walk or run as some have said, to the foreword Elevators after boarding and take to deck 17. Walk out to the retreat pool and the Sanctuary is at the end next to the retreat bar. Here is is a video from earlier this year by HBcruiser https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=13&feature=emb_logo&v=FCPwa0Bs_2s
  10. You go to the Sanctuary as soon as you board. No advanced reservations. Staff will give you a tour and you pick your lounger or cabana. Sea days on Warm weather cruises are the most popular. The sooner you get onboard the better for those type cruises. Panama Canal and Glacier Bay also very popular, and dot more. Some who are not successful securing a spot(s) have reported checking back during the cruise as there may be cancellations. It really is a lovely place.
  11. Yes it is a extra fee area. Here is a Cruise Critic Article. What ship are you on? That would help. We have been on the Royal. The Sanctuary is wonderful. Very popular in warm weather cruises on sea days. You reserve after you board. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=2284
  12. Fun to read. Your blog looks great! Thank you, enjoy your cruise.
  13. Are there any hotels with 2 doubles? No twins. We are looking at double or queens. I see a Marriott but are there any others? Thanks.
  14. Crackers are a British tradition, where the OP is from. But popular in many Other countries. They are similar to party poppers. They are a lot of fun. https://britishfooddepot.com/tom-smiths-fun-family-crackers-12-pack/?cmp_id=6614126782&adg_id=79268102872&kwd=&device=t&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlbT6z9fb5QIVDtVkCh3grAwXEAQYBCABEgIdnfD_BwE I am not British but enjoyed them in England while on a dinner cruise. All the guest had them so we just followed what other were doing. I think Costco sells them sometimes. Perhaps Others can do provide more information. Enjoying the thread, thanks OP.
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