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  1. Yes, that was my question, if could be the poster was able to enjoy club class. But the larger, noisier portion of the Concerto Dinning room (in the case of the Regal) is not actually Club Class. I can see passengers being directed there at Peak times. As caribill states the CC area is on the Right side, As you enter the dining room, near the windows. It has more wait staff, service is fast and offers usually 2 specials not on the menu. It is small and does fill up, while the rest of the dinning room is much larger.
  2. If you are looking at the November cruise, it already has a large roll call. So many folks have already booked, some well in advance. Yes CC is a small number of total cruisers, but sometimes a TA draws a large crowd of repeat cruisers. As others have said Princess can ask for their prices and see if they get them. I have have been on the STAR recently and the Royal Princess(sister ship to the Sky). The Princess Royal class ships are fabulous. Goid Luck with your decision.
  3. I guess sometimes folks may think a few posters may have incorrect information. However, these responses are from some of the most seasoned Princess Cruisers. ( not me , I am new to Princess) but did see this request recently. The Medallion clears everything up quickly. Not sure OP is on a Medallion cruise. Also saw a group wanting to bring many, many people in the Sanctuary. Or so they said. Not sure what happen, but later noticed those who were there left, and the spot remained empty. Yes memoak, you are correct. I was referring to booking this cabin classes and the extra costs.
  4. No. I have seen people ask and were politely told no. From what I can see they seemed to know has paid for the perk. Especially with the Medallion Cruises.
  5. Hi all! I was in the Sanctuary yesterday on the Royal, all the way forward deck 17. Not sure if this is helpful but there is a room on both the port and starboard sides used for massages. It has windows facing forward and to the sides. It is a rather large room, but we did not think it was 700 sq feet. But smaller. The views are outstanding. I inquired at the future cruise desk, and was told no pics available. I was also advised to go to cruise critic.๐Ÿ˜ I agree about the location near the retreat pool. Hopefully we will get pics soon. There is an artist rendition representing the deluxe oceanview cabins located between the 2 window suites on the website. We sail next summer.
  6. We found them easily. Of course after advice found here.
  7. Wil write up review of the Sanctuary tomorrow .
  8. Well, not sure what you are looking at, but we are on the Royal now, and we did not go to Juneau. For us, we welcomed the sea day it was a glorious day and great scenery. For those who looked forward to it, that was sad. We have been to Juneau before. The NCL Joy was ahead of us and communicated the wind issues. Not really sure if other ships were able to get in. The crew did comment that this had not happened before, and I have never read it here before. The ship is great, we do not have any issues. We booked the Sanctuary today (Glacier Bay) as that was our intention from the beginning. Thanks to everyone who gave us advice to head straight upon embarking, we were the first ones there. Others are correct about the outside decks in deck 7, never many folks there. But I will go take a look later.
  9. Using Lyft this morning after not using in a while. In addition to the car type and drives pic, they now show license plate number iafywr you request it.
  10. Keep us posted please
  11. Glad u are enjoying the trip. What day is the pub lunch? Northbound portion. Ty
  12. HBcrusier, question for you or others. Canโ€™t remember, are there binoculars in the suites? Thanks milolii
  13. Very nice, thank you. OP thanks for asking the questions.
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