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  1. I wish you and you wife the best, as well as, Paula B and Dog
  2. Very nice, thanks for sharing
  3. You can not assume this. Get real!
  4. Yes, how devastating after the all the work to control. Even Dr. Fauci states there is not enough evidence to support a seasonal cycling. But we can hope.
  5. The average temperature in Singapore durning the height of its break out was 89 F. Not all countries are located in the upper part of Northern Hemisphere but indeed are near the Equator or in the Southern Hemisphere. So it has been summer in some of the countries affected and just now turning to fall. Others, such as Singapore never do have a winter. Truth is there is not enough information yet to make such a claim. NCL executives know this. They send their ships all over the world so need to prepare for the different climates, weather and the seasons.
  6. Hi Nok977. We cancelled the cruise. We may try for 2021. But I will follow along here to read others’s adventures aNd recommendations.
  7. Yep, take your money now if you can. We will have to wait to see what the airlines will do.
  8. Their web site states the company serves Broward County. Looks like all three are from the same company. It is hard to tell for sure though. We moved from Broward County many years ago, but I do remember the company.
  9. Sounds like you are back home in the U.K, and are asking for any local feedback?
  10. Several reports about this on the Crises Critic boards.
  11. I guess I am a little confused? It does appear your Governor has banned large group gatherings along with the school closings. This was done after the Recommendations were ignored. https://www.witn.com/content/news/Governor-Roy-Cooper-orders-North-Carolina-schools-closed-568802051.html
  12. Good luck, keep us posted. We want you home too.
  13. Moving from recommending to Ordering is probably not many days away. Things are changing rapidly. Things are not business as usual everywhere. Certainly not where the OP lives. The main goal now is to slow the spread so not to overload our hospital systems. Hence the crowd size. The governor of Oklahoma was out and about last night with his family in a busy restaurant. Today he declared a state of emergency in his state. To the OP, good luck to you and your state.
  14. I canceled Sunday. Full amount refunded to original credit card, I was outside final payment, however. Refund posted this morning.
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