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  1. It also mentioned an outdoor pool in the list of spa amenities. Is that something new for the spa? Don't remember an outdoor pool attached to the spa on Edge We did love the spa though...especially the heated loungers and the steam rooms.
  2. I think Sauspud had a great idea to do some dummy booking for cruise and flights! We were thinking in the 4k-5k range. It also depends on how many days pre and post cruise we choose to stay. Thanks
  3. Just wanted to check in and let my fellow roll callers know we survived Dorian here in Charleston, SC. Lots of gusty winds and tons of rain and we lost power for 30 hours, but we are up a running again now!! Hope everyone in this hurricane's path in the US is slowly getting up and running. Prayers and support for the people in the Bahamas!
  4. We are looking at this cruise as well. Any idea what a realistic budget for this type of cruise would be? Would include airfare from the US. We have only cruised Caribbean cruises and want to branch out. Not sure where to start as far as budgeting.
  5. Thank you for your help. The Greek Isles are tops on our list! Are also considering the British Isles.
  6. What ship did you sail this itinerary? Did you spend extra days in both cities (pre and post cruise)?
  7. No actually we sail out of Ft Lauderdale. We stay pre-cruise in Palm Beach. Just have read a lot about pickpockets and petty criminals in some big cities. Not saying we don't have them in the US, just know if we have that type of experience on our first European cruise, I will never get my husband to go on another one!
  8. My husband and I have cruised on 15 cruises mostly to the Caribbean. We are looking to expand our travel by booking a European cruise. Offer us some suggestions for a good cruise to start with. We don't really want to start in a crowded, high crime big city...that we know. Any suggestions would be wonderful. We enjoy history, museums, and eating local foods. Also what would be the best time to travel to whatever area you suggest. We prefer to travel during off season times but with our first trip we will bow to the experts!!
  9. This is the most refreshing post I have seen on Cruise Critic in a while!! We love the World Class Bar and their craft cocktails! Thanks for all the great cocktail memories
  10. We love Adrian!! He is not only a super bartender he is a fun-loving person. Have enjoyed him on Edge and Reflection.
  11. That is certainly good news! Still surprised with lack of reveals of any kind from Celebrity! Do they think because Edge is already sailed that cruisers aren't interested in how the Apex is progressing? Why miss such a great promotional opportunity?
  12. Following this thread as we are booked on Apex as well. Sailed Edge last March and loved that ship! I agree with several posters that major structural changes shouldn’t be expected but hoping for some minor design changes such as wind barrier for RTG and MC and some furniture changes/improvements. Looking forward to new art installations to enjoy!
  13. They have White Night by the pool on Edge
  14. If Blu is your assigned dining spot are you allowed to dine in the MDR with reservations?
  15. Thanks Orator - have been getting such mixed reviews about Tucson lately. Will be on Infinity for the first time in Nov. With limited specialty restaurants that’s good to hear! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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