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  1. We were in Tunica last month.We stayed at the Goldstrike but found it hard to play there as only 3 were allowed per table and all were seperated by plexiglass. Next door at the Horseshoe, no plexiglass and full tables were allowed. Masks were required by both.....hard to get any read from that as to what ships will be allowed to do. Doug
  2. I do not understand the idea of "medical exemptions" for not taking the vaccine. I realize some may have medical reasons for not being able to take the vaccine, but I do not believe that exemption would allow one to get on a cruise ship if a vaccine was a requirement of boarding. In other words....just because one cannot be vaccinated, is no reason to allow that person to go anywhere that is vaccine required. This is not an ADA issue, it is a public health issue. Doug
  3. you dont have to explain that to me....I am the choir there. However, I dont take money out of the market to buy cruises. Cruise money comes from the bank accounts... Doug
  4. true enough, but I consider it a good deal in that my money is earning pennies more than zero % in my bank.....but more than that, we are finding that if we wait to book later, the fare has gone up quite a bit. Thus I consider it a win/win....I feel I am getting a better return than I would at the bank and the cruise Line gets to use the money for a while....Life is good! Doug
  5. I get a little ticked off every time I hear how greedy the cruise lines are. They are the one industry that the CDC has had by the throat for over a year and there is little to nothing they can do about it. Here is a suggestion....if you dont want them holding your money...quit sending it to them! I for one am grateful they are still trying to hang in there. to call it greedy when you have a hint they may try to sail more than 40% full boggles the imagination!...How greedy will you call them when they raise fares 60% to cover the shortfall?
  6. remember.....just because you are booked on a ship after July there is no guarantee it will happen. So many ships are on the wrong side of the pond from where they are booked it makes one wonder if they will switch iteneraries with better "located" ships. You might look at ship locater to see where your ship is currently located.
  7. Are you serious?....Have you seen all the bus's lined up at the port of Galveston on embarkation? I am not talking Greyhound....tour bus's....They come from Austin, San Antonio, Dallas....etc. We once took 3 bus's from our Del Webb in San Antonio alone.
  8. according to Karena, RCCL will conduct the test before you get off the ship and cover the cost....that works for me.
  9. Thank you Karena and others. I believe I have my answers now. Doug
  10. Again...this works out of Galveston or NOLA, but NOT out of that port in Houston. If you bus from Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio, you are out of luck if the ship is delayed. You cannot just stay on the bus. They would have to take you somewhere and "dump " you as they have to have the bus somewhere else. Where would that be? If you came by car you at least could drive the 30 or so miles back to a hotel in Houston. If you flew into Hobby orHouston Intl....good luck. The Port of Houston PAID Princess $1,000,000 per year just to sail from there and at the end of the contract Princess fled.
  11. can you provide a link to that? I dont want to get caught short by just assuming that.
  12. Thanks for the information. The big question is...how do I get a test to come home if I go on one of the cruises out of Bermuda, Barbados, or Nassau?....Will RCCL do it? Doug
  13. The Houston port is horrible. Nothing wrong with the facility, it just has no support in the form of hotel, restaurants etc . The port is prone to Looong fog delays.That is not a mere inconvenience. Most of the passengers arrive by plane or tour bus. In the event of a 24 hour delay ( not unheard of at that port) the passengers have the choice of returning home or finding a 100$ cab ride into Houston to await instruction. If you came by car you cannot get into the parking lot because it is full from the inbound ship. NOLA is bad from an 8 to 12 hour river trip before the ship can open, but at l
  14. We seem to be getting closer to the day we can finally cruise somewhere. Our question is.....if they require a negative covid test, how do we do that? What seems like a simple procedure is not so simple when you break it down. How long does it take to get the results? How long is a negative test valid? If cruises are only allowed from International ports how do you get them? What tests are recognized as legitimate tests? If results come in the same day you take them do you grab that test result and rush to the cruise terminal? Why are the powers that be making this so hard? Suppose
  15. an amazing thread.We could care less what the bed is near but we always want the bed to run perpendicular to the axis of the ship. That way we get rocked in bed and not rolled out of it. Each to his own I say.... Doug
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