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  1. I knew a guy that owned about 30 or so convenience stores. I was with him in a bar one night and some guy asked him what he did for a living.....without missing a beat he just answered...I work in a grocery store... When we get asked that question we just say that we are what the Economists classify as "hard core unemployables".. Doug
  2. I added to my post within minutes as soon as I read what I wrote. My mistake was putting such a gap between the lines. I appologize to any I offended as I thought I was simply adding to my original post in the topic. again, I have never been badly treated by any Pinnacle I have come across. Doug
  3. aww man!...I was making a poor joke. Besides....if ya'll are gonna quote me at least put the whole thing in Doug
  4. Hitting Pinnacle is where the REAL problems begin. They not only get to be snobby to everyone below them, they start counting points so they can be snobby to any Pinnacles that have less than them. let me add that I am just being a smart alec....seriously, I have never been treated badly by any Pinnacle.
  5. forget the money....Hitting D + means there is only one class (Pinnacle) above you to be snobby toward you. At Diamond there are 2! Doug
  6. generally that call is made by headquarters after the Captain has reported it.....that is the smartass answer. The real answer is that the Captain will not endanger the ship and he will not be swayed by popular vote. Maybe 10 years ago there was a passenger muntiny of sorts on a Princess ship that would not port in Hong Kong I think, because of a convergence of storms. The passengers took over the Princess Theater and started making demands....One fool even googled the weather map and printed it out and literally broke into the bridge to show the Captain how he could still get in.... I doubt that ended well for any of the passengers involved and I suspect none have been allowed on any cruise ship since. Doug
  7. wasnt it in the last 5 years or so the the Rhapsody got hit by a huge wave that broke out the windows on the Crown Lounge and flooded it? That lounge is way up there. Doug
  8. How about this scenario.....all the cruise lines declare bankruptcy..... The courts stipulate as part of the reorganization that all loyalty programs are done away with.....the new reorganized lines start business again with no Penacles, Diamonds, Elites, Emeralds, Golds etc......everyone with a Blue card.....what would everyone think of that? This is more possible than one might imagine. If the CDC ban on cruising continues well into next year, The highly leverages cruise lines might have no option but to enter the bankruptcy process.... I personally would not know what to think.... Doug
  9. It was my understanding that the Schengen agreements were ending after this year sometime. At least as far as Americans are concerned. We have yet to get all the information, but we might have to obtain Visa's for each country seperately from now on. Good luck with your search.....wish I could have been more help. Doug
  10. again, check the State Department site. As far as the 90 days.....If you are not exceeding 90 days in any one country I dont see how this could be an issue. For example....the Swiss probably could care less how much time you spent in Italy.... Doug
  11. European Visa's will be different next year. Before, we never had to have them. I would suggest checking with the State Department site to get that information. Feasible? Why not? You are going to have a wonderful time. Doug
  12. vouchers in the DL??? Sounds like an ad for the Temperence Union... Doug
  13. when I was a kid my cousin was visiting. We got some ice cream and he just wanted a little in a bowl. I filled my bowl up. He went running to my mother and told her that I got twice as much as he did. My Mom asked if he wanted more and he said no....he just didn't want me to have that much..... This thread reminds me of that. We sail RCCL pretty much exclusively now even though we have over 500 days with Princess. Both have perks that are valuable. We enjoy the DL and we also like that the Casino rates us and we get many perks there> We have felt appreciated more by Royal. If they make the DL go away, that reduces that feeling of appreciation. It isn't the drinks so much as we can get as many free drinks as we want in the Casino. Princess gives a small bar set up to Elites with virtually unlimited internet and unlimited laundry. They also let one "stack" all onboard credits which RCCL does not. We will often board a Princess TA with over $1000.00 OBC. That would buy a few drinks if one was so inclined. My point in this ramble is that there is not so much difference in what all lines offer that any line can safely change their policies and expect the loyalty to continue. For the record, we have been D+ for quite a while. Doug
  14. I think it indicates that the ship yard where is was being built had to shut down due to covid…...and then the suppliers had to shut down.....I doubt it is a bellweather for the industry.
  15. agreed. From now on the ships will be porting 80 miles to the south. Doug
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