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  1. My lovely wife went a bit overboard this year I fear. We are doing 5 TA's this year and 10 total cruises. We never use a travel agent so we get excellent prices. Nothing wrong with B2B or B2B2B....we just never cruise in the summer....and I agree with the one that recommended Halloween cruises. Doug
  2. This thread IS like watching a train wreck. Painful as it is it is almost impossible to look away. I read all about rights and such....and why no blood alcohol test and such, but there is an important point....make that 2 important points that are being ignored. One is that this happened on a ship....that is not US territory and does not necessisarily come under US law. Maybe he had a right to refuse such a test and maybe he didn't, but that leads me to point number 2.... You simply cannot legislate against stupid! His defense is that he didn't know the window was open??? Seriously??? I think the only place he has a case is right here on Cruise Critic! I doubt his lawyer can find 12 brain dead jurors to buy into his dumber than dirt argument.
  3. Just my opinion.....but if your husband is a bourbon drinker he will have little use for Rum no matter the cost or quality. Buy him Bourbon. Doug
  4. having been on75 ships, I still do not understand how any adult cannot know whether the window was open. I have never seen one of those windows so clean I didn't know it was there. Doug
  5. I will be sailing out of Singapore on the Quantum OTS next May and I need to know which Cruise Terminal will be used. I appreciate any help I can get.. Thanks Doug
  6. we will be in Papaette over night on our cruise. I assume that means that something is going on late in the evenings but I cannot find a single activity at night. What am I missing? Doug
  7. spunks

    Ovation from Singapore

    thanks to everyone for the information. Doug
  8. Thanks for the reply......uh.....where is the octogon? Doug
  9. I understand that there is a bus right outside the Port gate. Where does this bus go?....is it a HoHo type or regular city bus? What is the best way to get to the casino and brewery? Thanks Doug
  10. We have only done 19 TA's to date, so I dont claim to be an expert.....but there is so much to do on the ships on the sea days you will discover you have to make some hard choices on which activity to pick. During the daytime the weather will likely be cold....and VERY windy.... Be warned.....once you start doing TA's you will not want to do anything else.....enjoy Doug
  11. Where does RCCL dock in Singapore? Thanks you for your help Doug
  12. the big question is why would you even consider taking a ships tour? You are on Cruise Critic....go to the thread of your cruise and you will find MANY private tours set up by your fellow passengers that are cheaper by half with less people and better guides. Doug
  13. sorry for the question.....but the $10.00 minimum to top the card off....is that Australia dollars?..
  14. We have a large group from our neighborhood (over 40) and have been booked with Alla for quite a while but they seem to be having some issues with the way we are to pay them. My question is simply...how did you pay them? We have no problem paying with credit card, but the way they want us to do it leaves us a bit uncomfortable. Thank you for any information you have. We have used credit cards and ATM machines all over Europe, so that is not the issue. Doug
  15. Malaga....if you are lucky....I am not sure of the date you will be there, but if it is later in November you can see them light their Christmas lights....far and away the best Christmas light display in all of Europe....also, be sure and drop in to the Casa de la Guardia....best sherry bar in Malaga...right off the main street Doug
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