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  1. I would ask HAL for more info about the charter to get you "home." Is it "home" as in the US or "home" as in your nearest airport?
  2. In that case, I would restrict my own movements.
  3. If only... I wonder if they're dawdling on the decision to see how many people decide to cancel and how many are willing to "go with the flow" and take whatever ports can be arranged.
  4. I don't think anyone is going to complain about the debarkation port at this point. I think debarking will depend on flights. If HAL is picking up the cost of these flights, I would expect that they're making the bookings. Who gets booked first? Probably people who booked their flights through HAL to begin with and people for whom seats on the appropriate route are available.
  5. To be fair to Julie (is that a real person or just a name on an account?), spellcheck often gets their/there/they're wrong. I'm surprised HAL hasn't cancelled the cruise that departs on the 29th. The situation isn't going to improve enough (if at all) in the next 2 weeks. The clock is ticking on snagging ports somewhere else while other lines are doing the same thing.
  6. And because Westy is going to a naval station, not a commercial dock. Oops, I'm losing track of which country is accepting Westy. I'm having a hard time believing this article. HAL was quiet about where they were going, saying only they had 2 possibilities. Then they announced Thailand. After all the changes they went through with previous ports, I can't believe they hadn't asked and been granted permission before the health minister said no. This is the marine authority saying THEY hadn't been asked. Maybe someone else in the government said "yes" without having the authority to do so, but I don't believe that HAL hadn't asked SOMEONE in the government.
  7. Sorry to go OT, but contact HAL to find out about wheelchair assistance in the terminal for your father. I know Seattle offers it. There were several people waiting in wheelchairs when we sailed from there. If Dad says he doesn't need it, point out that the extra checks will make the wait too long. It's easier to fill out the questionnaire while you're sitting down. We're all going to be getting questionnaires. I'm curious to see what will be asked. Symptoms, of course. Questions about where you have been? Were you near someone sick, etc?
  8. I got the same email (three times!) yesterday for my cruise on Saturday. Looks to me like we'll get a new version of the health questionnaire as part of the boarding procedure.
  9. Thanks. I'm not surprised at his rough ride. I had a lot of thumps and bumps at the aft on K'dam.
  10. If it weren't for the time and fuel use, that would be a good idea. Does anyone know if all the Japanese passengers were able to disembark in Japan?
  11. I can't believe HAL would announce they were going to a port without having clearance. So who in Thailand said yes? Is HAL going to be a victim of a tussle between two cabinet ministers?
  12. I use whatsinport. If there is an official port website, they link to that. If not it's their own list. I do like to see how many other ships will be in port with us, especially in ports that get lots of ships, like St Maarten. It can be a zoo getting to a tour when there are megas docked with us.
  13. New version of the pre-trip info for my cruise, which leaves this weekend. Nothing about staggering embarkation times. This is a health warning, and it's different from the one that went out a few days ago. It does sound like there will be a form to fill out. And they're warning that there will be consequences if you lie. See the two sentences I bolded. Sounds like they reserve the right to disembark someone who says "I'm fine" when they aren't. And it says passports will be scanned, which I think means they're checking to see if anyone has been to China in the last 2 weeks. . But this is a closed-loop cruise, so a passport isn't required. Someone who has been to China could go the birth certificate route and then the passport wouldn't be in play. Or there's the whole second passport thing. OK, that's a longshot, but could someone do that to hide evidence of travel? IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: We're monitoring the situation with the coronavirus that originated in mainland China, and our medical experts are working with global health authorities. As a precaution, anyone who has traveled from or through mainland China, Macau or Hong Kong (including airports), or has had contact with a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (2019-nCoV) within 14 days of the start of this cruise will not be allowed to board the ship. If this applies to you or your client, please contact us with proof of this travel for a full refund of the amount paid to Holland America Line. All guests will also be subject to pre- boarding health reporting and enhanced screening at check-in. Due to changing circumstances, it is possible that authorities in the countries on your cruise may change their entry requirements on short notice. Please check all entry requirements prior to your arrival to the ship to ensure you are not impacted. Guest passports will be scanned to verify compliance. False responses on forms will result in immediate debark at the next opportunity, and you may face legal consequences. We may change requirements to safeguard guests and crew.
  14. Bangkok Post reports Thailand won't let Westy disembark passengers. I have no idea if this is a reliable source, but Reuters picked up the story and I would think they would vet a source. I really hope it isn't true. Or, if it is, someone can convince the Public Health Minister to change his mind. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1855034/thailand-denies-westerdam-cruise-ship-entry-china-virus-toll-passes-1-000 What if HAL were to promise to keep passengers onboard until they are ready to fly home? No hotels, no touring, no visiting anywhere, just right to the airport and the plane. That would minimize risk to Thailand. I think this health minister may be assuming things on Westy are as bad as they are on the Diamond. He had a hissy fit at some western tourists for not wearing masks, so his decision could be influenced by fear, not rational concern. JMO!
  15. Port fees would have been charged along with the fare. It's always listed as a separate item and if a port is missed, the cruise line has to return fees and taxes for that port.
  16. Lots of stories on the news about people not getting flu shots and getting sick. There's always a reminder that "there still is time to get your shot so do it now!"
  17. I've seen the ship go into code Red for Noro. It's pertty funny in the Lido when you see passengers who don't understand. One very confused man kept reaching for the glasses of juice and poking at the plastic wrap until a server noticed and gave him what he wanted.
  18. Wear mittens, like Young Sheldon. 😜 I have never had what you describe happen and I don't know what I would do, but it would definitely make me uncomfortable.
  19. How do you envision this screening taking place? Are they going to look in the nose and throat of every passenger? Take everyone's temperature? If it's going to be an option--if you feel ill please step over here--that's not going to work. People will stifle their coughs and walk by.
  20. This is a term that HAL used to describe procedures on the first few days of a cruise. When the Lido was mostly self-serve, it was the most likely way Noro would spread. So for the first few days of a cruise, food in the Lido would all be served to you, reducing the chance of a Noro outbreak from somebody who had boarded during the Noro incubation period. It's the same thing they would do in the Lido for a Code Red. Openings you would reach through to get food would be blocked with plastic wrap. Imagine a buffet line wrapped in Saran wrap and that's what Code Orange was. Now there is very little self-serve food at the Lido so they don't do the Code Orange any more.
  21. I think HAL will take Westy out of the Asia market. There's no point with so many ports unavailable. I have no idea where they will go, but they have two weeks with the ship empty, which means they can think farther out than the next ten minutes. Instead of a mad scramble, they can make an organized plan.
  22. You're right about corporate wheels. And I think at Seattle it was "all hands" to working out itinerary changes as ports started closing off to cruises. Has anyone ever had their GPS go nuts and start barking orders? I nearly threw a Garmin out the window a few years ago. "Turn left after the bridge" (but there is no bridge) "Turn right in 50 yards" (but there is no road 50 yards ahead). It must have been like that in Seattle. I know some people want to know asap what "compensation" they will get. But knowing where to take the ship had to be HAL's primary concern.
  23. It's true it's a small sample size, but it's usually the unhappy passengers we hear from first and that hasn't happened this time. I don't know why, and I am not trying to judge anyone. It's just something I noticed. When there have been problems on other ships (not necessarily HAL), someone always manages to post a complaining video that gets picked up and circulated around the internet and on the news. There have been some from the Diamond, I believe, but not Westy.
  24. Betty, I also think you should wait. If all goes well, people will disembark next week and the ship will be empty for two weeks. This buys HAL time to figure out itineraries and reposition the ship. It could turn out to be a very different cruise. But at least there will have been lots of time to scrub the ship and finalize ports.
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