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  1. We are almost 4 star on HAL and almost Diamond on Royal. We have not done any of the new Oasis class ships. But since HAL ships are smaller (<3000) then it might be a fair comparison. I echo a lot of what is said here. I think HAL has better service. The people are great. I like the buffet better because they do not let the guests handle the food. I think the main dining room has similar quality between the lines. HAL is much less "party" and more "refined sailing". But the entertainment on HAL is not good. The newer ships that have BB Kings, Billboard, etc. are nice. But the main shows are lacking. So if you want to be entertained then for sure Royal. If you want a quieter more relaxed cruise than HAL. We use both cruise lines because they are different and we are mainly interested in the itineraries. We have found that HAL goes to more places than Royal. And the cruises are longer, which is what we like. Royal caters to more families and almost all of their cruises are 7 days or less.
  2. we saw the same thing in January on the Koningsdam. Our normal "go to " wines were priced outside of the package. But I have heard that the SBP limit of $9 is being raised to $11 shortly. They should have raised the package limit and the prices in tandem but they didn't.
  3. right now you pay for the entire drink if you go over. If you like nice wines it makes sense to upgrade to the Elite package where the limit is $15. Although I heard that in a few weeks the SBP will include drinks up to $11. This is because they are raising drink prices. Happy sailing.
  4. Yes. that could be correct. But the person in charge of this is "new" and I have seen that he is already informing the "customer service reps" of the policy. So I think within a month or so this will be common knowledge. we shall see....
  5. I do not want to give out the guy's name because I do not want everyone on this board to be contacting him via email. But if you look at the comments to the video I posted you will see that someone else verified the information. Dave & Carroll's Travel Videos just got an email from the corporate office. They did confirm the information you were given Thank you for your recent correspondence with Holland America Line concerning your upcoming voyage on our ms Oosterdam ‪March 23, 2019‬. We have your booking number as The following beverages are included in the price of your cruise fare: juice, milk, tea, and regular, or decaf drip coffee. Specialty coffee drinks, cappuccinos, alcohol and soda are additional expenses that will be billed to your on board account. Our Signature Beverage Package is a convenient, affordable beverage package that allows guests to select from a variety of wine, beer, spirits, cocktails (including non-alcoholic), sodas, bottled water (sparkling 330ml or still 500ml) and coffee. Our Signature Beverage Package is limited to 15 drinks per day with unlimited non-alcoholic drinks. This includes any beverage priced at $9.00 or lower menu price and does not include beverages in your mini-bar, in-room dining, chocolate seduction and on the Half Moon Cay. Details: · Limit 15 drinks per day. Unlimited non-alcoholic drinks. · Must be purchased for the full duration of the cruise. · Includes any beverage priced at $9.00 or lower menu price. · Excludes Mini Bar, In-Room Dining, Chocolate Seduction, & on Half Moon Cay. · All guests in stateroom who are 21 years old must purchase the package. · Available for purchase on Day1 & 2 of the voyage. The Signature Beverage Package can be purchased pre-cruise at a rate of $51.69 per person per day ($44.95 + 15% service charge) or on board at a rate of $57.44 per person per day ($49.95 + 15% service charge). This must be purchased for the full duration of the voyage and all guests over the age of 21 years in the stateroom must purchase the package; this is available for purchase on days one and two of any respective voyage. · Available for purchase on Day1 & 2 of the voyage. For further information or to make a beverage card purchase or our onboard liquor policy please go to ‪www.hollandamerica.com‬, under Already Booked click View All FAQs and then click on Alcohol or click the below link. https://www.hollandamerica.com/cruise-vacation-planning/PlanningAndAdvice.action?tabName=Shipboard%20Life&contentMenu=Onboard%20Policies&contentSubMenu=Can%20I%20Bring%20Alcoholic%20Beverages%20Onboard
  6. I have a confirmation letter from corporate which states that non alcoholic beverages are NOT counted. Here is a link to the video. The letter is from the person responsible for the beverage packages fleet wide.
  7. I have found the policy differs from ship to ship. On all other ships than Koningsdam, it is 15 alcoholic. But on the K the bartenders said that once you hit 15 total beverages the POS system flags them. So I would check with the beverage manager on the ship to confirm on the first day. (that is if you think you will be near the 15 limit)
  8. we always got two glass of bubbly each. Fruit, water and chocolate strawberries. And yes that is also for just a daily rental. although if it gets really windy they might cancel the champagne because nobody will be up there....
  9. I put together a quick video on the family cabana on the Eurodam.
  10. I agree. But why can't anybody official from HAL confirm that? Why should half of the employees say A and the other B?
  11. Here is the latest of what I have found. Not clear at all.
  12. Here is a quick video I put together addressing whether the signature beverage package is a "good deal" for you. It is just a quick guide.
  13. Roger, thanks for your website and menu pdf's. Very helpful. I know how much work this entails and I totally appreciate it.
  14. We were on the same cruise! Bartender in Gallery Bar said a couple was charged for going over and they only had 13 alcoholic drinks. (they had numerous waters and coffees) That is why I met up with the Beverage Mgr and Food and Beverage Mgr. I have an email from the Food and Beverage manager that says "we still do not know for sure. Seattle has not responded". Last 3 cruises everyone said it was only alcohol. but this time about half the crew said it was total drinks.
  15. I also just got off of the Eurodam a few weeks ago. I really pushed the Beverage Manager AND the Food and Beverage Manager on the question of 15 drinks being total or just alcohol. They could not tell me! I'll be doing a video update on this. Really sad. This last cruise we heard totally conflicting messages. And when the Food and Beverage manager doesn't know? That is a mess.
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