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  1. Does anyone know what movie titles are playing on the stateroom TV? Thanks!!
  2. Has anyone taken this excursion ? It is the $88 dollar one that also takes you to a shipwreck and a beach. I am wondering if it was very crowded. Also what kind of beverages do they serve? Do they have beer instead of rum punch?
  3. We normally sail action cruises but they depart at 10 am which is when our ship docks. Does anyone know a good tour which leaves out after 10 am? Preferably not too crowded.
  4. Can you order off the MDR dinner menu as room service?
  5. Can you order dinner from the MDR as room service? Is there a good selection of free movies on demand on the stateroom TV?
  6. Did not know this. Good to know 🙂
  7. I think they charge you full price. A discount would be nice.
  8. Probably would be the safest option. I would mention it when ordering drinks. They seem to be able to make a classic package version of just about any cocktail (except martinis).
  9. Not saying that I would do this (eyes shifting from side to side). But if a person were to purchase a set of rum runners available on amazon a person could perhaps fill said rum runners with alcohol. Then place the rum runners in a makeup bag along with various toiletries (sun tan lotion, lip stick , etc). Just something a person could do , Ahem (eyes still shifting from side to side). I have heard, Ahem, that this works quite well saving you money and allowing you to enjoys spirits in your stateroom. Not that I would know anything about that.
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