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  1. Not entirely true, sailed on Silhouette in May and the regular dishes (steak etc) had been changed to ‘supposedly’ suit the British clientele, there was Irish stew and liver. Not impressed and I am a Brit!
  2. I do always leave the auto grats on and have given extra at the end for exceptional service but have read recently about staff having to add these extras to the ‘pool’. I would feel frustrated if I was giving extra for this to then go into the pot to subsidise the people who do not tip at all. As a Brit I don’t feel the need to tip up front to ensure good service, a tip is given as a reward for good service.
  3. I have read on other threads that some cruisers tip at the beginning of their cruise to ensure good service. This may be as well as either auto gratuities or tipping at the end in an envelope. If you do tip at the beginning, either to your favourite waiter, your cabin steward or indeed anyone else that you are hoping will look after you especially well does that person then have to put that money in the pot with the auto grats.
  4. I always take more than I need. You might have a cool day that you need something a little warmer or it may be strappy tops all the way. I take enough clothes to cover all eventualities. Also for the evenings I take extra as depending on how I feel I might wear a cocktail dress or trousers and top. Each time I vow to cut down but never do.
  5. Thanks for all your replies.
  6. Many thanks I will investigate
  7. Can any recent cruisers tell me if Celebrity do a shuttle bus from Zeebrugge to Blankenberg and if so how much did it cost.
  8. Thanks for the replies, fingers crossed we can dock in August.
  9. I was reading a post on Facebook which said Celebrity Silhouette had been unable to dock in St Petersburg due to high winds. I know this happens sometimes at various ports but I had never heard of it happening in St Petersburg, is this a regular occurence or unusual?
  10. Thank you, I will go prepared just in case.
  11. Watching the World Cup there seems to be a lot of mosquitoes where England were playing. Is this something that we need to take into consideration in St Petersburg?
  12. I was thinking that also, surely if bookings are linked the dining time should be the same.
  13. Steak did not appear as a classic on the Bravo cruise, it was salmon, chicken and stew, liver, sausage etc as the third option.
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