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  1. I’m on this cruise and have not received the email. Called my TA and he did not get the email either. TG for social media since RC seems not to be able to change my no longer working email to my new one. I’ve been trying to change that email for the last 2 years.
  2. Thank you for your wonderful review. TG I read it. We are going on the Ovation in 2021 and I was very fortunate to steal err snag your cabin 7606. We will be visiting some of the same places you did. I made a lot of notes. Again Thanks
  3. Also if she has joined custody then a certified letter from ex-husband saying is ok to take the children out of the country. I took a certified copy of my divorce papers only, because I had full custody of my daughter. Make sure that all paperwork are certified.
  4. Me too, but just those three and not start in Norway. I would also love to do Japan with a start and end in Tokyo. Also a world 🌎 cruise, but then RC would have to install laundromats. Also South America.
  5. Try Barcelona Day Tours. Took several 2 years ago and the were great.
  6. Go to the Sagrada Familia website and get your tickets ahead of time. We upted for the guided tour and it was really good. Enjoy!
  7. A quick question, what happens if you buy the key on a B2B cruise? Let’s say we buy and use it for the first cruise, can you use It just to get off the ship on the second cruise? I thought to ask here because some of you are more knowledgeable than customer service. Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks to the op for posting the information. Snagged a sweet deal for a single b2b starting on dec 8 and the one following.
  9. I agree with all that said later in the morning on the first sea day. Better communication and coordination. As far as gifts specialty dining and internet sound really good. Thanks for asking.
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