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  1. Welcome Aboard! I hope you enjoy the ship as much as we do. Hope to see you there!
  2. Mrs Banjo and I were on Veendam in May and, as usual, loved it. We are again on her next week for a Canada New England cruise. We love this class ship and when we sail on HAL we look specifically for them and exclude all the rest. It will be sad when they are gone.
  3. Mrs Banjo and I have taken upsells a couple of times as well. Once we secured the Pinnacle Suite for a really good price. That doesn't happen often, but we have also gotten upsells from Veranda to Neptune Suites. Right now I am hoping for an upset or upgrade to a Neptune Suite on our cruise that departs Oct 12. We are currently booked in a Vista Suite under a guarantee on the Veendam. HAL, if you are listening!!!! Ha
  4. Yes the airport in Boston is literally right next to the cruise terminal. If they are using runway 4 planes will be on short final right above the port. The travel time should be 15 minutes or less, (always depending on traffic in Boston), and departures are easy, even if going through the International terminal. Be sure to leave enough time to clear security, those lines can be long, but if you have TSA pre, then it should go quickly and smoothly.
  5. No, but the Pinnacle Suites are essentially the same thing. I cruised in one a few years back. You get pampered like I had never seen before. I would do it again if a reasonably priced buy up was offered to Mrs Banjo and Myself.
  6. Thats what I was telling Mrs Banjo the other day, 10 Mins from Quincy Market to the pier, But HAL says on there website to allow 30 minutes travel time..... I told her that is just standard wording.
  7. That is just too funny, but you are right, Mrs Banjo and I see it all the time. And I guess, like you would rather go into the I'm a nobody line if it is shorter. Here are couple of examples. We never eat dinner in the MDR on the first night, it is always jammed up and has a line, that is the night we will opt for a premium restaurant, or we just eat on the Lido to avoid the crush. Also at check in we try to arrive about 2 hours after it opens, seems that is the low point, at the open it is crazy and near the end can be a mad rush as well.. Anyway, loved your story..... Write that book!
  8. I received one as well. Mostly I thought it was ok. The part I didn't care for was where they were asking you to choose which deal you would purchase. That I thought was pretty disingenuous, because they didn't identify the IT and much of it was Apples to strawberries comparisons. I usually need much more detail to make a decisions like that. In any case it took me about 15 minutes to fill it our. I did leave blank areas of our personal info that i thought they didn't need to know.
  9. Thanks all, I know the Silver Line buss runs through the port, taxies and uber are a plenty, It's no big deal either way, as I know my way around the city pretty well, just might be more convenient if HAL runs a shuttle.
  10. I would rather not say on a public forum. Let's just say it was not a pleasant experience for Mrs Banjo and myself. We did take the time to discuss the matter with the the proper people on board and in Seattle. if you want the details, feel free to PM me.
  11. I guess Im just a quality of experience snob! The number one thing i dislike on any vacation is waiting in line, or wasting any of my precious time, so preplanning to be at a particular spot on the ship 30 minutes before an event starts, IMHO, is a huge waste of my quality time on board. I would, (and do), spend a lot more money for a quality experience and that generally happens on smaller ships. That's why. (no disrespect intended)
  12. Mrs Banjo and I live near Boston and usually depart or end a New England cruise in Boston, but this time we are continuing on to Ft Lauderdale. So, my question is, does HAL provide a shuttle service from the pier to downtown? If we need to taxi, or Uber, it’s not a big deal but a shuttle would be easier. Thanks in advance
  13. Never experienced This, but did run into Rudi in the Pinnacle one time...... I hope that doesn't happen again.
  14. BB King and Lincoln were too small when we sailed on a ship with them. Add that to the loss of other opportunities for entertainment. What I didn't like was that if we didn't arrive 30 mins early, we could never get seating. That was our first and last cruise on Zuiderdamm and that class ship. Like I have said many times, when the S Class ships are gone, Mrs Banjo and I are gone as well. The good news is we are on Veendam again in about 3 weeks! Woooooo Hooooo
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