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  1. That is where we are at as well. We have lots of nights on HAL, Seabourn, Silversea, Regent and Princess. We sail for the IT and for ports we haven’t seen...... but not repeating is now very difficult
  2. Never been on the big boys, never will. Biggest ship we sailed was Zuiderdam. Did not care for that. We will stick to the little guys. BTW, I loved my Cadillac, and have been cruising since 1990 as well. No disrespect intended, just IMHO
  3. I would not disagree with that sentiment. I do think because of the current unpleasantness, the whole cruise industry will need to be consolidated and rebranded. There will likely be far fewer ships. I hope that HAL is rebranded as a small sized moderately priced semi luxury line. This might mean selling the large ships to other lines, scraping the R and S class ships altogether and commissioning new builds using the size of the S class as the model. If you look at the CCL stable of cruise lines you can already see how it might make sense to align and re-market the brands of Carnival, Princess and HAL...... Just MHO
  4. WOW! How could they have ever passed a Coast Guard inspection?
  5. September? Mrs Banjo and I are very concerned about January. Right at this moment, If I had to make a prediction, it would be that the cruise we are booked on from Ft Lauderdale will be a no go....... but my Crystal Ball is a little old and it's been kind of murky lately.
  6. I would wait until a couple of days before the final payment to make any decision. It costs nothing to wait. If HAL cancels they will likely try to get you to rebook on another cruise and hold onto your deposit. Unless you ask for a refund, I don't think it will happen automatically.
  7. I think this is the first time none of the ships are at sea.
  8. Mrs Banjo and I actually got this in the mail as well.
  9. More great photos Terry. And I agree completely. Mrs Banjo and I frequently skip the cruise line tours and hire private guides. Many times we try to get with a small group Or if not possible we hire a guide for just us. It is a far better experience, but I always worry about getting back to the ship on time. We have never been late, I always tell our guide I want to return 2 hours before “all aboard” time. That leaves us time for the occasional traffic jam.
  10. I don't usually use a TA, I do the bookings myself. Before I book the cruise, I always look at flights first and go into the process with knowledge of what is available. Then I start the conversation with my Cruise consultant, (who by now knows I will have flight info ready). She of course has to go to the Air department with my requests. Some times they come back and say NO, but every time this has happened, further conversation and paying some deviation fee ends up getting me what I need. Some times they come up with better options than I can find. The bottom line is knowledge and persistence, and being willing to tell them, sorry, I can get a better deal on another cruise line. They don't want to loose the sale and will do whatever is possible, (within reason), to keep you happy and on board.
  11. Those are great photos Terry, When Mrs Banjo and I were in St Petersburg, we hired a private guide as well. It was one of the best decisions we made on that trip!
  12. On our last trip our flights were Boston to Hong Kong, the Singapore to Boston with a layover in Tokyo. We were Business class on all flights. The one thing I will say is that I had insisted on the flights and routes I wanted. At First I was told that SS could not secure the flights I wanted, but persistence pays off. The flights I got saved us many hours in the air and hanging around in airports. But back to the topic. I have never been given an economy seat when I bought Business, excepting for excursions and a few really short flights when there is only one class of service.
  13. Mrs Banjo and I have always gotten Business Class when booking air through SS. Like Brimary said, we place too much trust in SS and have not read the fine print. I don't know about domestic flights, since all of our air purchased with SS has been international. We will always book domestic ourselves because I think we get better schedules.
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