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  1. We arrive about 3 p.m., Did find a Courtyard in Elizabeth just a few miles from the airport and 12 miles from the cruise terminal. Looks like a good central location. Any info on this hotel and area?
  2. Will be flying in the night before our cruise and looking for a nice, safe and clean hotel near airport with airport shuttle and close to the cruise terminal. Any suggestions?
  3. Is it a long walk or possible to walk to Quincy Market from the ship. With all the post about hard it is to get back on the HoBo we thought about just walking. Didn't know if that's a good idea and what else is I walking distance.
  4. Thank you for all the suggestions. I think Markeb is right to check other airlines flying into EWR even if it is more considering the cost of transportation from New York to Bayonne cruise terminal. Also, good tip on getting to the cruise terminal early with all the traffic and traffic getting out of New York. I will check the two car services mentioned just to get an idea. Thanks to everyone.
  5. Taking a cruise out of Bayonne port in Newark but cheaper to fly into New York for our dates. Will be coming in a day before the cruise so no cruise transfer. What would be the best method of transportation , cost and how difficult would it be with a couple of large suitcases. Thanks for any help as we have never been to New York.
  6. Trying to decide how difficult it would be to fly into airport in New York and get to terminal in Bayonne for cruise in a few months. Coming in the day before so no ship transportation and will be on our own. Cheaper on S/W to fly into New York as they no longer fly to New Jersey. Any ideas on how difficult, cost and best way to get to New Jersey> Thanks for your info .
  7. Thank you to everyone for their info on insurance, it has helped a lot. I see where the evac and medical can add up so it is best to get a high amount on evac and medical. Thats what we will do for peace of mind from Squaremouth site, good info.
  8. Thank you for your info, it really helps. One of our destinations will be in Canada. The only reason we were going to get it now is for the pre-existing clause in the first 21 day period after booking for it to be included. (there is a 3 year rule) Other than that we could wait like suggested. We have very good medical coverage for medical expenses but was worried if one of us or immediate family got sick prior we would have to cancel. On our credit card we have trip cancel and interruption coverage so that helps. I guess my thought was focused on evacuation and cancel for any reason af
  9. Just booked a cruise and looking a www.Insuremytrip.com for different companies and offers. I found out that is you need to be evacuated from the ship that the Coast Guard does it for free to the closest hospital or medical facility. So that being said, don't think we need a high amount for that but looking for something with a Cancel for any Reason policy. Any suggestions. Thank you
  10. Sultan mentioned he gets his insurance thru Steve. What insurance company is Steve associated with?
  11. Flying into LAX 2 days before cruise out of San Diego. Air fare was less than half the price, so will rent a car to make the drive to San Diego. The only downside is renting a car from the airport with extra charges. How is the drive from LAX to downtown San Diego where our hotel is? Is there anywhere we should stop on the highway or just get out of Los Angeles asap??? It will be on a Saturday so hope that helps with traffic. Not sure if this was a good move but thought the drive would be nice!!
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