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  1. I wouldn't trust any of those One Week Sale prices. I suspect within 24 hours we will see new pricing that is higher for most if not all of them.
  2. I know Stickman it is frustrating. Seabourn says the website will be updated later today
  3. That price is a mistake unfortunately, its still AUD6499ppfor an OB according to Seabourn.
  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to post your experiences, and the photos as well. I am following with interest!
  5. I spent a month in the equivalent suite on the Odyssey. The cabin is about the same size as other "V" cabins, however the layout is different, with the bathroom opening up from the bedroom, rather than the entry "hall". The layout wasn't a problem at all, and there was no noise transfer from the adjacent Wintergarden suite. The biggest issue is definately the small balcony. It is really only suitable for one person and even then, it is a big compromise on the usual balconies. I would definately not book this cabin (ours was courtesy of a OB " upgrade") as we use our balconies a lot. If you like sitting out on the balcony too, I recommend you ask for a V2 guarantee, that way you pay the same but get the chance of an upgrade to a V3 or higher where you should have a normal sized balcony. Of course even that isn't risk free, as you could be allocated a cabin a long way forward, or even a handicapped cabin which has, I believe, a different wardrobe arrangement.
  6. Goorawin, Please continue to share your experiences of the Scenic Eclipse with us. I sincerely appreciate the time you have taken to post your thoughts and photos. I am sorry it hasn't been the perfect start and hope that things improve for you all. If you could let us know about food, drinks and service I am sure many of us would really be interested.
  7. Well finally some good news! I am one of the first group of passengers who were supposed to be on the Scenic Eclipse in 2018. Unfortunately the treatment I received from Scenic at the time was just terrible and remains so, and I haven't re-booked. Even though I have decided to take my business elsewhere, I sincerely hope that those who are booked have a wonderful cruise! Its always exciting to try something new and that was one of my reasons for wanting to be part of the earliest voyages. So I will watch with eager anticipation for reports here from those on board.
  8. Thanks SLSD for all the information, very interesting. Did Robin West mention if zodiac excursions will be included in the cruise cost (as they are for Antarctica on the Quest)? And the submarines? The prices of the Seabourn Venture cruises are very high, it may be because departures are so far out at this stage, but for those rates I am keen to see what the inclusions are.
  9. I've played the OB lottery in the past and have twice been allocated to interconnecting suites on the Quest (once on deck 8 for 21 days, the other time on deck 7 for 28 days). Perhaps we were lucky to have quiet neighbours but I didn't hear anything from the adjoining cabin. I have heard others complain of noise transfer through the interconnecting door but that wasn't our experience.
  10. Love it! I tried the Retreat once and it was a hot day as you described. I had to keep leaving the Retreat to cool off in the main pool. It was absolutely stifling under those canopies, with no air movement (except from the fan in the cabana - seriously why would you?). Its not for me, I am very happy with the excellent personalised service and comfort I get in the "free" areas of the ship! I have been on the Encore since and the Retreat was a ghost town every day as well................................................. I recognise that some may like it but they do seem to be in the minority.
  11. Hi, I have posted this question on the Northern Europe destination board with no success so thought I would try here. I finish a Seabourn cruise in Reykjavik in August 2019 and need to organise a private transfer from the port to accommodation in central Reykjavik. I can find airport transfers but so far nothing for a port to hotel transfer. I know Seabourn has offered this itinerary in previous years, can anyone help me with a private transfer company to use? Gray Line supposedly offer private transfers but they are not responding to my emails at this stage. Blacklane don't offer services in Reykjavik.
  12. I am finishing a cruise in Reykjavik in August this year and would appreciate advice about private transfers from the port to my hotel (central Reykjavik). Does anyone know about a company that provides a transfer service?
  13. They have a "gate" and a seating hostess but the layout of Earth and Ocean on the pool deck with no "barriers" means that everyone seems to turn up and seat themselves, just like they do at lunch. People entering the area from deck 8 cabins, or on the opposite side of the pool deck to the "gate" take their seats without any apparent intervention by staff. I also really enjoyed Earth and Ocean on my recent Sojourn cruise. There were a couple of big "misses" like the Peking Duck which was terrible (very tough both times), but overall it was a welcome change from the Patio Grill menu which was getting a bit tired (for me anyway). On our cruise, people sat at tables from about 6.30pm onwards and drinks service started immediately, food service a short time later. It was always full by 7.15pm but we were on a warm weather cruise so many people wanted to eat outside at night.
  14. Well that is interesting that the Australian website doesn't have anything past last November. Nothing about the latest delay until August.
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