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  1. We have reasons for sticking with NCL. 1. They "invented" Freestyle, and do it very well. 2. The MDR is open for lunch on embarkation day, and they have "welcome back" cold drinks when you return to the ship after excursions. When we cruised RCL, they didn't do these things. 3. We are able to cruise out of New York or Boston, without incurring extra expenses of flights or hotel stays. That is a huge savings for us. 4. Little things do mean a lot. What would make us quit NCL? 1. Having to CLEAN our own cabin, cook our own food, and do our own dishes, while still paying a DSC. 2. Being charged for a deck chair or to use the pool. Yes, I'm being a wiseguy.
  2. We eat breakfast in our PJs at home, but wouldn't do it in the dining room or buffet of a cruise ship. The ones in the top picture are adorable, and I just bought a similar pair in Marshalls. Mine are the same style, cotton, but with stripes instead of print.
  3. NCL has NCL's night out, in which formal attire is not required at all.
  4. My uncle used to wear smoking jackets, which were shorter than these robes.
  5. My husband uses a cross-body man bag, and no one has ever given him a problem about it.
  6. She's probably back in Boston by now, so maybe someone on board will read this.
  7. We usually cruise on NCL's mid sized ships out of Boston, so we hardly ever pre-plan anything. The shows on the mid sized ships don't require reservations, we'll book our platinum perk dinners right after we board., and pick excursions on board. Pre planning is not our thing.
  8. We always keep our carry-ons with us, but check the big bags. No way are we going to lug them around with us.
  9. On our last cruise we could leave carry ons in the Bliss Lounge while we had lunch in the MDR. That was a great convenience.
  10. You can go to NCL's website, and contact the access desk or guests with special needs. These are located under Contact Us. They help with dietary questions.
  11. I'm sure that if they do away with the nightly turn down service, passengers will start clamoring for a reduced DSC. That would be a major take-away, worthy of a reduction. BTW. I like ship rides from port to port. Flying isn't fun anymore.
  12. I noticed younger crowds on the Dawn and other ships, during the summer when many more families travel. The off season cruises and longer ones do attract older passengers. We recently enjoyed 14 day cruise on the Dawn, and it was an enjoyable experience. The passengers ranged in age from infant through elderly. The entertainment provided "Something for Everybody." Jose and Patti performed in the Atrium most nights. Extra chairs had to be brought in when they were on. My husband and the friends that we cruise with were not bored at all. We read our Dailies to find interesting activities. Our next cruise will be on the Gem to Bermuda. The 7 day itinerary should have a younger demographic. We shall see.
  13. I like to go to www.portofbermudawebcam.com and watch the comings and goings of the port from home. You can print a copy of the ship schedules, and watch them arrive and depart. If you've never been there before, this webcam will give you a good overview of the port area.
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