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  1. Since I usually wear pants, jeans, or Bermuda shorts, I look for items with pockets. No pockets-------no buy.
  2. I don't need or want pockets on my shirts, just on pants. Whereas, my husband does want shirt pockets.
  3. I don't tuck my shirts, unless I'm wearing a blazer jacket.
  4. We prefer smaller quieter ships, to the megas, and have been on the Dawn many times for the Boston to Bermuda cruises. She never disappointed us. I'd give her a try, and see what you think.
  5. Is your home port in a warm climate? Will you face the possibility of stormy weather? If so, it might be a good idea to take a hotel room nearby for just in case. Where will you be cruising to? Cruising is our favorite mode of vacation now. It is so relaxing, ships have stabilizers, to reduce the roughness. I would recommend a cabin on a lower deck midship. Have a fantastic Honeymoon, and don't worry about anything. My mom tried to dissuade me from my first cruise, and I'm glad that I did not listen to her. My husband and I have been on many cruises, and enjoyed all of them.
  6. I also refuse to buy pants without pockets. Even though I carry a purse when I'm out, front pockets are an absolute necessity for me.
  7. My heart is breaking for the family of this child.
  8. I noticed windows that slide open on the Dawn's pool deck. They were small. If we were cruising with small kids, which we don't, no way would we get any kind of balcony cabin. Only an Ocean View.
  9. We cruised out of Boston to Bermuda in May. Everything was very nice on the Gem.
  10. Since we live in Massachusetts. we choose ships out of Boston when we go to Bermuda. Why? because we don't incur any major transportation or hotel expenses. Yes, we could drive or take Amtrak to New York, and we have. But that was for cruises other than Bermuda. The Gem is a very nice ship which has enough bells and whistles for us. Two main pools, a climbing wall, Spinnaker Lounge with huge viewing windows, and you don't have to make reservations for the main dining room or shows. I heard that ressies are required on the mega ships, and we don't want to be bothered with that. You'll choose the ship that's perfect for you, and have a great cruise. We love Bermuda.
  11. Why are clothing manufacturers removing the pockets on ladies' pants? Many times when I'm shopping for pants or jeans, I see that the front pockets are either imitation or sewn up. To me, this is a major inconvenience, because I need pockets for my key, loose change or a tissue. I don't think that pockets increase hip size, if not overstuffed.
  12. Is Clearwater still a good plane spotting place? Last time I was there we saw planes taking off and landing every few minutes.
  13. Probably around $50.00 for two. We don't pay, because we use our platinum certificates, in the specialties.
  14. I'm not sure, because I didn't go up there. I sat on deck 13, outside of Spinnaker.
  15. We were on the Gem From Boston to Bermuda in May. There was turn-down service every night. I don't think that NCL will eliminate it completely, especially in cabins where the stewards must open pull-out couches, trundle beds, and pull down bunks.
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