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  1. As a Platinum member, I receive most of these perks anyway. I don't want the canapes, and there are coupons for spa on port days. No, I won't pay for any "extra" perks.
  2. The cabin steward is covered by the DSC, but you can tip him extra if you choose to. The Butler and Concierge are not included in the DSC, (daily service charge) so base your tip on how much they do for you. Just sayin'
  3. In Massachusetts, one can renew a driver's license at participating AAA offices. I did that yesterday, and was there for roughly one half hour. To answer the OP's question, yes, she should get a passport for her grandchild. For $60.00 extra, it can be expedited. Just go to your local post office to start the process.
  4. What are the perks that are included?
  5. If you contact the guest services special needs dept., they will help you. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. They say that every passenger will receive the post cruise survey, but I never do, unless I contact guest services from the website and ask for one. NCL has my email address, so I don't understand why.
  7. For me, the must sees in St. George is the entire town. I love walking through the quaint downtown area, looking at the buildings and shops. A visit to the Perfumery is always on my list. Tobacco Bay beach, is very nice. Sometimes, there is a trolley ride which picks you up near the docks, and brings you to the points of interest. For my next visit to Hamilton, I plan to visit the Bermuda Underwater Institute, which is located downtown. I've always been interested in Ocean Study.
  8. Complaints and law suits if anyone was injured while tendering in rough seas. I'm fine with missing a port that they deem unsafe.
  9. Thank you so much for writing this marvelous review with all of the food and other pictures. Looking upon all of that food, is making me hungry. We usually cruise to Bermuda later in the season, when the weather is better. The seven day cruises out of Boston gives us 3 days to enjoy this marvelous Island. That still isn't long enough.
  10. They do take attendance, by checking your name & Cabin # from a list. I did hear that those who skip are subject to removal from the ship. Also, what if an emergency occurs at sea, and someone who skipped the drill doesn't know what to do? They could be a danger to themselves and others.
  11. We have friends on this cruise as we speak. They are also doing a back 2 back. My husband and I have been on the Gem, Boston to Bermuda. Hopefully, we'll be doing that cruise again soon.
  12. Thank you for posting the pictures and your review. I remenber Virginia when she was Concierge on the Dawn. We were pleased with her service.
  13. Yes, the portions are small, but with soup, salad, the entree, and dessert, it's fine.
  14. I would drop Moderno. We tried it on the Dawn once, and the meat was just ok. To give it credit, all of us did enjoy the salad bar.
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