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  1. Wish we had the same in England. I fear our rates will go up with the easing of restrictions from tomorrow
  2. As far as I am aware European visitors including UK, were banned from entering the USA back in March by the American government. Don't think that's been lifted yet
  3. My son and partner have a holiday in Croatia booked for Aug, hoping its included in the travel corridors ex UK as they have prepaid their hotel and its non refundsble. This was booked last year. We are probably just going to stick to UK holidays this year, Cornwall or New Forest. If we were travelling abroad France and Italy are favourites
  4. I know it's the weekend but our figures for people passing in the whole of UK is 36 today, the figures have been consistently downward. But I'm happy to stay local in UK this summer, hope to make it home to Cornwall maybe in September
  5. Not little britain, but here's some info on UK ports https://www.britishports.org.uk/Coronavirus As to tourism, hotels, B&B, self catering accommodation etc is opening on 4 July along with restaurants, pubs, etc. No Cinemas or theatres yet. The UK government is in the middle of talks to open travel corridors to other countries, mainly European holiday destinations, and they should be finalised in the next week or so. In these corridors there is no quarenteen necessary
  6. Thanks for the update. Its good to hear first hand news for once
  7. I've thought for the last few years that the ports, seem to be getting fewer and less interesting with more sea days on TA. Certainly on the bigger ships. Some of the smaller ships, like Rhapsody or Jewel, have more interesting ports on their transatlantics
  8. I'm waiting to see if she goes straight back to the Caribbean or hangs around the Med after dry dock, either way I guess they will have to crew her up
  9. Yeap, I tried to do that, but I had booked through an interline travel agent and Royal Caribbean wouldn't allow it. Of course Harmony for next year is hundreds of pounds more than the good price I got for Allure so we will probably cancel and take the FCC for the deposit
  10. My cruise, ex BCN on 20th Sept is still selling, Eek, maybe it will be one of the first 😬. Allure will be fresh out of dry dock, not sure if I would be comfortable with being a guinea pig, wish they had included mine in the cancellation so I could get my deposit back in cash, ah well will have to wait and see
  11. Not sure if you are in UK, but they are talking about some European countries opening up and think our 14 day quarantine will end, or at least relaxed for some countries soon. But I think it will be UK only holiday for us this year 😔.
  12. My cruise on Allure on 20th September is still showing for sale. Wish they would cancel it so I could get my deposit back in cash
  13. Those last few weeks in March, when every country was beginning to shut down and close their borders, were a nightmare at the airport. Things would change hourly and with pax travelling all around the world it was difficult to keep up. Sometimes pax who checked in hours early had to be offloaded at gate because of countries changing their entry requirements. Pax who had been refused travel due country restrictions on their original airline would buy tickets on another, just to find that rules had changed again by the time (often just hours later) they tried to travel and again refused. In normal times your government travel Web pages are the best guide
  14. This is a good report on a Norway cruise out of Southampton. We were meant to be on the same cruise, Same ship on 27th June this year, so disappointed as it was to be our first Celebrity cruise. Its quite a long review as it includes a week in London first, but one of the best I have read
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