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  1. Took 9 days to build 4000 bed hospital NHS Nightingale in London. Rolling out design to other major cities. When theres a will, there's a way!
  2. Hubby is retired and I have been furlonged by my company, along with 90% of the UK staff. This, means the government pays 80% of our basic salary. So hunkered down with stay at home rules. Only going out in the car once a week for food supplies. Our house was halfway through renovation, so trying to make a feature of the scaffolding in the kitchen/dinning room 😂luckily we still have cooker and sink so getting creative in kitchen and doing some actual cake baking for once. Thanks to everyone on these boards who work in hospitals or care homes or essential services. ❤️ We did our 'clap for carers' last night in UK
  3. Thanks to the OP and all posters on this thread, its, brought a daily smile to my face during our self isolating. Forwarded quite a few, sharing the love and the laughs Sue
  4. Sorry I didn't make my reply clear, it was to the poster who said your governor didn't know it could be passed on by people who display no symptoms. Presume he has a whole staff who are briefing him on covid-19. See my post 96 to see what I was responding to
  5. Are you allowed to walk Bella on the beach? Here in UK we are allowed one walk/run a day for exercise and are lucky we can walk to woods nearby for our daily walk and exercise of our border collie
  6. Thanks for a great review John. Your reviews are always positive, lighthearted and fun. I will miss this one now it has ended. I hope it won't be too long before we have the pleasure of another John&LaLa review.
  7. I got a good price for Allure so happy either way, refub or not,. Hopefully it will go ahead, more worried about June celebrity cruise as final payment due and don't think that will happen. That ship is still other side of pond
  8. I think as she is here in Europe, if there is any chance of any of Royal Caribbeans ships doing the summer European season it will be Allure. So much will depend on which ports are open. In any case I think the earliest start will be July. I agree, wish we could cancel and get our deposit back in cash. Though I hope my Allure September cruise may go ahead, my first Celebrity cruise to Norway in June is almost due final payment and I am pretty sure it won't happen.
  9. I've never worked for BA, but once worked for Finnair, and they had a moveable curtain for business class. The ground engineer would reduce or expand the business class section depending on the booked load. To give the business class pax more room, the three seats each side were made into two by expanding the size of the window and aisle seats leaving a small unusable middle seat
  10. Great review, really enjoying it. We were meant to be on Silhouette in June to Norway but it looks like it won't happen now. So looking forward to it as it was to be our first Celebrity cruise. Maybe next year (though the exact same cruise is so much more expensive in 2021).
  11. Sorry, I don't what you mean? Everyone under PAYE in UK gets a personal allowance of £12500 pa, then pays 20% from 12500 to 50,000, then 40% from 50,000 upwards. Its deducted by employers at source. There's no other allowance. What pushes my buttons is the hugh tech companies and others who do not pay a reasonable tax on the Profits they make through clever tax avoidance schemes. And our schools, NHS and social services are struggling to provide basic services.
  12. I agree, initially I think 2021 prices will be high as people use the vast amount of FCC that has been issued. Maybe this, may put new cruisers off and maybe prices will drop in 2022 but once things are back to normal and a vaccine has been developed I think the cruises will be full again and prices will remain stable
  13. Sue here also from UK living in Berkshire. I work at Heathrow and it has been quite stressful recently with everyone desperate to get home and countries daily changing rules who can enter and locking down. From today my airline is ceasing operations for three weeks and I am now at home with retired hubby and our beautiful collie. It will be strange being in semi lock down. We can only go out for essential food shopping or visits to pharmacy. One daily outside exercise session keeping to the two meter rule and no more than two out together. Think we have all quickly become experts in zoom and the like, keeping in touch with family remotely My deepest thanks and respects to all our health care professionals. Thank you for what you are doing. You are the true hero's in this fight
  14. I know a lot of people think tax avoidance is a good thing, but for me it is one of my big annoyances, especially with some of the big tech companies. I have to pay my full tax bill on my salary and feel companies should pay fair taxes too on their profits
  15. But why are we one of the few countries left that has no border restrictions? We are still fully open to enter the UK. Most countries have either restrictions to their nationals only, so they can return home, compulsory isolation for 14 days after returning or complete closure of borders. We have nothing, no testing, nothing. I am sure it will change and soon, but too little too late in my opinion. And why this weekend, after recommendations that people practice social distancing, were the parks and public gardens, beaches etc crowded with people.
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