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  1. Not wanting to sound ageist but having done only one cruise leaving Southampton we were surprised at the very much higher age of a lot of passengers, so many in mobility scooters. Good for them still enjoying cruises. We are on our second cruise ex Southampton soon so interesting to see if its the norm
  2. They were offering 50% discount on Jewel last February. They came around the MDR with the offer for the next evening. We really enjoyed it but don't think I would of paid full price.
  3. I presume these offers are only available in USA/Canada? Does anyone know if they have any thing like this on other sales markets like the UK?
  4. Here in UK I just purchased it for £36.80. It comes with four cokes, so hoping to get 8 drinks out of it, so around £4.60 a drink. Not sure if it's a deal or not but first time I've seen it offered on a cruise that we are on.
  5. I got fed up ticking one box to be billed in dollars and get my bank to change to £'s and finding out they were always doing the conversion themselves at a worse rate. Not a whole lot of difference but it was the principle that was important. 😁Now we just put down $500 in cash on first day or so and cash out around 10pm on last day, believe it or not the queue isn't normally that bad. Also don't like coming home to a big credit card bill.
  6. I've seen basic language class but think they are run by a ship crew member and just gives a few phrases and words to get by. Usually the language of the country the ship is sailing too. For instance. Spanish if next port is Malaga
  7. We sailed on her in June of this year and thought it was a fab cruise. Yes she is an older lady now and maybe a bit knocked around the edges but we loved the cruise. Interesting ports, good entertainment, fab DL and food was pretty good too
  8. You can book this cruise as a four nighter starting and finishing in Southampton. Sounds wonderful, I love Alfie Boe. There's also a three night Music Charter 'Throwback to the 80's' from 11th Oct with Explorer 4 night Europe | 14 - 18 Oct 2019 | Departs/Arrives: Southampton The Cruise Experience a musical theatre festival like no other, with a blockbuster line-up including Alfie Boe, Sheridan Smith, Collabro, Avenue Q, Alice Fern, Noel Sullivan, Andy Coxon and more! Get behind-the-scenes insights with intimate Q&A sessions getting to know your Musical Theatre icons, and sing your favourite musical songs to your heart's content during karaoke sessions. With interactive musical theatre activities and events, workshops day and night and star-studded theme nights, this is set to be an unforgettable voyage.
  9. Same here in UK. Even at Heathrow where I work, there is no where for passengers to smoke inside. Our First/Business class passengers get quite upset there is no smoking area in our lounge.
  10. I agree, I think a lot of people use it as a place to smoke, not necessarily to gamble or drink. But I do think (as a non-smoker) there should be somewhere away from a popular area they could smoke, not sure where but maybe an dedicated lounge or an outside semi enclosed/protected from the elements 'bus stop'. Otherwise I think you will get more people smoking (against the rules) on their balconies.
  11. Rhapsody has a lovely DL at the back of the 'shall we dance' lounge. Great views, and easy to take your nibbles and drink into the main lounge if you want to escape the DL. The concierge, Alan (?) was amazing. Enjoyed the continental breakfast set up too a few morning's and great coffee
  12. Exactly, we cruised with a few lines before we settled on RC. After one or two cruises we really enjoyed the few Gold perks. That's when gold were included in the welcome back party. It was a contributing factor in us continuing to choose Royal, though of course we are happy with the product. Earned the points one night at a time, so wouldn't be happy if hard won diamond perks were taken away
  13. Why then are they banned on ships, from UK and Australia? Ships are still registered with foreign countries.
  14. Agree its not too difficult, especially if in suites and can take long cruises of 14+ days. But most people are not in suites and with leave and money constraints are restricted to one 7 night cruise a year or less. Thus for most, it can take a good few years to get to Diamond. Looking forward to some B2B and reposition cruises when I retire in 18 months😁
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