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  1. Has anybody received cancellation notices for Serenade June 21 and June 28 Alaska sailings our of Vancouver I haven't even received a cancellation notice for my May 31 Serenade from Vancouver to Alaska!! I'm sure it is cancelled though.
  2. Yes, I called and they said they did not have this offer for us. We were both Prime the last two years. Actually, DH was Signature the first year.
  3. Nope, neither of us. I called and they said they did not have this offer for us. I know some said they rarely gamble or have not cruised in a couple years. No rhyme or reason that I can see!
  4. That can't be it either. DH has 16,005 points and I have 9,978 and neither of us got the offer. 😢
  5. Don't know about that. On our last cruise DH and I both gambled enough to earn a free cruise each but we did not get this current offer.
  6. I received the cancellation e-mail for my 5/26 Alaska sailing but not for the following B2B 5/31 Alaska sailing. 😯
  7. Nothing for us either. Not one e-mail yet regarding Covid-19 or the 70+ restriction. But then, we have only been on 92 RCCL cruises!!
  8. On our B2B2B Symphony sailings through the end of January they used the 2400, 3200, etc. that has been in place for a long time. On one of those cruises I only had 2416 points at the end of the week and got the free cruise. I was surprised to see the change on Oasis. Yep, Prime is nice. Love getting our two (one each) free cruises each year!
  9. Oasis Class for the neighborhoods and entertainment - Symphony in particular for Hooked Seafood and Solarium Bistro.
  10. Pardon if this has already been posted. I had no luck searching. This week on Oasis I see the points minimum to earn complimentary cruises has increased. I know during January they were lower as DH earned two and I earned one complimentary cruise for a minimum 2400 points. Please ignore if this was previously reported.
  11. Got the scoop. For next week, 3/8, as Lyli goes on vacation, Federico and Jandi will be in SL. Nadia will be in DL.
  12. Yes, I understand. I was just reporting the non-screening we have experienced to date and that neither of us received the virus-related emails others got for their February sailings (unrelated to temp scans). Thanks.
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