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  1. Certainly no bother. It was a pleasure communicating!
  2. The one on the right is my sister. She was on the Enchantment once in 2010 with me and other family but her daughter has never cruised. Her late husband was from the Netherlands. Must be a look-alike!
  3. I've found one and hidden a couple of my own on Anthem and Symphony.
  4. It was 1997, and as my sister and I descended the stairs of the magnificent Grandeur dining room, we felt like movie stars in our long glamorous gowns. And so it began...……….
  5. Okay. But wow, a couple at the table looked like you two in your photo.
  6. I meant this past Friday, March 1. Just looked at your photo and thought it may have been you.
  7. Bob, was that you at the Adventure Pinnacle luncheon on Friday - - telling the jokes to your wife's dismay?
  8. All I find is a decal on the door frame warning about tripping, no smoking, how to lock the door, and advising your AC will not operate if the door is unlocked. Nothing telling you not to leave your balcony door open at night - just that you won't t have AC if you don't lock your door.
  9. I've looked all over my cabin and do not see a sign or any paperwork telling you not to leave your balcony door open. I've never seen one in any cabin I have sailed in (not saying someone else has not seen one).
  10. I am on the Harmony suite sun deck now and can confirm there is no smoking up here.
  11. Do it all the time when it's cool enough. Much better breathing at night.
  12. As of January 19 Symphony did not offer LV in Miami. As of February 3 Allure did not offer LV from Miami. I "heard" it would be a few months before availability from the new terminal.
  13. Had I known it was "instant" status I would have talked to the host also!! I thought it didn't take effect until 4/1/19.
  14. My family ate at that big table a couple times in November. LOVE that Solarium Bistro....and the entire ship!
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