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  1. And while we ate at the Snack Shack, a woman at the table next to us smoked a cigarette and then squished the remainder in the sand with her foot.
  2. DH and I also combine offers on the same booking. Found out the two of us can combine our annual free cruises for one cruise in a higher class cabin if we want.
  3. My grandson got eight JR milkshakes with his refreshment package during our seven-night Symphony cruise without purchasing a meal. He just walked up, got one with his Seapass, and left.
  4. Thanks so much for the thorough response. It is very helpful. Had a nice Moorea excursion booked but....... glad we could get the patient the care needed.
  5. Would there be anyone offering excursions upon arrival? I wouldn't want to rent a car.
  6. We were there a couple weeks ago. Took the $1,25 bus. Beautiful property and casino. Not a bar server in sight the entire time we were there so no drinks at all. I asked about their advertised $50 free play for new signups and they said it was for resort guests only and they are working on something for visiting cruise ship passengers.
  7. Reading every word as we will be on the sailing after yours to Sydney and our first time on Ovation (have been on Quantum and Anthem though). This will be our 15th trip to Hawaii on land vacations, my favorite place on earth! We spent a week on Molokai once and it is quite different indeed. I'm sure we have seen you on a few sailings. Enjoy the rest of your cruise. By the way, love Seattle. My favorite city!
  8. Congrats on your graduation (as Super Mario calls it)!!!
  9. Just received the response below to my e-mail to Grandeur LA. I sent the same e-mail to C&A but they have not responded. I had a grand suite so should get four points. "Good morning All guests who board Grandeur of the Seas on 8.31.2019 will receive 2 points for the sailing and 4 for JS and above. As points are added manually in this case, our main office advise that it will take more time than usual to have it reflecting on guests profiles. For any further inquire or assistance please refer to our shore side team: Phone: 800-526-9723 or E mail: crownandanchor@rccl.com Best Regards, Diane Megumi Loyalty Ambassador | Guest Services Office# 4774 | GR_LoyaltyAmbassador@rccl.com Pager #675"
  10. I'm glad you had success with the foreign reps. Every time (a couple dozen) I have reached them for something it takes forever with hold after hold while they get answers apparently from supervisors. They have always read from a script to me. They are nice enough but none I have talked to have been knowledgeable.
  11. Sounds like you got the shaft. I thought I had read about someone who already got her points on another thread. I called C&A four times this evening but kept getting reps from Guatemala so hung up. Have sent an e-mail to Grandeur LA and Crown & Anchor. I'll see if anyone even responds.
  12. Has anyone received those two points? I haven't.
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