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  1. That link goes to all listings, not just the Thanksgiving specials. You have to go on the main page and click on Thanksgiving specials - it only covers sailings that depart or arrive from Canadian ports, so no Caribbean cruises unless you're sailing from Vancouver.
  2. I don't recall the Dive-In charging extra for their burgers and fries??
  3. Have used my PCC for the last 4 cruises and found him to be helpful and pleasant to deal with. However, when it comes down to doing anything for me as to price reductions, etc. all I get is you shouldn't have booked the restricted fare - can't do anything for you. Got an upsell email from HAL for my October 20th sailing to Hawaii and when I checked the current prices to see if it was a good deal, I was shocked to see how much the prices had fallen. I was very annoyed that they were asking for an additional CDN$600 per person for an upgrade from a balcony to a Signature Suite when the current price was only CDN$70 more than I paid. Contacted my PCC and got the usual sorry, restricted fare, blah blah, call this number and see what they can do for you. So I called the number, was transferred to a pricing specialist and got the upgrade for no additional cost. I'm pleased with the outcome, but isn't this what the PCC is supposed to do for me?
  4. I am booked in a Signature Suite on the Oosterdam. Can someone tell me if there is a power outlet on the nightstands? Need one for a CPAP or will have to call for an extension cord. Thanks.
  5. Good luck trying to find a shady place to look out onto the ocean on the Koningsdam. That was our biggest disappointment with this ship. Our usual spot during the day is on a lounge chair on the Promenade deck looking out over the ocean. The Koningsdam has no lounge chairs on the narrow Promenade deck which forced everyone upstairs to the Lido deck around both pools which were hot, stuffy and noisy. We will sail on her again, but will have to spend the extra for a balcony cabin.
  6. We always choose anytime dining and show up at the MDR and ask for a table for 2. Have never had to wait more than a few minutes.
  7. Haven't received a casino offer lately either. Have been watching the mail hoping for some specials in the winter. Surprised that I haven't seen anything for awhile. Do you know if they are stopping them or cutting down?
  8. Had it twice on the Koningsdam last month. It was excellent.
  9. I guess I am fortunate that I've never had my dinner spoiled by someone's outfit.
  10. We always prepurchase beverage cards - much easer, less clutter on the final bill. On the Koningsdam last month, we were not given a receipt with the balance, just told by the staff what our balance was when handed back the card.
  11. Sailing on the Koningsdam in March - first time on this class of ship. On other HAL ships, we have enjoyed the lounge chairs on the Promenade decks looking out over the ocean. I understand this is not available on the Koningsdam. Where can one enjoy the ocean and relative quiet on a lounge chair in the shade on this ship (we do not have a verandah)?
  12. We paid less than $1400 for both of us for an oceanview room. We don't spend a lot of time in our room, so the room category and size was of no significance to us.
  13. Boarding the Veendam a week from today and hoping we don't have too many issues, particularly with plumbing and A/C. Got a fantastic price for this cruise so will bear that in mind if we encounter problems. It will be warmer than where I am, so will go with a positive outlook.
  14. My husband will be disappointed with Deck 3 being narrow and without lounge chairs. This is where he spends his days, relaxing and looking at the ocean through the rails. We will have to find an alternative location on our cruise in March.
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