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  1. Thank you - I did read posts suggesting you could not do it however there were also claims of others doing so, i decided to try myself and now have no doubt you cannot do it, disappointing as they allow internet perk to be upgraded - I will however buy an additional package pre cruise
  2. Rang NCL yesterday to see if we could upgrade our 5 day Dining package perk as we are on a 16 cruise, answer is no, you can just buy the additional packages at full price, i.e I wanted a 12 day package and would need to buy a separate 7 day package at full price not the difference between a 5 day and a 12 day package. Bit disappointed as you can upgrade the internet package which is along the same lines.
  3. Hello, I would be most grateful if someone on the current Joy Panama Cruise or forthcoming Panama Cruises could post how much the price of the vibe tickets were and if they had sold out? Many thanks for any help in this.
  4. I was in a Princess cruise which included Key West, ship tried to come into Port, Pilot was alongside and flags were up (we were on our sunbeds in Sanctuary under the flags), the wind was high, the ship announced due to high winds we could not dock, it was a big disappointment, I was very surprised and happy to find a letter in our cabin the next day advising that we had a $50 OBC each Plus 25% of the value of your cruise if 7 day in a cruise credit to be used within 12 months or 15% of your fare if you were booked for a 14 day (cruise was 7 day B2B), we were on the 14 day booking so had the 15% cruise credit.
  5. No Charge, Room service bring it daily, its like a fairy-I never saw them deliver it but it was there everyday I returned to my room in the afternoon. Worked lovely getting fresh water every day and I just filled the empty bottles I took with me. We use the gym so needed bottles of water for that.
  6. My condolences. We had a similar situation with my father, we had to cancel a cruise with another cruiseline, due to my mothers sudden illness, the deposit had been paid with a similar deposit to CN and also we had a 25% discount due to a previous failed port call, we had to cancel as mum passed away, the cruiseline (Princess) would not refund the deposit and would not extend the 12 month expiry of the 25% discount, my father obviously needed a long time to grieve and would not be booking a new cruise during that time. Cruiselines, from my experience will not move the rules even in sad situations. Our travel insurance policy would not provide reinbursement for vouchers so we could not claim.
  7. Ring room service when you get onboard and request a daily jug of iced water to your cabin, use that to fill your water bottle daily.
  8. Thank you Zippiddee, I checked where you stated but the Vibe is not listed under the Spa services, I hope IamaDanefan is corret as that would be a good price for me, I am not concierge s cannot ring them. Thank you all again for helping.
  9. Hi, Please can you advise where you saw this information in order for me to try to find it for our cruise. I understand someone said ring NCL however, to be truthful following some previous comments of CC members I do not believe I would obtain accurate information, however if I saw it online that may be more reliable info (also we are in the UK so phone calls with the wait time cost quite a bit).
  10. Hello, If anyone is intending on doing a live or review I would be very interested & excited to read that as I am doing the return in January. Also if anyone could report on the cost of the vibe for a 16 day cruise I would be very grateful. Thanks to anyone who is able to respond. Enjoy your cruise.
  11. Has anyone discovered the price of vibe on cruises +14 days.
  12. You are correct it is $209 pp for a 7 day cruise however I was hoping for someone who has direct experience of what it costs for a longer cruise, I can obviously guess $209 divided by 7 times 16 (for my cruise) but does ncl do it like that or is it discounted for longer like the dining packages are.
  13. Thanks GA Dave, think that's just above my budget as I have to pay for 5 people. Haven is above my budget too unfortunately so vibe was the best I could budget for.
  14. Hello, I am doing the Joy for 16 LA to Miami Panama Cruise, does anyone know what the cost of the Vibe club is on longer cruises. Last time we did Vibe it was $129 for 7 days. Appears it may have gone up. Thank you for any responses.
  15. WOW if it is it has gone up a lot since Dec 17 when it was €129 for 7 nights
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