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  1. It takes up space on my phone 🙂 and now that I know my ship doesn't use it... so not worth having it hanging around my phone... hahaha
  2. Thanks! I see my ship is not a participant @Biker19
  3. Is it worth it to download the APP? Do all ships use this or is it just the newer ships?
  4. How much should I bring to tip our tour guide? Do they share with the driver or do I need to separate this?
  5. This is good to know. My husband does not require a wheelchair but can not walk long distances and I have been worried about getting him off the pier.
  6. We are signed up to take a tour with Native choice next week! Thanks for sharing your positive experience.
  7. The ever important questions will there be a blow dryer and is there a coffee pot in the room?
  8. Cozemel Cruise Excursions. They are very friendly and quick to answer any questions. I haven't used them yet but we leave next weekend so I will be sure to provide an update when we get back
  9. As a Mom whose kids are now a bit older I will offer some advice not only for the 20 year olds but also for the 40, 50, 60 year olds... A cruise is a great opportunity to practice some new networking skills. Put yourself out there and say Hi to the person sitting next to you! If your at the pool - say Hey! I'm XYZ from New York-- isn't the weather great??? I was thinking of trying that rock wall wanna go check it out with me? Many people want to make a friend! And even if they don't what the worse thing that happens? they say no? its not like you will ever see them again right? If your into Karaoke- maybe suggest trying to get a group of other folks together while you are hanging by the pool and suggest a time for later at night? Or suggest a hot tub meet up? Again be that person to try and wrangle folks! So maybe discuss this with your kids and make it into a game to try to find friends...
  10. Mine says Check in Time 12-4pm. Will we be given a different time later?
  11. Thanks for your comments! I know that the crib situation will be helpful to many families.
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