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  1. I will use FaxZero tomorrow. I sent an email to sbpcl@princesscruises.com inquiring if we could use it for OBC stock and they replied back right away stating no, you have to fax or mail only. Thanks everyone for your assistance.
  2. Thank you very much for your replies, everyone. I might try the email tomorrow and if I do not hear back I will use fax. I prefer using email so I have a trail that is easy to track.
  3. Our cruise to Alaska will be our first Princess cruise, but I have gone on a few Carnival cruises in the past. Carnival allowed us to email the stockholder's info to guestadmin@carnival.com to receive the credit for their cruises. Does Princess have a similar email address or do you still have to fax or snail mail them? I know it doesn't mention an email address on the Carnival Shareholders Benefit statement, but it does not show one for Carnival either. Thanks.
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