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  1. We are coming to Dominican Republic on a land vacation in July. My boys are ages 10 and 18 and their passport expires August 19th. Will they need an updated passport? I know some countries want you to have a new one 6 months prior to expiration. Thanks.
  2. We just had one on the Liberty in April. We were really surprised how close the elevators were to the rooms up front. It was very convenient. Also close to the pools and jogging track. Told the wife besides the aft balcony we had previously this was the best room we ever had.
  3. It's way past time for Royal to go smoke free on all their ships. It is 2018. It was almost unbearable to go through the casino on the Liberty a couple months ago.
  4. I'll be bringing a 12 pk onboard. The price is absurd.
  5. Just turned emerald after our past cruise a month ago and never received any pins throughout our platinum days.
  6. Yes we just bought them at the Pirates Museum, no ship tour needed. It really wasn't that far of a walk. Maybe 15 minutes. http://www.piratesofnassau.com/
  7. Monarch of the Seas in 2000. It got us hooked and we've enjoyed each cruise since.
  8. We took my son who was 5 at the time down to the pirates museum. Short walk from the ship.
  9. It really isn't that far. We always went out past the jogging track to the aft elevators and straight down to the MDR or down one flight to the Windjammer. The only night we went down the forward elevators was on formal night as the wife didn't want her hair messed up. We went down to deck 5, walked through the Promenade to the aft steps and then down to deck 4 where our table was. Didn't go through 4 from the smoke in the casino.
  10. Sky616

    Mr. Sancho's

    Had a great day at Sancho's about a month ago. Good food, drink, beach and pool. The taxi was easy for our family of four. Took 15 minutes to get there.
  11. That's kind of what I figured but I thought it may be different for just the Bermuda cruises. Have you ever done either of these Bob? We live an hour from Baltimore and 3 hours from Bayonne. Really never gave it much thought to do this but the wife really wants to do Bermuda.
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